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What In The World Is Junkanoo And What Does It Have To Do With Music

Junkanoo is a famous event and celebration that has made Bahamas music popular. This celebration takes place on December 26th and January 1st. The event begins in the morning with a parade. The parade has people wearing colorful costumes, and dancing to Bahamas music. This music is also gaining popularity in the United States and Japan due to groups such as the Baha Men, Ronnie Butler, and Kirdland Bodie.

The Junkanoo celebration has influence and promoted Bahamas music. Although this music is very popular for the celebration, it is loosing its recognition due to American influence. The Bahamas are so close to Florida that they can pick up American radio and television stations. This and the introduction of music such as reggae, soca, and calypso are to blame for the decreasing interest in Bahama music.

This decrease in interest does not discourage the Bahamas music bands. They used to use goatskin drums and saws to make their music. The goatskin was used to make a rolling sound. Today the rake and scrape bands use other instruments such as saxophones, and electric guitars. Although the type of instruments has changed, the idea is still the same. It doesn't matter what instruments you use to make the music, as long as you are still making the music. The music may not sound exactly the same as it used to, but you will still enjoy the sounds. Even when they made their own drums not all the drums were made out of the same thing. Instruments were home made and did not always sound the same. A violin was made out of a washtub and a string with a stick as a bow. You might have seen people using metal files to scrape across a saw as well. You see, even then there were different variations of instruments used to make this music.

The Bahamas music decrease in popularity has also not affected the Junkanoo celebration. If you go to a Junkanoo celebration you will still be able to enjoy the Bahamas music. The music is played loud and proud for all who are there to enjoy. You will hear the great Bahamas music, and see the beautiful costumes and dancers. The people who are involved in the celebration really enjoy what they do and love sharing it with tourists. They might even get you involved. They do a little dance step that is two steps forward, and one step back. It is a lot of fun to get involved in all the festivities they have to offer. You are sure to enjoy yourself from the start of the celebration in the morning until it ends at dusk.


Are Your Ready To Enjoy Radio Again At Home?

When satellite radio first came out, a lot of people tried it out in their vehicles. If you drive a lot, satellite radio can be great. Instead of having to rely on standard FM or AM only, you can tune in, listen to whatever type of music you love, hear talk shows, catch up with news, and even listen to sports.

Maybe you eventually stopped driving so much for work, started carpooling, or for whatever reason, ended up letting your satellite subscription slide. You probably miss satellite radio when you do drive, but don't think much about it otherwise.

Satellite radio is wonderful and very suitable for travel, but today it's also the ideal choice for radio lovers' homes. Are you one of the millions of people who used to love radio, but now find it so repetitive and choked with commercials, you can barely stand to listen?

Even if you manage to find one FM station that plays music you like, the commercials can drive you to tune out. In many parts of the country, there simply aren't a lot of options when it comes to the type of radio you'll here on FM and AM.

Unlike FM and AM that rely on broadcast signals, satellite radio stations are directly streamed from a satellite transmitter orbiting in space. You need a receiver that is connected to speakers or your home stereo system, plus an antenna. There are also boombox type satellite radios you can use in your home. Some home satellite radios today also feature iPod docking and iTunes tagging for the convenience of music collectors.

Depending on the subscription package you choose, you can listen to dozens or even more than 120 radio stations, so satellite radio gives you the power of choice.

You'll receive a guide listing all of your stations when you subscribe. Stations are organized and listed by genre, and you can read a brief description of each station in your guide. Your home radio will include a remote control that allows you to scroll through stations, or punch in a station number by keypad.

If you have children at home, one thing to consider is that satellite stations are not FCC regulated. This means you need to pay attention to what your kids might hear on certain stations. Stations that may have content inappropriate for children are clearly labeled as such in your guide, and you may be able to block these stations with a password. There are plenty of family-friendly satellite stations your entire family can enjoy.

Home satellite radio is a great solution for those who want to enjoy listening to radio at home again, but really can't stand commercials. There are no commercial breaks on satellite stations, so nothing interrupts your favorite radio shows, sports broadcasts, or music. Subscription fees for satellite radio are very reasonable. Depending on what type of package and you opt for, you could pay from less than $10 to around $20 a month for service.

Anyone who loves listening to radio at home will enjoy satellite radio, as there is simply no better choice when it comes to variety. Like subscription packages, satellite radio equipment is now very affordable, too. Consider adding commercial-free satellite radio to your home this year for a great new source of entertainment.


A Short Look At The Beginnings of Blues Music

Rhythm and blues is a uniquely American form of musical style. Now it is usually known simply as "the blues." Its history dates back to the Civil War and its unique sound helped bring about rock and roll in the second half of the 20th century.

The blues developed from the slaves' music with African roots, field sung spirituals, ballads, church music, and other types of melodies born of the black traditions in the United States. The tunes were never written down: always memorized and shared orally. From its origins in the poverty stricken areas of the post Civil War Deep South, the blues made its way North to Memphis, Tennessee, where its popularity exploded in a big way.

The black composer W.C Handy (1873-1958) is widely credited with the blues' exposure to a larger audience. He began publishing instrumental blues pieces in the early 20th century, and by the roaring twenties, recordings turned the blues into a national sensation. The blues' influence on jazz at this time cannot be emphasized enough, and together, the two styles became an American classic.

Some of the blues singers who would ultimately influence rock and roll were born during the time when W.C Handy began publishing.

Willie Dixon (1915-1992) was a heavyweight boxer before learning to play the bass fiddle. During the 1940's era in Chicago he cut records with his small group and made a name for himself. The legendary Chess Studios and Chess Records label produced some of the most famous blues music during the 1950's, and Dixon was the man in charge. The "Chess sound" came to influence many modern artists, including the Rolling Stones.

Muddy Waters (1915-1983) was another fixture at Chess Records, along with the equally legendary Bo Diddley. Waters (real name: McKinley Morganfield) wrote a lot of his own tunes and was a busy vocalist in the business. He was known for singing about the "hard life" of the regular black working man. His style was not the hesitating lament that characterized the early blues: instead, he infused his vocalizations with power and intensity.

Billie Holiday (1915-1959) led a terribly hard early life, and even claimed to have worked as a prostitute during the 1930's. While living in Harlem, she found her true calling while singing for tips in clubs. Her voice was unmistakable: she sang each song with intense emotion and intimacy, manipulating the words and tempo to suit the effect she tried to create. Hard living and drug abuse ended her life early, but she left an indelible stamp on the blues.

These are just a few of the many great artists whose distinctive styles have added to the rich sound of the blues over the decades. Taken together, these musicians and composers have created a distinctly American contribution to the world of music.


The Importance Of Wedding Songs

If you go back to the early wedding of the 16th century the wedding songs played an integral part of the ceremony. The tradition was for the bride to be led down the alter by her farther accompanied by the wedding songs of their choice usually something slow and fairly quiet.

After the vows had been taken she then walked back down the aisle with her new husband accompanied by a much livelier tune signifying the happiness of the occasion.

So what wedding songs to choose? This can be a difficult task as there is so much out there to choose from. Are you having a traditional or a contemporary wedding? Depending on the type of wedding you are having will probably reflect the type of music that you will have.

The wedding songs that you will choose will affect the whole mood of the celebrations and therefore need careful thought. If it is to be a traditional type of wedding then maybe you will opt for the more traditional types of wedding songs e.g. Wedding March by Mendelssohn's and the ever popular Bridal Chorus by Wagner better known as here comes the Bride. Maybe you are having a traditional wedding but do not want to stick to the traditional wedding songs, by choosing different ones you will make your wedding celebration much more memorable to your guests.

Are there any contemporary or classical pieces of music that you and you partner find memorable to you both? If so maybe you could have these as your wedding songs which will serve as a reminder of you very special day.

How about hiring a vocalist or a musician to play your wedding songs live, this would certainly change the whole mood of the occasion. However you would need to check with your church venue etc that they would be happy with this arrangement.

The most important thing to remember when choosing your wedding songs is to make it personal to you and your partner. Do not try to please your guests, this is your day and the wedding songs are being played for you so make sure they are what you want

After you have chosen the song you wish to be played when walking down the isle you need to work out the songs you would like played at your wedding reception.
The First dance in always important as this is where the newly married bride and groom dance together in front of the guests.
Usually the bride and groom will use a song that is special to them or has some memories associated with for the first dance.


Three of the Greatest Pop Pianists of Modern Times

It seems as though pop music sometimes gets a bad rap. A glimpse at three of modern pop's most famous pianists may dispel the myth that pop is an inferior genre. Their skill and level of musical expertise rivals that of pianists of other genres.

Sir Elton John: Born in England in 1947, his illustrious career has spanned three decades. John's talent for playing the piano became apparent before the boy even entered school. He was often overheard picking out difficult classical pieces on the piano by ear as young as four years old. In fact, he was considered a prodigy. John entered the Royal Academy of Music on a scholarship award at the age of 11 and outshone most of the other students.

