Are you researching opportunities trying to find a business thats right for you and have landed on the Traffic Witch Exchange opportunity? This article will give you an unbiased review of the program and the products of Traffic Witch Exchange to find out if it's a scam or legitimate opportunity?

The Program

Traffic Witch is a free to join traffic generator that allows you to exchange web page views with other users. It's an outstanding place to advertise any web site or web based business you want!

You probably wondering what makes the program different from the rest. The concept of this program is simple. They use an easy traffic generator, that rewards active users. Meaning, the more you use it, the more traffic you will receive. They do have dynamic ratios in place that increase the more you surf the program.

The Product

Traffic Witch is a completely traffic exchange business. The goal of the business is to attempt to simplify the internet marketer's life by using dynamic ratios compared to other traffic exchanges. So the more you use the system, the more this will increase. You can either use the system for a 3:1 ratio, a 5:2 ratio or a 2:1 ratio. This all depends on the amount you use Traffic Witch. Of course, upgraded members get higher ratios from the start as well. They offer 3 types of membership packages. The memberships are Witch, Wicca and Sorcerer.

Witch - 0.3 up to 0.5 Credits per View; 10 Seconds Timer; 5% from Referral Surfing; 5% Comission on Upgrades; 2% Comission on Purchases; Minumum Cashout: $30

Wicca - 0.66 up to 1.5 Credits per View; 10 Seconds Timer; 10% from Referral Surfing; 750 Credits per Month; 1500 Banner Impressions per Month; 2500 Text Link Impressions per Month; 25% Comission on Upgrades; 5% Comission on Purchases; Minumum Cashout: $10

Sorcerer - 1 up to 1.5 Credits per View; 10 Seconds Timer; 15% from Referral Surfing; 1000 Credits per Month; 2500 Banner Impressions per Month; 3500 Text Link Impressions per Month; 75% Comission on Upgrades; 10% Comission on Purchases; Minumum Cashout: $10; Random Referrals; Email Your Downline

In conclusion, Traffic Witch is not a scam. It is a legitimate traffic exchange opportunity, that if worked correctly, could be very successful to internet users. One of the disadvantages however, is that while the products may be offered in different membership packages, there is nothing really unique and exiting about the opportunity. In today's market, company's have to offer an appealing, one of a kind product, that everyone wants, not just necessarily needs.