Her face is splashed across some of Beachbody's most successful products, ranging from the smash hit 'Slim in Six' to the 'Slim Series' and 'Slim Series Express'. She was the fitness consultant for the FOX prime-time reality show 'The Swan', as well as appearing on FIT TV, the Discovery Health Channel, E! News Daily, and the Travel Channel. She has trained an endless series of celebrities, and continues to dominate the field of women's fitness, looking perennially young and energetic. But who is Debbie Siebers? Where did she come from, and how did she get to the pinnacle of fitness success where she resides today?

Indubitably part of her charm is her wide, open smile and her Midwestern, all-American, girl-next-door persona which she credits to growing up in Little Chute, Wisconsin, a town of 10,000 souls and home to the Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival. She was a cheerleader at Little Chute High School, and admits to having suffered and battled with a compulsive eating disorder which pushed her to a size 12. It's because of these years of struggling with her own health and fitness that Debbie claims to empathize and understand the trials those following her fitness programs undergo.

Eventually she moved from Little Chute to Los Angeles, where she decided to become involved with the fitness community and dedicate herself to improving the health of others. She began her career as a trainer for Body-By-Jake, a pioneer in popularizing personal fitness training in the entertainment. While Jake Steiner himself worked with such actors as Harrison Ford in helping him develop muscle tone for Indiana Jones, Debbie trained such clients as Amy Irving, Tori Spelling, Penny Marshall, Ann Spielberg and Paul Marciano.

Not content with the success she had already achieved at Body-By-Jake, she continued to provide private fitness training to her clients and began to branch out into television, participating in Samuel Goldwyn's Health and Fitness Pilot, and was also featured with Jake on CNN's Fitness Break. She also free-lanced out at Crunch Gym, Meridian Sports Club, For Women Only Gym and the Peninsula Hotel. It was an incredibly busy time for Debbie as she sought a means to break into the national level.

Her chance came when she met Carl Daikeler through a mutual friend. The pioneer of infomercials recognized Debbie's potential, and soon she was contracted to create her first product, "Thin Thighs Guaranteed". The success of this program led to a lasting business relationship with Carl, who recognized her talent and passion. Meanwhile she continued to plug the fitness circuit, becoming the spokesperson for Bowflex and hosting such fitness infomercials as 'Body Vibes' and 'Superfood System'.

But all this was a prelude to her work with Beachbody. When Carl Daikeler created his company in the late 90's he got back in touch with Debbie and commissioned her to create her landmark 'Slim in 6' fitness program. To gauge Slim in 6's success, simply google it. The 23,600,000 page results are testament enough to her program's popularity.