His professional career began like that of many musicians. John spent several years playing in pubs. Eventually a chance opportunity led him to partner with Bernie Taupin. Taupin and John write songs together to this day. Songwriting eventually led to the release of his first album in 1970. Shortly thereafter he became known as "the father of piano rock," a title that still befits him today.

Billy Joel: Though he is often associated with his first big hit, "The Piano Man," Joel almost didn't learn to play. It was with great reluctance and upon his mother's insistence that he began piano lessons. He excelled in proficiency, despite taunts from classmates about his preference for music over sports. Joel even took up boxing in high school to quell those taunts. Though he won many boxing championships, he gave up boxing after a nose injury and focused on his musical pursuits.

Joel began playing professionally at age 14. He played with various bands from 1964 until he recorded and released his first solo album in 1971. Though that first album didn't gain much acclaim, but his second did. "The Piano Man" single was an instant success. The album "The Piano Man," which was released in 1973, went gold. To date, over 4 million copies of this recording have been sold.

Joel went on to make several more albums in his career. His works include an album of original classical piano pieces.

Jerry Lee Lewis: Much of the credit for advancing the role of rock music in society must be given to this artist. In fact, Lewis is considered a pioneer in the industry. He began playing the piano in childhood and had a clear gifting for music. Fascinated by "negro music," he began to develop his own style based on it. It was a mix of gospel, which he had grown up with, and country, R&B and boogie woogie. What emerged was the earliest form of rock and roll.

Lewis was often publicly condemned for playing in a style that had not been heard before. Even his own family denounced his work. This criticism seemed to only fuel his artistic nature even more. His fame spread, and even Elvis Presley took notice. He is quoted as saying "If I could play the piano like that, I'd quit singing."

Lewis' life, like that of many artists, was fraught with personal problems and scandals. His marriage to his 13-year-old cousin in 1953 (while still married to his first wife) nearly plummeted his career into obscurity. Soon after, his fame became limited to being the butt of jokes and public ridicule. Health problems, alcoholism, drug addiction and family tragedies nearly did him in. But after a movie about his life was released in 1989, his career made a comeback. This included another hit album in 2007, his first since 1973, and his induction into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame the same year.


Auto Stereo Systems

It is a simple expression - car stereo - but on the whole people pay more attention to the car stereo device than they do to their home stereo. Many people are fairly happy with a run of the mill home stereo and will never talk about it in conversation, but the car stereo! Well, that is a different kettle of fish. People want speakers in each door, sub-woofers front and back and a graphic equalizer.

The majority of modern cars come with some form of car stereo already fitted, but these can be pretty rudimentary systems.

In the early days of auto audio systems, car stereos were not much more than smaller versions of indoor, home stereo set-ups. However, the environment was completely different and musical purists could tell that they were getting a raw deal. The speakers were too close together and the vibrations from the car?s engine rattled everything apart. Speakers were puny and frequently blew.

Enthusiasts began to demand better quality car stereo systems . The notion of a dedicated car stereo, if not yet the product itself was born.

Some vehicle manufacturers include their own, factory-installed brands of audio system. BMW falls into this category. All of BMW?s cars are supplied with a BMW car audio system. Many top car makers like to maintain this level of control over the quality of their vehicles.

Other car manufacturers, like Mercedes, prefer to leave the production and technology of such secondary vehicular accessories to third parties such as Blaupunkt.

Blaupunkt, a German company, takes this degree of accountability very, very seriously. It is a huge mark of prestige that they have won the contract to supply car audio systems to businesses like Mercedes. This reputation gains them many more sales from people who want the same quality that is linked with Mercedes luxury vehicles.

Most of the standard set-ups these days include a multi-band radio and a CD player, which may or may not have a CD auto-changer in the boot of the car. The most modern car audio systems may also have MP3 and Internet access. These more recent stereo units usually allow the driver to plug in external media devices containing music or other files.

If you have an older car, you may want to improve your car stereo system to that of something that better suits your requirements. This could be accomplished by just changing the speakers or even adding more speakers.

However, you may think that it is easier or just better to just change the whole caboodle. There are many options regarding car stereos, but if you cannot perceive the difference then there is no real point.

After all, music should not be a distraction from the main reason for sitting in a car in the first place, which is to get from A to B safely.


The best music players out there

If you want to be able to listen to music on the go, but you don't like the music player function on your smartphone then you will probably be in the market for a music player. If, on the other hand, you don't have a smartphone and you just want something that you can listen to music on while you are out and about, you probably won't be after something with lots of bells and whistles on. Most people just want a music player that manages its primary function well, and the added extras of texting and games can just make the purchase all the more worthwhile.

So, if you have been on the hunt for a good music player for some time now, you might want to check out these four options. In no particular order, out favourite music players for 2012 are:

Sony Walkman F800
This powerful music player comes equipped with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, without the added smartphone capabilities. This means that the music player comes with lots of added extras, while also providing you with a fantastic pocket sound system. It comes in 8, 16 and 32GB varieties and has a 3.5 inch touchscreen, as well as Bluetooth, maps, email and other media functions.

Philips GoGear Connect 3
This portable mp3 player has Android 2.3 Gingerbread that allows it to act as a music player and half a smartphone. Why only half a smartphone? Because it can access apps from the Android Marketplace without being able to text or call through. This is more than enough for us though, as we love the look and feel of it, along with the fact that it comes with very nice headphones! It also has a 3.5 inch touchscreen and you can customise the sound of your music through the player thanks to the equaliser panel.

iPod touch
If you want to go for a true classic in the music player world, you should definitely get yourself an iPod touch. It's incredibly thin and light and comes in a range of different colours to suit everyone's tastes. It comes with a powerful camera that has an LED flash and face detection, and you can use it to play both music and video. You can also download and use apps from the App Store, and you can text over iMessage or chat with friends over FaceTime.

So, which of these music players do you think you will be going for?


The Benefits Of Playing An Instrument

We learn to play musical instruments for a variety of reasons. For some, it's a hobby and passion; for others, music is a career. But did you know that there are benefits to playing a musical instrument that go far beyond the joy it brings? Take a look at what playing an instrument can do for you:

Research indicates that music in any form, whether you're listening to an instrument or playing one, is a brain stimulant and increases memory capacity with long lasting effects.

Learning a musical instrument requires that you spend quality time on practice. This automatically helps you organise and manage your time more effectively.

Practice makes perfect. As any musician will tell you, it takes considerable time and tremendous perseverance to hang in there until you master what you are working on, a lesson that all of us could use in life!

Hand-to-eye coordination is an essential skill needed to play a musical instrument, an excellent way to perform mental calisthenics and keep those grey cells humming well into old age!

When you learn a particular musical genre, classical, rock, folk music and others, you also begin to appreciate its origins and the culture it sprang from.

Playing a musical instrument increases your powers of concentration. When playing by yourself, you focus on rhythm, pitch, sound quality and tempo. Playing with a group further enhances concentration as you train yourself to listen to others and play in sync with them.

Picking out notes on a piano or gently strumming a guitar is a great stress-buster.

Learning to play a musical instrument boosts your sense of self-worth as you proceed from the initial effort to understand the basics of music towards mastery of increasing levels of difficulty.

Attending music classes is a good way to acquire more social skills. Your shared interest helps in developing warm friendships with a variety of people.

Learning to play a musical instrument imposes its own discipline, a great way to turn recalcitrant kids around!

One reason for learning to play a musical instrument is to perform on stage. Playing with a group helps you overcome stage fright. Practice and discipline further reduce the fear of performing in public.

There's a sense of delight in playing a musical instrument that's quite inexplicable. Equally gratifying is the experience of playing for others and seeing the happiness that you have generated.

Whether or not you have an inborn talent, learning to play a musical instrument can be an extremely satisfying activity with a host of unexpected spinoffs. Buy a musical instrument of your choice, sign up for classes and watch how life changes!


3 Quick and Easy Steps To Playing Music by Ear

Playing by ear is the ability to play a piece of music (or, eventually, learn an instrument) by simply listening to it repeatedly. The majority of self-taught musicians began their education this way; they picked up their instrument and began playing an easy melody from a well-known song, slowly picking out the notes as they went along. And even after these musicians master their instruments or a particular song, playing by ear still plays a large role. Many pop and rock bands don't play or write their songs based on sheet music, they figure the songs out by playing by ear. It's even common among non-musicians. Ever sit down a piano and mindlessly pick out the tune to "Mary Had a Little Lamb"? What about grabbing a guitar and suddenly finding yourself playing the opening licks to "Smoke on the Water"? That's playing by ear. You're able to play part of the song just because you've heard it so often.

