You can teach yourself piano in several ways, some of which I am going to explain here, in this post.

Group lessons

When a student wishing to learn to play the piano enrolls in group lessons, the atmosphere resembles that of a lecture room. A teacher seated before a stately looking piano besieged by a bunch of scholars with keyboards in front of them is the usual scenario in such a setting.

Music colleges, community centers and music stores are supposed to offer these group lessons which last for a couple of weeks to 1 or 2 months. If your commitment level is low, it won't hurt much because the schedule is loosely fixed. Group lessons fall under formal piano instruction and they are less dear than personal lessons where you'll be charged up to $100 an hour, even for piano lessons beginners Dvd instruction

Another sort of piano instruction falling under the class of informal piano instruction but which enjoys revolutionary acclaim is learning the piano through Dvd instruction. A couple of the subjects that Dvd curriculum deals with are different kinds of musical genres, chord concept, scales, notes, notations and other such similar stuff with identifying tones and scales by listening to music and other such things. Dvd instructions are available in a good range of prices, but even then they are cheaper than private lessons and group lessons.

Online piano lessons and piano lessons software

You can also make a choice from online piano lessons and piano lessons software. Both are retailed in Internet music stores. While learn piano software has to be downloaded and installed in your personal computer with high configurations, online piano lessons need to be followed through web cam and Internet.

These are also accompanied by video and audio files which make video demonstrations achievable. This can help in fast picking up of finger placements and hand movements, which are so critical to get perfection.

Piano lessons amateurs courses are commonly available free of cost in many piano learning web sites which is rather tempting. In the case of piano lessons software, you'll be charged an insubstantial charge.