Purchase the best all-around cookie cutter set, and each October will be full of opportunities to use these fun baking accessories. It's not difficult to discover which set is ideal, simply look for one that matches all or most of the following criteria. Make sure to consider your likely future use of the cutters, and most of all, make sure to select the set you can see yourself using for years to come.

The best Halloween cookie cutter set:

* Is sized to meet your needs. If you like to bake oversized sugar cookies for decorating purposes, you will likely be frustrated by a set that is intended to be used for tea cookies. Likewise, if you plan to bake pumpkin pies and wish to use your Halloween cookie cutter shapes for crust accents, oversized cutters are not going to be ideal for you.

* Is well-made. Look for a material you are comfortable with, and if it seems too flimsy, trust your gut feeling. After all, you do not want to be purchasing new cookie cutters sets every October. Some of the new silicone sets on the market are wonderful, and the old-fashioned metal cookie cutters are hard to beat. The main point is that you want to purchase cookie cutters that will last.

* Is priced competitively. Cookie cutter purchases shouldn't break the bank. It is possible to secure relatively inexpensive cookie cutters for every occasion, which will ensure that you always have the means to create treats in festive shapes.

* Is full of variety. It is possible to never become bored with your Halloween cookie cutter set. The classic witch's hat, pumpkin and ghost are wonderful, but what about a haunted house or a black cat? Choose a set that has some cookie cutters that surprise you, and it will spark your creativity.

* Is from a company that is reputable. These days, it's so easy to just point your mouse, type in your credit card information, and sit back to wait for your cookie cutters to arrive. Unfortunately, not all sites out there in cyberspace are secure. Only shop with merchants who can guarantee that your credit card information is safe.