Since music is basically composed of 3 elements - melody, rhythm, and harmony, it is logical that there are also 3 basic steps to learning to play music by ear:

1.Charting the contour of the melody. Tunes move higher and lower - up and down - as the song progresses. Being aware of that movement is the first step. Once you mentally define the parameters of the melody, you can then begin to hone in on picking it out on your instrument. As an example, think of "Joy To The World". We've all sung it a zillion times, but have you ever noticed that the melody moves down exactly 8 steps (an octave), then gradually moves back up in increments, then repeats the down movement, etc. The entire melody is contained within those 8 notes, so you now know the parameters of the song and can begin to pick out the melody intelligently.

2.Harmonizing the melody with matching chords. The second element of music is harmony, and you can harmonize any melody just by matching the supporting chords to that melody. For example, if the melody is a "G", you can harmonize that melody by using a chord with G in it, such as the G chord (G, B, D), the C chord (C, E, G), or the Em chord (E, G, B), or the Eb chord (Eb, G, Bb) and so forth. By using your ear to guide you, you can learn to harmonize the melody of most any song using matching chords.

3.Using an appropriate rhythm that matches the feel of the song. This is usually the easiest part, since most people "feel" the beat and don't have to do any mental gymnastics to come up with an appropriate rhythm for a song. But for those of us that might be "rhythmically challenged", just by knowing that there are basically two meters available - duple meter and triple meter -- that can be combined in infinite combinations, we can give the song either a "3" feeling (like a waltz or a jazz waltz) or a "4" feeling (like swing or a march or a ballad).

Playing by ear is a valuable technique for many musicians; learning songs based solely on hearing them is a great way to understand song and chord structure. In fact, a great number of rock and pop musicians learned to play their instruments this way. Instead of picking up a book or taking lessons, they concentrated on figuring out the notes and rhythms to a song until it was mastered. Then they moved on to another song. And another.

Gradually, they learned their instrument just by playing by ear -- and in the process learned how to effectively structure a song in that particular genre. Playing by ear is also beneficial in helping a musician develop his or her own style; sure, they'll at first mimic the style of the song they're imitating, but the amalgamation of the music that they're playing by ear will help them create something distinctive, something indicative of them only.


7 Drum Building Steps to Sunbursting Your Drums With Aerosol Cans

"Drum building doesn't have to be hard. Drum building doesn't require crazy tools. Drum building doesn't cost an arm and a leg."

Repeat these three things to yourself in the mirror and get crackin' on your new drum set already!

"But I don't have the equipment to make my own drums?" Honestly... you'll live. And you can still make a drum set that is unique, professional looking and great sounding.

"Wait... isn't drum building hard?" Great question. The answer is NO. We aren't reinventing the wheel here... we buy drum shells pre-made (thats the specialized part) and custom drum lugs and hardware of your choice... then we finish the drums in any custom way that you can dream of.

"Thats crazy... drum building sounds' expensive." Not as pricey as buying custom drums or a customized set from a notable drum company. Actually, you'll end up saving about 70% of your money if you buy the drum building supplies rather than buying a completed custom drum set.

Okay okay... back to the tutorial: A simple drum building idea is to sunburst your drums with nitro cellulose aerosol cans. The cans are easy to order online and it's a classy look, and it's super easy to do.

Here are the steps I utilize from the Guerrilla Drum Making DVD to attain a cool sunburst drum finish:

#1: Sand the drum shell with 320 grit paper, wipe it to remove the dust and Apply 4 nice sanding sealer coats and let each coat dry thoroughly. Let the last coat dry overnight.

#2: In the morning lightly sand the drum shell with #320 paper for a nice and smooth surface. Drum making is all about prepping: the finished product is only as good as the start... so make that baby nice and smooth.
#3: Prep the insides of the drum shell. In the Guerrilla Drum Making DVD, I do this with tin foil and blue tape. I simply tape the tinfoil to the insides of the shell to protect it from overspray.

#4: Apply the dark colored (usually brown) Sunbursting Aerosol Can to the edges of the drum shell. Make this as dark as you wish (many coats will get it black) and as large as you want.

#5: Apply the amber/yellow Subursting Aerosol Can to the rest of the drum. The yellow color will not effect the dark edges, so overlap the yellow into the dark edges to make sure you're not missing any spots.

#6: Hit the entire drum with atleast 2 coats of gloss lacquer aerosol. I know... when youre making drums it's tough to be patient... but if your not in a hurry, I would do 4 coats or more. This locks in the amber zone and protects it. Any overspray from our next step can be carefully smoothed off with #0000 steel wool.

#7: Ad the transitional red zone. This is achieved by applying the brown Sunbursting Aerosol right where the black edge meets the yellow/amber zone. This zone can be as big or as small as you want your burst or fade to extend. I went through the most drastic example in my Guerrilla Drum Making DVD to show how truly small of a burst you could get if you desired.

DO'S: always shoot aerosol cans in a well ventilated area and wear a protective mask..... shoot light coats.

DONT'S: Don't even try and put your drums in the sun to dy... you'll be more than mad at what happens.

The sunbursting option is a simple and easy drum finish with any drum building projects. Making a drum set with this technique is easy, fun, and classy. For the full turotial including a short video snippet, check out http://www.guerrilladrummaking.com/blog


Meet The Beatles: A Quick Early History Of The Fab Four

The Beatles have been recognized as #1 on Rolling Stone Magazine's list of the top 100 musical acts of all time. And why not? The Fab Four are beyond iconic, and just about everyone in the western world from age 10 to age 100 can hum or recognize their most famous tunes. Here's a brief early history of this amazing group.

John Lennon was the foundation on which the group which ultimately became known as The Beatles was laid: he was the innovator, the founder, the genius behind the operation. In 1957, at the age of 16, he started up a band with a group of his Liverpool buddies called The Quarry Men.

That same year, 15 year old Paul McCartney joined the group, and 7 months later George Harrison came on board. The group played local clubs and gained a following: armed with original drummer Pete Best, their popularity soared and the fledgling group was quite well known in Britain by as early as 1960 and permanently called itself "The Beatles."

It is hard to believe now, but the Beatles were not signed when they auditioned for Decca Records in London in 1962. But by then, they were under the management of Brian Epstein, who would ultimately make good things happen for his proteges.

George Martin of EMI records saw the group's potential, signed them, and remained the Beatles' producer for the group's entire career. A falling out with drummer Pete Best led to his being dismissed from the group right before the Beatles became national sensations in Britain: newcomer Ringo Starr would get all the glory when he came onboard in August of 1962.

The rise of the Beatles to musical gods status was meteoric: within a short 8 months, the group went from releasing their first studio album to causing absolute fan pandemonium throughout Europe. Their album "Please, Please Me" remained number one on British charts for a full 29 weeks, and their music began to develop a following in the United States as well.

By the time the Beatles arrived in the United States in February of 1964, just one year after the European release of their debut album, what became known as "Beatlemania" had already taken hold of American young people across the nation. Their triumphant arrival was witnessed by thousands of screaming, fainting fans. Their subsequent appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show was watched by a record 73 million viewers.

Their "long hair" shocked many adults who worried that the sex appeal of these four young men and the music they produced would corrupt America's young generation. But the Beatles were here to stay and their fan base remained solid over the next six years though the Fab Four's hair got even longer and the emphasis of their lyrics and music style changed dramatically during that time period.

Though their breakup in 1970 shocked the world and crushed the spirit of their devoted fans, the lingering popularity of their music speaks volumes about their amazing talent and the timelessness of their music.


How Musicians Can Use Podcasts to Publicize Their Music

As a musician, one of the best ways to start becoming successful in the music business is to build up a fan base.

You need to get your music out there so people can start listening to it and enjoying it. Publicizing your music is extremely important, and while ten years ago it may have been a difficult task, technology has afforded you some very simples ways to get started. One new way that you can start getting your music out there is by using a podcast. Podcasts are excellent ways that you can inexpensively and quickly get your music out there to the public, which is extremely important to your success as a musician.

What Exactly is a Podcast?

First of all, you may be wondering what exactly a podcast is. Basically, a podcast is a type of audio file that is usually created in a mp3 format, and after the file is created it can be uploaded to a server by way of Really Simple Syndication (RSS). You can put anything you want on this type of audio file, whether it is a type of radio show, or even clips of you performing your music. Once a podcast is uploaded onto the internet, it then allows people to use their computers with specialized software to download the file so they can listen to it on their own. They may be able to listen to it on their computer, an mp3 player, or even on their iPod as well. Even though the terms sound a bit technical, the process is an easy one that gives you a great new way to get your music out there to others.

How to Create a Podcast

Believe it or not, creating your own podcast is really quite simple. The following are five simple steps that can help you easily create your own music podcast.

1. Create the Content - The first thing you need to do is to create the audio content for your podcast. It really does not matter what type of platform you use when creating your audio content; however, it is important that you save it in the maximum quality possible so you have a great copy of what you have created. This is especially important when you are dealing with music.

