It requires a good decision before having birds as pets. With just a little knowledge may help you come up with a decision and save lots of headaches in the long run. Getting a bird as a pet is not that difficult to do.

There are several birds with different aspects like appearance and sounds. Birds that are presentable include cockatiels and lovebirds. Birds that talk and sing include parrots and mynah birds. There are those that sing like canaries. And those that are pleasant to watch like finches.

For some instance, these traits can cross over. Male cockatiels can learn how to talk and whistle. There was a friend who had one that always asks him, "Where's my baby?" and can also whistle the theme to the Andy Griffith show.

Get finches, parakeets or lovebirds if you like smaller birds. Otherwise, go for a parrot, a macaw or cockatoo if you like larger birds.

If you have the budget, a Budgie is a good choice. Aside from being affordable, they can also be great pets for the kids. Most are colorful and affectionate once you spend time with them. Some can also talk.

If you require a great yet exotic pet, try a giant Parrot. They can learn to speak, do tricks & they love to show off. These brightly colored birds may even be affectionate once you have earned their trust.

There are some who keep doves and pigeons as pets. But a wild bird is that adaptable and don't go along that well with the humans.

Bigger birds can make a bigger mess. It is because they find food all over the place. Yet there are supplies that can help minimize this mess.

Plan and have options to choose the right bird as a pet. All birds have their own personality.

Learn and understand what you getting into before purchasing a bird pet. It also takes certain responsibility in having a pet. Once you purchase a pet bird, make sure you take good care of it. Birds love to get attention and proper care. That way, both of you will get along well.