Once you enroll your child for private piano lessons, you have to choose between buying a piano, a digital piano or an electronic keyboard. Every instrument has its share of pros and cons and so, you need to be careful since your choice will have a huge impact on your child's future musical development.

Why is Instrument Selection Important?

During the process of making your selection, you need to understand that making music on a good quality instrument is the best way to keep your child entertained and focused in instrumental lessons Stockton CA. If you are going to spend tons of money on private piano lessons, it is better if you invest in a quality instrument instead of having your kid play on an "affordable" keyboard.

Should you buy a Piano for your Child?
Prior to buying a musical instrument, you must first consult with your child's piano teacher to understand whether they require a piano or not. There are some piano teachers who refuse to provide instrument lessons to students without an actual piano. Some allow students to practice their lessons on a smaller keyboard for the first few months until you are able to afford a real piano. Digital pianos are allowed by most piano teachers.
However, it is a well-known fact that the success rate of children is more on a true piano. This is true especially if your kid hopes to attain advanced playing levels.
There are 88 keys in a piano and the sound is produced by striking steel strings using felt hammers. The two basic piano forms include:

1. Upright
2. Grand

The cost of a piano ranges from $2,000 to over $60,000. You should consider pianos to be a good investment since they retain their values for several years.
Save Money on Pianos
You can find good quality used pianos in the market. But be sure to exercise caution since not all pianos are good. You should not be tempted to purchase the first cheap piano you find on the Internet for your child's singing lessons Stockton CA. Hire a piano technician to look over a used piano. A few music stores will allow you to rent a piano which is the perfect option if you are hesitant or unable to buy a piano.

Features of Digital Pianos

The following is a list of pros of digital pianos:
* You can opt for a digital piano instead of an original piano. Prices begin from around $1,000.
* Digital pianos resemble ordinary pianos with a bench and base, but they operate using electricity.
* They have 88 keys along with a damper pedal.
* Digital pianos can capture real piano sounds and reproduce them electronically.
* They are lighter and, therefore, easier to shift than real pianos.
* You do not need to tune them since humidity has no effect on them.

Digital piano cons:
* However, digital pianos tend to lose their value once they leave the showroom floor.
* If they stop working, repairs can prove to be difficult.

Final Option - Electronic Keyboards
* Electronic keyboards should always be your last option.
* They sometimes have less than 88 keys and are smaller sized than regular pianos. These factors can hamper the learning process of your child.
* You need to make sure if the keys on the electronic keyboard are weighted and touch sensitive. If the electronic keyboard lacks weighted keys, the student is unable to develop the right amount of muscle strength in their fingers.
* You may be required to buy a bench, stand and pedal.
* Your child should not practice piano lessons with electronic keyboards in their lap since it results in bad posture, poor techniques and the development of unprofessional playing habits.