2. Convert to MP3 - Once you have created your audio content for the podcast, you will need to convert the files to mp3 files, since they are the most used type of files for podcasting. When converting your audio files to mp3 files, you will probably want to use 128 stereo bit rate in order to get the best sound, since you are dealing with music, then save it as an mp3 file.

3. Upload the MP3 - After you have created your mp3 file, then you are ready to upload the file to the server. Once they are uploaded, be sure to test them to be sure that they are working.

4. Create the RSS File - Next you will need to create an RSS file, which will describe your pod cast and serve as the link to your mp3 file. You can use a text editor to create this file, and usually it is best to include the title of the file, the link, and a brief description of the file as well.

5. Publish the File - Once you have the RSS file created, just transfer it to your web server, and be sure to validate it using an RSS validator, which you can find online. If it works right, then you are ready to publish the RSS file.

Equipment You Will Need

In order to be able to do a pod cast, you will need to have the right equipment available. First of all you will need to have the right equipment available to suitably record your music. You may be able to purchase software for your computer to do this, or you may want to use a mixing board with a CD burner to do so. You can use computer software to edit your music and to change the levels to make sure that your music tracks sound the best as well. Also, you will need a program to help you convert your music into mp3 files, such a MusicMatch. More than likely, you will also need software that will help you upload your mp3 and RSS files as well.

Where You Can Send Your Completed Podcast

If you do not have your own place to put your podcasts, you can actually find free hosts that will allow you to upload your podcasts to their servers as well. Once you have finished your podcast and you have it online, there are a variety of directories that you can send it to in order to get some exposure. There are many available free directories that will help you with publicity so you can get your podcasts out there. Soon people will be listening to your music, and before you know it you may have a broad fan base all across the world due to using podcasting to publicize your music.


All you need to Know about CD Duplication

CD duplication has gained huge popularity through the recent years. The reason behind the huge popularity is that the CD duplication services that are available today are inexpensive and fast. CD duplication means producing number of copies of CDs without the whole replication being done. Just keep reading on the article to know more about CD duplication.

Ideal Solution when the demand for the CDs is much lower

CD duplication is widely used for producing small runs of discs. When the demands for the CDs are very low, it is not wise to get into full replication. Getting into full replication for a small run will drain your wallet. Moreover, full CD replication comes with a minimum quantity. When it comes to a small run, your requirement will be much less than the minimum quantity offered by CD replication. Hence the extra replicated CDs will be a total waste of money. The CD duplication when compared to complete replication is very cheap and very easy to perform. There is a misconception among people that CD duplication is a slow process. The true fact is that for a small run, CD duplication will be much faster than CD replication.

Is it wise to do CD Duplication by yourself?

Though there are many CD duplication devices that are available today, all of them come with very heavy price tags. Hence it's not wise to rush to get a CD duplicator to do the CD duplication by yourself. The main motive of CD duplication is to reduce the cost involved in complete CD replication. Buying a CD duplicator device will make the CD duplication process much costlier than doing a full CD replication. Hence for a short run, it is always better to get the CD duplication done through some professionals.

Where and how to find CD duplication service providers?

When it comes to finding the CD duplication service providers, they are scattered all over the Internet. You can get music CD duplication and Business CD Duplication services for just $77. However, there are many online scams too. Hence you need to keep your eyes wide open when choosing the CD supplication service provider online. Look for customer support facilities and get as many data as possible from the service provider before you make the order. Some of the CD duplication service providers offer good quality CD printing solutions too. The best CD duplication service providers like bcduplication.com provide high quality CD printing with a resolution of 4800dpi. The CD printing at this dpi setting will enable photo realistic printing with a satin finish.

If you are plugged to the Internet, finding a CD duplication service provider is no big deal. However, when it comes to finding the best, it requires a bit of research about the CD duplication service provider. For a safer side, CD duplication can be done with the renowned service providers like bcduplication.com.


Become A Better Musician With Better Practice Habits

As with anything in life, you will become a better musician the more you practice and even though you can't expect to be an overnight sensation in most cases, you can dramatically increase your performance by the way you practice.

Most people don't think about warming up before practicing their music but just like an athlete it will help you to perform better and learn faster. Always warm up before you begin practicing to settle your nerves and get your body relaxed so that you will get the best results from your practice session.

Another crucial aspect to practicing music is setting realistic and attainable goals. Very few people can sit down and play a son perfectly with just a little practice, it takes time and repetition. Many musical scores may take weeks of practice just to master one song. For exceptionally long pieces, separate them into sections and concentrate on a particular section during each practice session.

Strategy is also important, especially when trying to learn a complex piece of music. You can play a tough to learn section repeatedly until you get it down or you can play it more slowly than intended and gradually increase the speed until you are playing at the tempo the music was written for.

Before you begin to play a certain piece of music, analyze it to determine the style it is supposed to be played in, what the timing should be, and the speed in which it is meant to be played. It is best to read over the entire piece a couple of times first so that you will know what the music should be played like before you get started.

If your aim is to become as good a musician as possible you need to practice as much as you can. When you see professional musicians who seem to play so flawlessly, you can believe that they practice their craft for several hours daily with extreme dedication.

You should break your practices up into segments such as this:

First you should warm up, going though through scales, chords, arpeggios, and book warm-up exercises before attempting a complicated piece of music.

The next step should to practice increasing the speed of your play by beginning at a slower tempo then moving up. This is similar to what we mentioned above about learning a difficult song.

Another way to help you to learn to read music better is to attempt to play an entire sheet of music you have never done. Doing this will assist you in your reading skill and enable you to learn to play new music much faster.

Mastering the art of music isn't something that can be done overnight, it takes years of practice and dedication.


10 Top Reasons You Should Learn to Play 'Chord' Piano

There are roughly umpteen zillion reasons why you should learn enough chords to be able to "chord a song" at the piano.

By "chord a song", I mean the ability to play 3 or 4 chords on the piano in some sort of rhythm while you or someone else sings the tune. To do this, you don't need to be a Van Cliburn; all you need to do is learn a few basic chords and be able to more back and forth between them in some organized rhythmic pattern.

For example, did you realize that all of these songs (and hundreds more) can be sung or played with just 3 chords?

Auld Lang Syne

Amazing Grace

Kum Ba Ya

Silent Night

Joy To The World

Jingle Bells

Happy Birthday

Down In The Valley

On Top Of Old Smoky...

and hundreds or maybe thousands more!

Add just one more chord to the basic 3, and you can play another thousand songs or so. So why not learn a few chords and start your chording career?

Here are my top 10 reasons for learning "chord piano":

1) It's easy. Learn 3 chords and start in.

2) Even though it's easy to get started, you don't have to stop there. You can learn more and more chords and more rhythm patterns and get really good.

3) You'll be able to play "Happy Birthday" while the gang sings it.

4) You'll be able to play half-a-dozen Christmas carols. In case you haven't noticed, Christmas comes every year, so every year you'll get better as you participate in family gatherings.

5) You can help your kids learn to play the piano, guitar, or most any other instrument by learning chords. Most teachers don't teach chords, so you'll be giving your kids an advantage by learning chords.

6) People will admire you. It's true. Musicians are popular. Anyone who can play anything is in demand at parties and social gatherings. And if you can "chord" while others sing, you're bound to be popular.

7) Piano playing using chords is good for your brain. Studies have shown that people who actively participate in music do their brain lots of good. And since chords require 3 or 4 notes at a time instead of one, you are giving your brain a good workout.

8) Piano playing, particularly using chords, is good exercise for your wrists and fingers. (Take the time to learn about correct hand position, though!)

9) Piano playing is excellent therapy for the stress of life. Many professional people come home from a hard days work and relax by expressing their emotions on the keyboard. Play a few dark and angry chords, and you'll be surprised how much better you feel!

10) Piano playing is a blast. It's just plain old fun. So learn 3 or 4 chords and get going. Maybe you'll stop there and enjoy it the rest of your life.

But just maybe you'll love it so much that you keep going and turn yourself into an excellent piano player who can read music as well as play chords!


Concert Tickets - 5 Great Tips On Finding Cheap Concert Tickets

It would be nice if you could buy cheap concert tickets to watch your favorite artists perform live, wouldn't it? But because tickets are expensive you have no choice but to make do with DVDs and televised versions, which are not as thrilling as when you are watching the concert live. There are ways to get cheap concert tickets if you just know how to look.

You can make your dreams into realities with the help of these five steps that will guide you how to bag discounted, if not free, concert tickets.

1.) Tune in to your favorite radio station-yes, they can help you not by just reminding you when the concert is happening, but by also giving away free tickets to a hit concert. Sometimes they give the tickets as prices. All you have to do is just be the right caller and you can take home two to four tickets, so you can carry your friends with you too.

