Being a witch is a serious decision. From the early days when the religious zealots hunted down all people who did not go "with the flow" to the current generation who is fortunate enough in most places to be able to publicly embrace the religion of Wicca, life has not been easy for witches.

However, for many of us, there is no other way of life that inspires us or encourages us to live fully. The most important thing to remember about being a witch is that it is a completely natural and instinctive lifestyle.

We are all born with the knowledge of witchcraft. As children we believe in flying faeries and wishing upon stars; just a few examples of magickal ways of belief that we took for granted.

As we get older, the world tells us to stop believing in magick and the myriad of possibilities that magick brings to us. Instead, the world tells us to give up dreaming and to get to work, learning the way others want us to and dreaming of a life that is already set up for us. Study this, study that, become a doctor, become a pharmacist and dole out drugs, etc.

We soon give up what comes naturally to us. And the world is happy. But are we happy?

We know from our dreams that there are so many possibilities in life. As a witch, our possibilities are boundless. What we can think of, we can achieve. As a human being growing up in a restrictive world, we are asked to forget that and live as though we are powerless.

As a witch, the first thing we need to do is to free our mind of restrictions. Do not believe anyone who tells you that you cannot "do something"; that we can not capable of creating our future. We have to believe with all our heart that we are very powerful and that we are not helpless human beings at the mercy of an invisible God.

We are magickal beings blessed with the power and the energies that are common to almost every atom in the universe. As we all know, everything in this world is made up of atoms and the atom is a minute representation of what? The cosmos!

Just as the electrons go around the nucleus of the atom, the planets circle the
Sun and each Universe in turn circles around other Universes, ad infinitum!

There is no beginning and no end to this magick called LIFE.After you start thinking about the possibilities and powers of our mind, you have to keep ourselves grounded so that we don't get bothered by other people's opinions. The world around us is filled with a lot of noise, most of it from doubting Thomases, who would like to think that they are smarter than the average human being. However, those of us who are close to nature and realize the powers of our mind know that every human being is capable and deserving of absolutely amazing things.