There are two main reasons why giveaway events are a superb resource for people interested in the internet marketing niche:

1. We all know the internet marketing mantra, "The Money Is In The List" don't we? Well, giveaway events give the contributors a gold plated opportunity to increase the size of their list.

2.They serve as a one-stop-shop to members who have joined. There are normally hundreds of free gifts to choose from.

Giveaway events explained further:

1.The organisers of the event let their lists of affiliate marketers know about their upcoming event and invite them to contribute to it.

2.The affiliates who decide to join, then have the opportunity to add their free gifts to the event. Normally, contributors can add one gift for free, or they can upgrade for a small fee (typically between $7 and $17) to add a further two gifts.

3. The forthcoming event is then promoted to other potential joint venture (JV) partners, who are invited to join the event to also contribute their free gifts. This process then gets repeated as much as possible which, if done right, would result in at least a good few hundred contributors. This promotion process is very important as in enables successful JV promoters to rank higher in the event, which would result in more exposure to their products and (hopefully) more subscribers.

4. With four days to go to the giveaway, the contributors start promoting it to their list in order to recruit as many members as possible. A buzz about the event is then created.

5. Those contributors not able to recruit any members (for whatever reason) lose their contributor status and become a member only. This means that their listbuilding ambitions for this event are put on hold.

So there you have it, a short explanation of what goes on in a giveaway event. As a contributor to these events, i can unreservedly recommend them. Whether you're a contributor like me or a future contributor who is just learning the ropes of internet marketing, you can't lose.