In order to bag the prize for the radio contest, you can adjust the settings of your phone to help you dial and redial fast. By this strategy, you can increase the possibility of you being the right caller at the right time. You can also try to pre-program the radio station's number so that you'll be ready to call even by just doing a few presses on your phone keys. If ever you've missed one promo for a certain station, then there are other radio stations where you can also find similar raffles with the tickets as the prizes.

2.) Try reserving for singleton seats if you do not mind watching the concert alone or sitting next to complete strangers. These seats are called such because they are the ones that are left vacant in between the seats that have already been reserved.

You can get singleton seats shortly before the show starts, so you need to come early to get the best seats that are still available. Remember that this works for one person only, so if you are planning a date, you might want to consider sitting separately if there are no more available tickets that are side-by-side.

3.) In concert performances, there are also those who sell their spare tickets to others for a price that is lower than the original one. In singleton tickets, you can mostly get a seat a few short minutes before the start of the concert. Just prepare some spare money ready for another ticket and also avoid dropping hints hat you will be able to offer a higher price. Another good tactic is to have a spare wallet, where you can keep the lowest bill you want to pay for a ticket to show to the seller.

The goal is for you to get cheap concert tickets, and this cannot be achieved if you will be rude to the sellers. Note that they will walk out on you if they feel that you are not willing to negotiate peacefully. A little bit of calmness may snag you that ticket you have been yearning for.

4.) Trace any friends that you have who are connected to the concert industry. If ever you have some, simply request for them to keep you updated with the latest and upcoming gigs of your favorite artists and inquire if there is a chance for you to acquire cheap passes from them.

5.) If the concert performance you've been wanting to go to is not yet scheduled until a couple of more months, better resort to buying off-season tickets because purchasing tickets a few months earlier is cheaper as compared to buying tickets of performances that will soon happen. You should also be willing to constantly inquire ticket sellers regarding the schedule of the concert and the earliest ticket release if you want to resort to this method.

Now that you already know some tips of how to bag cheap concert tickets, it is time to get your planner prepared for your concert-hopping schedule. A concert plan may just be blooming on your block so ready yourself to use these skills and get the tickets you want.


Choose from a wider range when buying music online

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a music buff you will probably be constantly growing your music collection, and if you like having hard copies of the music you buy you should always buy CDs. Though you can now download music from the iTunes store and many other official online sites, if you want to make sure your music is available whenever you want it and not just when your PC's on, you should opt for a CD instead.

CD prices have lowered considerably in recent years due to this increase in digital downloading, so you can now get the music you love for hardly anything at all. Whether you are a fan of the 80s power ballads or you like listening to what is in the charts, one of the best ways to get your hands on the latest CDs is to go online. You can get every genre of music available on the internet and you can have all of it delivered to your door to make things easier for you.

If you are searching for a present for a friend or family member, you really can't go wrong with a CD. If you happen to know they have a penchant for country music or they secretly love one of the new artists currently available, why not get them a CD of their favourite music and give it to them on their birthday? This will definitely fulfil the requirements of a great birthday present and your friend or family member will enjoy it for years to come.

One of the main reasons for buying CDs online is that there is far more choice than if you were to visit your nearest music shop. You will be able to find music from all decades and can pick from singles, albums, greatest hits and collections, so you will always have good music on hand for parties or easy listening.

If one of your favourite artists has a new album or single that comes out in a couple of weeks, rather than buying it after the release date you should preorder it online. By doing this you will ensure you get it as soon as possible, so you can start listening to it the minute it is delivered to your address. Some albums that are available for preorder right now include Paul Weller's 'Sonik Kicks', Madonna's 'MDNA', the Lostprophets' 'Weapons' and Labrinth's 'Electronic Earth'.

You can also buy DVD's, console and PC games and books online, so look now.


Today's Top Choice for A Variety of Country Music

While it used to be country music was left in the background as rock and other forms of music took center stage, that's just not the case any more. Country is keeping in step with every major trend that hits the industry. This is perhaps best evidenced by the abundance of country music downloads available for MP3 player and computer owners.

Country music downloads have equal billing with rock, hip-hop, jazz and other such genres in this new and exciting way to get music out to the public. Available by the album or by the song, these downloads give music lovers a sort of freedom that has never been available before.

Country music downloads cover a spectrum of styles within the main class, as well. What's available in regard to country music downloads will likely depend on the site fans go to for purchases, but in general these subcategories can be found:

Classic country
The old favorites that helped put country on the map are readily available for download. From Patsy Cline to Hank Williams Sr., there's no shortage of classics when it comes to country music downloads. These old-time songs can be purchased by the single, by the album or even in unlimited format depending on the service used.

Good old fashion western music also can be found in download format. While this particular subclass of country isn't the most readily available, it can be found. Classics such as Gene Autry and Roy Rogers top the list of western downloads available, but it's more than possible to find other masters of the campfire trail for purchase via a computer connection.

This distinct sound famous for its fiddles and foot-stomping fun, can be found in download format as well. Perfect for listening to via a computer or over an MP3 player, these downloads bring bluegrass to you.

Chart topping singles and albums by some of today's hottest stars are readily available from a variety of country download services. If it's a big hit on the radio, it's almost a given it can be found online for download purchase and portable playing. New songs generally can be found for purchase and download simultaneously with their launch in music stores in the regular CD format. This tends to be the case with country music downloads, too.

Not every country music performer has signed with a big record label. The works of independent artists, too, can be found for download.

Downloads with a country flavor can be found in a host of locations. Typical places for download fans to go for music files include single song purchase sites, unlimited membership sites and even music company sites themselves. Keep in mind, however, that downloads of music must be authorized by the record label unless they are songs in the public domain.

If country music is your passion, you're likely to find a whole lot of your favorites are now available for download. As this form of music listening takes off, country hasn't been left behind to join in the fun at a later date. In fact, it's artists and labels are helping lead the charge.


Fur Elise: Beethoven's Mysterious Inspiration

In the 21st century, the music and notes to Beethoven's Fur Elise are the object of millions of Internet searches and downloads every day. The fact that the music is so freely available for download, along with the piece continued popularity in the Internet age, is testament to the great emotional power and musical depth of Beethoven"s work. Fur Elise is one of the most instantly recognized pieces of music from the Classical era, and it continues to work wonders in the ears and hearts of modern listeners and pianists. But what's the story behind this composition? Before downloading the notes to Fur Elise, let's take a look at its history.

In fact, the true story behind Fur Elise is shrouded in mystery, and there are many theories behind the events in Beethoven's life that lead to the writing of the piece. What's more, the manuscript of Fur Elise was undiscovered and unpublished until 1865, nearly 40 years after the composer's death. Because of this, obviously, Beethoven could not make any first-hand clarifications about the origins of his work, which became wildly popular almost immediately upon publication.

In reality, Fur Elise is actually just Beethoven's note of dedication included with the piece, whose real name is Bagatelle in A minor. A bagatelle is a musical form, literally translating to a trifle, which is usually short, light, and mellow. Meanwhile, the piece is also a Rondo, which is a form, frequently used in the Classical era, which usually follows an A B A C A structure, although there are variations. As its name suggests, the key signature of the piece is A minor, but one of the beauties of Beethoven's composition is how he mixes in discordant notes and continuously shifts the tonal center of the music.

Fur Elise translates from German to For Elise, yet Beethoven historians have never figured out who Elise was. One popular theory is that the piece was actually called For Therese, and that because of Beethoven's notoriously sloppy handwriting, the original transcriber of the piece simply copied the name wrong. When the piece was written in 1810 Beethoven had recently been involved in a courtship with Therese Malfatti, who eventually turned down Beethoven's marriage proposal. This could account for some of the effusive and overwhelming emotion of the music.

Meanwhile, some historians have posited that Beethoven, his heart broken, deliberately changed the name of the piece to a non-existent woman's name, in a subtle refutation of the woman or women who snubbed him.

Of course, Beethoven historians acknowledge that it is not possible to know about every single person with whom Beethoven had a relationship. Elise may be a short-time sweetheart who never made it into records of Beethoven. Or, the piece could have been commissioned, and Elise could be the name of someone related to the person who paid for the piece.

Ultimately, it's not important who or what Beethoven's Elise was, as each person who plays those famous notes can have in mind his or her own Elise. All that is required to play the piece is to have some deep well of emotion to put into the music. It doesn't really matter where this emotion comes from. Beethoven clearly had something that he felt strongly about, which makes this one of his most famous and evocative compositions. Most of us cannot even listen to the first, emotionally strained notes of the piece without feeling something in our own hearts.

This emotional intensity is what distinguishes Beethoven from many of his contemporaries, and it also accounts for the continued popularity of his music, both on paper and in formats that make the notes free to download. Many of us remember hearing Fur Elise as children and being profoundly moved even then and maybe it even inspired us to take up the piano just as our own children are moved by the piece. Because of its pure beauty, Fur Elise should remain popular for as long as music exists.


