If you are beginner piano and want to be a real pianist, a selection of good piano books is really a necessity. You can spend as much time as you want to practicing scales, but it is simply not enough. If all that you do is practice your scales, you will probably get bored with playing piano, and when you get bored, your playing will suffer.

Staying interested is a chore but playing music that you prefer makes a difference in the long run. Your piano playing will reflect your enjoyment of what you are learning to play.

Piano learning has many books out there that you can easily get. You don't have to settle for just classical. Keeping your interest is vital.

I like a variety of books. I get piano books of the masters of course, but then I like to play popular music too. Your friends and family want to hear something they recognize. It makes it fun to play at parties. Being an entertainer means pleasing the crowd now doesn't it? Be sure to cover the music spectrum and get a well rounded assortment. You can take requests too!

Be sure to get an assortment of music books that you don't necessarily care for. Who can guess what your audience will ask for and you have to be ready for anything. You might find yourself really enjoying Old McDonald Had a Farm.

Of course, once you have looked through enough piano books and studied enough songs, you start to realize that you do not really need the sheet music for everything anymore. After years of diligent and daily study, that magical moment is likely to occur for you, I know it occurred for me. When you can play anything that your heart desires without trying at all you know you have it.

You will begin hearing music in your head. The sheet music will just appear in your head and you will not need the sheet music to play your interpretation of that music. If you want to reproduce the exact music then you will need the sheet music. Once you have progressed to seeing the music in your head you can trash the piano books.

So don't give up. Dedicate yourself to learning to play piano. It will be well worth it.