It is official. Witch costumes are the most popular Halloween costumes. Most of the shops that sell Halloween costumes report that witch costumes are the top sellers when it comes to a choice in fancy dress or Halloween costumes.

If you are looking at a girly night out at Halloween or a fancy dress party, a witch costume is the easiest to put together. You can make the basic witch costume as interesting as you like by adding various accessories to it. The witch costume is a classic that can make you look beautiful, sexy, frightening and seductive, all at the same time. It is also very comfortable to wear.

Types of witch costumes

There are different types of witch costumes depending on which kind of persona you want to assume. You could be a

* Good witch

* Wicked witch

* Gothic witch

* Sexy witch

* Toddler witch

* Teenage witch

Putting Together Your Witch Costume

If you want to look like an authentic witch, you will need a combination of dress, hat, wig, shoes, broom, special make-up and some other Halloween accessories to complete your witch costume. Together, these will create a memorable witch costume. You have the choice of looking scary, wicked, sexy or stylish in your witch costume.

The basic requirement of a classic witch costume is a long black dress.

You footwear can be black shoes, boots, knee high boots or spike heels.

You will need a pointed hat that can be made from felt or velvet. Clip on long nails and paint them black. Wear black lipstick, black eyeliner and colour your skin really pale. A cape is a great addition that you can swish around for that special effect. You will also need a black scarf and a long purple or black wig, preferably long frizzy hair with strands of grey or white and long black gloves to complete your costume.

Alternately, if you want to look like a sexy witch, you can wear a short black leather skirt instead of the long black dress. Don't forget the wand which you will need to cast spells on everyone. You can add light contact lenses to make you look absolutely perfect.

Make Up to Go With Your Witch Costume

Use white make up on your face to make it look pale. It is easy to put on the makeup. With a black eyebrow pencil darken your eyebrows well.

Use white or light grey coloured eye shadow below the eyebrows and above the eye lids. Apply black eye shadow on your eyelids and creases.

Put on black mascara and add a pair of false eyelashes. Colour your lips a deep red or black and paint your fingernails black, green or deep red.

To add a spooky look, you may consider spider webs. As you can see, putting together your witch costume can be fun and enjoyable.