A Look At The Music Of Scotland

The unique music of Scotland is easily recognized around the world and has remained a vibrant force to this day while many forms of traditional music worldwide have experienced a loss of popularity to pop music. Even with emigration and the influx of music imported from the rest of Europe and the United States, the music of Scotland has been able to keep the majority of its traditional structure and has even influenced many other forms of music.

Traditional Scottish music even while influential to and being influenced by both Irish and English traditional music is still an art form unto itself and in spite of the increasing popularity of varied international pop music styles it remains a vital and everlasting Scottish tradition. There are numerous Scottish record labels and music festivals as well as Scottish music magazines.

Although many people in the world think immediately of bagpipes when thinking about Scottish music, bagpipes are not unique or indigenous to Scotland. Don't get me wrong, bagpipes are a very important part of Scottish music tradition but they were actually imported into Scotland around the 15th century from other areas in Europe where they are still played.

The pìob mór, or Great Highland Bagpipe, is the most distinctively Scottish form of the instrument; it was created for clan pipers to be used for various, often military or marching, purposes. Piping clans included the MacArthurs, MacDonalds, McKays and, especially, the MacCrimmons, who were hereditary pipers to the Clan MacLeod.

In modern times bagpipes have even found there way into many songs in pop music with rockers like Rod Stewart who was extremely popular in the late 1970's and 80's. He used bagpipes in many of his popular songs. Another more recent artist whose Celtic music has been well received is Enya.

If you haven't explored this beautiful music form I urge you to do so. Scottish music and in particular the Celtic Music of Enya can be very soothing and stress relieving.


Music Therapy: Can Music Really "Soothe The Savage Beast?"

It has long been suggested that "music soothes the savage beast." But is this true? And if it is, does this have any implication where humans are concerned? The answer, apparently, is yes. To illustrate this, researchers point to the different physiological changes that take place within the human body in response to different sounds and noises. A loud noise that shatters the silence sets the human heart racing and stimulates a rush of adrenaline that prepares you for flight. In contrast a soft, soothing sound helps us to relax.

Music therapy has, in fact, been around for thousands of years. Nearly four thousand years ago the Hebrew Scriptures recorded that the boy who would later become King David was hired by his predecessor to play the harp to calm King Saul when he would go into a rage. Likewise, the use of music therapy is found in the writings of ancient civilizations such as Egypt, China, India, Greece and Rome.

More recently, scientists have been studying the effects of music therapy and have documented changes in respiratory rates, blood pressure, and pulse in response to musical stimuli. Likewise, researchers in the realm of music therapy have found that the use of music therapy can be effective in areas as diverse as IQ and recovery rates, pain management and weight loss.

Some object that this sounds too good to be true. How can music therapy change something like pain management? Researchers tell us that the reason music therapy works is based on how we hear. Sound is little more than vibrations in the air that are picked up by the inner ear and transferred to the brain which is a key component in your nervous system and controls the functions of the body and the brain responds to the stimuli that it is given.

In light of this, music therapy can and often is used in a wide variety of applications. One common application for music therapy is in working with autistic individuals because research has found that music can help autistic children to express themselves. Likewise, music therapy has been found to help individuals with physical disabilities to develop better motor skills.

With music therapy, individuals with high levels of anxiety can be helped to express suppressed emotions thereby discharging anger, or enabling the individual to express the joy they would not otherwise be able to express. Likewise, research has found that music therapy can help lower the anxiety levels of hospital patients who find themselves facing frightening prospects and in an unfamiliar environment. Furthermore, music therapy has been found to help medical professionals with pain management such that they have been able to reduce pain medication by as much as one half by helping to stimulate the production of the body's own pain killers, called endorphins.

Music therapy can come is a wide variety of forms. In some cases it's as simple as having the individual listen to particular music. In other cases music therapy requires a more interactive approach, having the individual respond to the music either in dance or using some other form of expression. But in its many forms, music therapy has often been found to be beneficial.


Does Aggressive Music Influence Driving?

There may be a time that you have listened to a piece of music that has altered the way you drive your vehicle. You may have done this yourself or heard your parents tell stories of how they would be driving down the road and a good 'Journey' tune would come on the radio, resulting in them driving like maniacs down the roads of their teenage and young adult years.

Things have changed, though. 'Journey' is certainly not considered aggressive music this day and age, but we hear the sounds of rap reverberating from the inside of cars and the dark gothic tunes of Marilyn Manson provoking some head-banging at the stop light. What happens sometimes is that the head-banging doesn't stop, the foot gets heavy, steering becomes over exaggerated, and the car ends up wrapped around a telephone pole. This scenario has been played over and over time and time again.

Since the realization that aggressive music may influence driving, there have been a variety of studies conducted to prove or disprove this theory. When some individuals were asked about music and their driving habits, some said that heavy metal music and other aggressive forms of music didn't alter the way they operated their motor vehicle because they said the music relaxed them.

However, there have been others who have been asked how music influences their driving and they will tell you that their attention to the road and traffic decreases. One young man stated in a report that he got so caught up in a song that he would start singing and playing the "air guitar." Suddenly, he would return to reality and realize that he wasn't paying attention to the road or the way he was driving.

And then there are those who love their music loud You may recall earlier in the article a mention of how the sounds of rap and heavy metal such as Marilyn Manson's music reverberates from the cars of many. Even if the aggressive music doesn't cause the driver to drive aggressively, it definitely takes its toll on the rearview mirror.

If you've ever played loud music in your car, you have probably noticed that the rearview mirror likes to dance even if you can't because you're driving. Sometimes the mirror vibrates so hard that you can't see anything in it. This can be very dangerous because you can't see what is behind you, especially when changing lanes. Another negative is when an emergency vehicle is behind you. You can't hear the sirens because of the loud music in your car and chances are you aren't going to see them very well if your rear view mirror is ready to vibrate off of the windshield.

Another factor is the tempo of the music. Listen to a piece of classical music and you might drive like it's Sunday, but listen to something with pounding bass riffs and squealing guitars and you're going to be squealing down the street. However, music tempo can be used to the advantage of the driver if the driver is one who has a propensity to drive according to the tempo. Change the station to something slower to calm yourself down.

So there you have both sides regarding those who say aggressive music doesn't influence the way they drive and those who say that it does. Studies that have been conducted have shown that aggressive music has an influence on some, but it seems that those who say that it doesn't just might be telling the truth since some do not seem to be phased by what is playing on their radio.


Commitment is Key to Playing Expert Guitar

While it's absolutely true that musical talent is generally either there or it's not, when it comes to guitarists, developing screaming fingers is something they all have to work at. If a guitarist plays with their heart, has some innate talent and a desire to truly practice, screaming fingers are a possibility.

To be able to take a guitar and play hot licks like a pro, however, some conditioning will need to come into play. Screaming fingers are, after all, made and not born. This means anyone who expects to pick up a guitar and play like a pro within a few hours is probably fooling themselves. The process of learning will require some time, patience and practice.

To ensure the best development of screaming fingers for guitar players, a novice player will need to set his or her sights on a few things. Number one in all of it will be a desire to learn to play the guitar and play it well. In order to have fingers scream across the strings like they are on auto pilot, it will be important to have a very good understanding of chords, finger placement and the such.

Getting started on the road to success involves some time and practice. The first thing is first, however, learn the guitar! This means take lessons, either face-to-face or online, learn the chords and learn finger placement while practicing it on a daily basis.

Once a basic understanding of the notes and finger placement is in place, the next step in developing screaming fingers involves a willingness to practice these things over and over again. For something to become second nature, it has to be practice. Just like learning to walk, ride a bicycle or write your name, screaming fingers will take repetitious learning to perfect and master.

The idea behind all the practice is to ensure that the mind drives the fingers exactly where they need to go when they play. The more chords are practiced, the more likely it is the movement to play them will become route. When this is the case, having true screaming fingers status is almost attainable.

The other major factor in creating screaming fingers is a willingness to exercise the fingers, as well. It's important to keep hands limber and ready to play. Many guitar players who want to ensure they can pick up their axe and play it like it was made for them develop or follow an exercise routine for their hands. Whether it's simply playing the guitar or working on limbering exercises during down times, keeping the hands moving and fast is an important consideration.

Going from beginner to guitar playing expert takes time and a little innate talent, it's true. The fact is anyone with a heart for the instrument and an ear for music can learn to play and play well.

Developing screaming fingers, however, will require more dedication than just learning the guitar. To truly attain this status, a player needs to know the instrument about as well as they do themselves. The key here is time and patience.


Guitar Lessons Are Right For All Ages

It doesn't matter if you're four or sixty-four, guitar lessons can be a fun way to pass time while developing a skill and talent that will delight others while keeping your mind and fingers nimble. Whether it's country, folk, rock or classical guitar you want to learn, the starting point is the same - basic lessons.

Good guitar lessons come in a number of different formats. Here are the three most typical:

These can be great for those who have the patience to sift through them. A basic guitar lesson book will start out describing the instrument, its strings and so on. It will be up to you, however, to decipher the book and take what you read and put it into action. The important things to pay attention to are such things as basic terms, fingering techniques and so on. If you follow along well, books can provide very good guitar lessons. This form of learning works very well for some students, but others require guitar lessons that are audible an visual to truly learn.

Video lessons
Whether offered online or through a DVD or VHS, this can be a great way to learn the guitar. These prerecorded lessons provide everything a face-to-face class would except the feedback. Video lessons, too, start out with the basics and move their way up to more advanced techniques. The benefit here is the fact students can see and hear the lessons as they progress. It's often easier to learn the guitar when you can see where your hands and fingers need to be placed and hear what an end piece is supposed to sound like. While these won't totally replace face-to-face lessons, they do have their place and many a good guitarist has started out with video courses.

This is the preferred method by many who undertake guitar lessons. They can be as good as the instructor, however, and his or her ability to convey complicated lessons to students. The benefit of this type of learning is the fact the feedback is right there and the instructor can help you move your hands where they need to be if you don't understand. The downfall with this type of lesson is the fact it isn't on demand like a video class or a book. Unless you have a ton of money to spend on guitar lessons, you'll only get an hour or a few a week of classes.

Guitar lessons are ideal for anyone with a love of music. The guitar, however, isn't the easiest instrument on the block to learn. It's important for students to expect a long learning curve in some cases. With proper instruction and a willingness to stick with it, it's very possible for almost anyone to learn how to play.

Remember, learning the guitar isn't an overnight pursuit. It will take time and a lot of it to go from beginner to expert. The more you put into the lessons, whether they're books, videos or formal classes, the more you're likely to get out of them.


The Best Halloween Cookie Cutter Set

Purchase the best all-around cookie cutter set, and each October will be full of opportunities to use these fun baking accessories. It's not difficult to discover which set is ideal, simply look for one that matches all or most of the following criteria. Make sure to consider your likely future use of the cutters, and most of all, make sure to select the set you can see yourself using for years to come.

The best Halloween cookie cutter set:

* Is sized to meet your needs. If you like to bake oversized sugar cookies for decorating purposes, you will likely be frustrated by a set that is intended to be used for tea cookies. Likewise, if you plan to bake pumpkin pies and wish to use your Halloween cookie cutter shapes for crust accents, oversized cutters are not going to be ideal for you.

* Is well-made. Look for a material you are comfortable with, and if it seems too flimsy, trust your gut feeling. After all, you do not want to be purchasing new cookie cutters sets every October. Some of the new silicone sets on the market are wonderful, and the old-fashioned metal cookie cutters are hard to beat. The main point is that you want to purchase cookie cutters that will last.

* Is priced competitively. Cookie cutter purchases shouldn't break the bank. It is possible to secure relatively inexpensive cookie cutters for every occasion, which will ensure that you always have the means to create treats in festive shapes.

* Is full of variety. It is possible to never become bored with your Halloween cookie cutter set. The classic witch's hat, pumpkin and ghost are wonderful, but what about a haunted house or a black cat? Choose a set that has some cookie cutters that surprise you, and it will spark your creativity.

* Is from a company that is reputable. These days, it's so easy to just point your mouse, type in your credit card information, and sit back to wait for your cookie cutters to arrive. Unfortunately, not all sites out there in cyberspace are secure. Only shop with merchants who can guarantee that your credit card information is safe.


Witchcraft: The Witch Of Today

For centuries, the practice of witchcraft was considered an evil and foul tradition, and witches were hunted and killed, often by cruel and painful methods, usually by being burnt alive at the stake. Fear of witches and witchcraft was widespread throughout several areas of Europe and in some areas of a newly settled America. The witchcraft delusion was an epidemic affecting everyone, and even a simple accusation of being a witch, despite the absence of any real evidence, was often enough to condemn an individual to torture and death.

Thankfully, modern society has moved beyond such superstition and insanity, and today, witches are free to practice varying traditions of witchcraft openly and without fear of persecution. The Wiccan religion is perhaps the most well known form of modern witchcraft, thanks in part to movies and media attention. However, there are several forms of modern witchcraft being practiced today, though most have roots in ancient cultural traditions.

Modern witchcraft in western culture can be largely attributed to the influence and practices of three specific individuals. The first is Gerald Gardner, sometimes referred to as the Father of modern Witchcraft. In the late 1930s and during the 1940s, Gerald Gardner began establishing several covens throughout Britain in an attempt to revive the foundations of the old religion, which is closely related to modern Wicca.

Gerald Gardner was a public figure who wrote several books on the subject of witchcraft, helping to cast the old traditions in a new and positive light and reshape society's perspective of witchcraft.

Another individual of note is Margaret Murray, a British scholar who studied ancient witchcraft and also wrote of old religions, preceding Gerald Gardner's work by over 20 years. Her books are considered essential reference sources for practitioners of modern Wiccanism.

The third individual credited with influencing the contemporary witchcraft movement is Alexander Sanders. Alexander studied witchcraft as a young boy, as it was a family tradition passed down by his grandmother. Alexander also established several covens throughout Britain, and proclaimed himself the "king of witches."

While Wiccanism might be the most popular tradition of witchcraft studied and followed by modern society, other old traditions still exist. Native Americans and indigenous tribes located in Central and South America still practice shamanistic magic. Similarly, tribes in Africa and Australia look to their tribal witch doctors whenever tribal magic might be needed, whether it be asking the gods for a good hunt, or seeking to expel a sickness from a tribe member.

In Louisiana and Haiti, Voodoo is practiced, and similar traditions such as Santeria in the Spanish Islands, as well as other offshoots of voodoo such as Hoodoo and Macumba.

Most forms of witchcraft share common denominators -- rituals, spellcasting, and calling upon the gods for help or wisdom. Typically, most forms of witchcraft are also considered "white", or good, and are meant for healing and positive effects, rather than to induce harm, curses, or ill will towards an individual.

While many books and resources are available for those interested in Wicca and other forms of witchcraft, individuals should also take care not to treat witchcraft lightly or as a form of entertainment. Spells and rituals are best left to professional witches who have several years of experience and have studied extensively.


Educate Yourself Piano Through Piano Lessons Download

You can teach yourself piano in several ways, some of which I am going to explain here, in this post.

Group lessons

When a student wishing to learn to play the piano enrolls in group lessons, the atmosphere resembles that of a lecture room. A teacher seated before a stately looking piano besieged by a bunch of scholars with keyboards in front of them is the usual scenario in such a setting.

Music colleges, community centers and music stores are supposed to offer these group lessons which last for a couple of weeks to 1 or 2 months. If your commitment level is low, it won't hurt much because the schedule is loosely fixed. Group lessons fall under formal piano instruction and they are less dear than personal lessons where you'll be charged up to $100 an hour, even for piano lessons beginners Dvd instruction

Another sort of piano instruction falling under the class of informal piano instruction but which enjoys revolutionary acclaim is learning the piano through Dvd instruction. A couple of the subjects that Dvd curriculum deals with are different kinds of musical genres, chord concept, scales, notes, notations and other such similar stuff with identifying tones and scales by listening to music and other such things. Dvd instructions are available in a good range of prices, but even then they are cheaper than private lessons and group lessons.

Online piano lessons and piano lessons software

You can also make a choice from online piano lessons and piano lessons software. Both are retailed in Internet music stores. While learn piano software has to be downloaded and installed in your personal computer with high configurations, online piano lessons need to be followed through web cam and Internet.

These are also accompanied by video and audio files which make video demonstrations achievable. This can help in fast picking up of finger placements and hand movements, which are so critical to get perfection.

Piano lessons amateurs courses are commonly available free of cost in many piano learning web sites which is rather tempting. In the case of piano lessons software, you'll be charged an insubstantial charge.


Vinyl Record Sound Quality Thrives at US Plant

Our music is sounding better than ever because we can hear it on vinyl again. Millions of music lovers all over the world are discovering and rediscovering why vinyl is the best sound reproduction format. Along with the growth of this historic sound medium is a renewed interest in record companies and manufacturers who produce the vinyl records that the music community is buying. Let's explore a company dedicated to the quality of their vinyl products and most importantly, the sound of the music.

I spoke with Eric Astor, CEO and Manish Naik, COO of Furnace MFG (www.furnacecd.com) and although the company offers a multitude of sound and promotional services, we will focus on the vinyl record aspects of the company. The company has secured exclusive North American partnerships with two of the best audiophile quality pressing plants in Europe and as we will learn, it is all about producing the best sounding vinyl that can be manufactured. Let's learn more about them:

Who are you and what does your company do?

"Furnace MFG is located in the Washington, DC metro area and we are a one-stop source for CD, DVD and vinyl manufacturing. Furnace MFG has been hard at work pressing CDs and DVDs for the independent music community since 1996. We have made exclusive agreements with two of the best pressing plants in the world to provide the best sounding records on the planet," explained Eric.

"Many people ask why our prices are more expensive than pressing plants in the US. The answer is simple: we offer the best quality sound and physical product on the planet and it costs a bit more to produce this kind of quality. Vinyl pressing is a refined art - unlike a modern CD plant. It takes decades of experience to produce consistent quality records and by teaming up with our partners we have over 120 years of knowhow in the pressing business. We also work with our partners overseas to press and package sleeved vinyl that is then shipped to Furnace MFG in Fairfax, Virginia. The meticulous staff at Furnace MFG inspects each record for quality and consistency. It is then assembled, packaged, boxed and shipped right from our state of the art packaging facility on to your location. We are your one stop source for vinyl, jackets, inserts, posters, dropcards, mastering, cutting or anything else vinyl related."

Why is the vinyl record making a resurgence?

"We think there are two main reasons that vinyl is making a resurgence. The first is that consumers are re-discovering (or discovering for the first time) that listening to a vinyl record is completely different than listening to a CD or a downloaded song. The quality of sound is clearly better with richer tones since a vinyl record plays exactly how an artist recorded the song with no loss of translation to a digital format. There is also an entire experience of listening to a record which is missing from CDs and MP3's. Selecting the record, taking it out of the sleeve, putting it on the turntable, looking over the jacket and liner notes; these actions combine to create an actual 'experience' of listening. Listening to a record is in and of itself, the activity. Listening to an MP3 is generally done while doing something else and is more often than not, a background activity," said Manish.

"The second reason for the resurgence in vinyl records is that artists and labels are once again embracing the format. Artists love the sound of vinyl and feel it's a truer representation of their music. Labels are realizing that although the raw sales of vinyl are low compared to CDs, the margins are much higher and are paying attention to this new revenue source in the face of decreasing CD sales and increasing digital downloads."

"The combination of consumer interest and interest from the labels is what is fueling this growth. One couldn't exist without the other and we feel that this trend will continue for years. Vinyl will never overtake CD sales but there will continue to be a core group of consumers interested in this format," continued Manish.

"One thing that the music industry must take into consideration though is that vinyl will only grow and expand if the quality is there. If a buyer's first experience with vinyl is a negative one, they will not be coming back to the format. There are a lot of poorly pressed records out there that do not enrich the listening experience. If this is what buyers come to expect, they will stop buying vinyl and go back to buying CDs or sharing files. This is where we think Furnace provides the most help in the marketplace - ensuring that each and every record we produce is amongst the best pressed in the world and something that a band or label can stand behind and be proud of."

Is the PVC made in America and then shipped to the pressing plants?

"Each plant that Furnace has a formed an exclusive partnership with source their own PVC. They are the experts in understanding which products work best with their pressing machines and which products produce the best sounds," explained Manish. "Both Pallas (Germany) and Record Industry (The Netherlands) have their own PVC formula that is made specifically for their plant."

"All vinyl is pressed in Europe and then shipped on pallets via airplane to our facility in northern Virginia (just outside Washington DC) where we assemble the final product and finish for retail distribution. Vinyl is usually from the plant to our dock in less than 24 hours which preserves the quality of the product and allows us to offer industry leading lead times."

What are the costs associated with releasing a vinyl record?

"There are various costs associated with vinyl records. Some of these are mastering/cutting, test pressings, actual vinyl production, jacket & insert printing, assembly costs, and final finishing costs," said Eric. "The costs varies greatly depending on the weight of the record (120 g, 140g, or 180g), the turnaround time desired (either 4 weeks or 8 weeks), and the complexity of the assembly and finishing. For someone just getting into vinyl production, here's a helpful list of the production steps (post recording), all of which Furnace offers to our clients:

-EQ / Leveling / Audio Mastering
-Lacquer or DMM Cutting
-Galvanics / Metalwork (father, mother and stamper creation)
-Producing Test Pressings for customer approval
-Label design and printing
-Jacket, insert and marketing sticker design and printing
-Vinyl Pressing
-Assembly, wrapping/bagging, boxing and shipping

You tell me the vinyl is pressed in different countries, can you elaborate, why ship the work overseas?

"As we entered the business of vinyl manufacturing, we knew that there was really only one plant in the US that has the quality that the audiophile market craves," explained Eric. "There are other domestic options but the quality produced in these plants was less than we were willing to put our name on. We signed exclusive relationships with two of Europe's best vinyl plants (Pallas Group, and Record Industry). These plants have a long tradition in the vinyl business and the craftsmanship of their employees is amazing. To give you an example, the mother plate inspector at Pallas worked as an apprentice for 10 years before taking over that job. At Record Industry, they have produced some of the world's best selling releases on vinyl including "Dark Side of the Moon" and various Michael Jackson, Pearl Jam and Beatles titles. Record Industry's main cutting engineer has cut all of the aforementioned records during his 33 year career with a variety of labels and plants. We are confident that any record produced by our partners will be of very high quality and consistency - because that's what our customers and record buyers demand."

What is the difference between 'regular' vinyl and the 'audiophile' releases that are becoming more popular these days?

"It's all about the sound quality. If you take two plants and give them lacquers cut from the finest cutting studio in the world and ask them to press up some records - you will often times get two completely different products. The PVC material used, the galvanics process and the pressing formulas at our two facilities are the secret weapon to creating some of the best records in the world. If a plant does not put the care and expense into creating superior metal parts, you will hear it in the vinyl. If a plant treats each record the same and doesn't factor in the cut and the other 9,000 things you need to consider when pressing vinyl records, you can have problems there as well. You will get non-fill, poor tracking, etc when inexperienced people are running the equipment. Both of our plants have been around for decades and the experience on the floor is not something you can buy or learn overnight," explained Manish.

"Most of the records that are marketed as Audiophile releases are pressed on heavyweight vinyl. 180g records, for example, are less prone to warp or dish. When pressed correctly, you will get a superior and long lasting product from a heavyweight record."

What attracts you to records?

"We are consumers of records much like all other consumers. For us, records enable us to connect with the music in ways that CDs and digital music just won't allow. We all have MP3 players and love them for the storage capacity and flexibility but there are times when putting on a record is an unbeatable experience. Also, some records I have owned for 25 years plus and I remember the money I saved to buy them, the smell of the record when I opened it and the store I bought it from. Each time I put on one of those records it brings me back to a place and time of my life - most of the time it's a positive memory."

Tell us about some of your clients:

"We have a wide variety of clients from major music labels like Warner Music and Universal to independent labels as well. We also work with licensed reissue labels that focus on high quality vinyl such as Mobile Fidelity, Acoustic Sounds and Original Recordings Group. These guys produce ultra high quality records and packaging that are amongst the leaders in the field - going as far as flying out the original tapes to the cutting studio or going through 3 and 4 sets of lacquers until they have the perfect cut."

"We also work with a wealth of independent labels and bands. This is where we are put to the test. Everyone is looking to do something different and unique and everyone is on a budget. We have enough experience to work with people to collect their wants and desires, talk budget and then match them up with a package that most closely meets their needs. Since most of our customers are either new to vinyl or new to getting back to vinyl, we act as a consultant sometimes as much as we do a pressing plant."

Where do you see the record industry in 5 years, is this just a fad or will vinyl continue to be in demand?

"We expect the record industry to continue its growth for the next few years eventually flattening out in about 5 years," explained Eric. "We do not think the resurgence in vinyl is a fad but rather a new/old format that more and more people will continue to discover. As long as labels are willing to put out a high quality record for their bands, fans will be there to buy them. Vinyl never died. The customer never rejected the format. The labels, seeing higher profit margins, inflated MSRPs for the Compact Disc and shoved vinyl aside and told record stores to make way for CDs and liquidate their vinyl. Indie stores and mail-order houses/websites always sold vinyl and they always will. Let's hope the labels and bands keep running with it and keep the customer base happy."

It's amazing to learn that a company actually cares about the most important element of the vinyl record, the quality of the sound. It's why many mainstream artists and indie bands are returning to this glorious recording format and why the music consumers are clamoring for more vinyl record releases. It's all about the sound, which is why we love our music in the first place and why so many musical acts are seeking the services of Furnace MFG.


Top 10 Things To Look For In Online Piano Lessons

Looking for a little to learn to play piano from an Internet product? Here are top 10 things to look for in online piano lessons:

1. Basic notation. When looking for online piano lessons, one of the top 10 things to look for in online piano lessons is the very basics at the least. While you may think that learning the names of notes and where they exist on a keyboard will suffice, quality piano lessons will teach you much more. Quality basic lessons will teach for example, the staff and clef; note names, location, and duration; sharps and flats; and scales and octaves. By the time you've finished basic notation lessons, you should be able to play the simplest songs quite proficiently. Later on, you'll learn about dotted notes, rests, key signatures, naturals, and more.

2. Accompanying audio or video files. Being able to watch a video or hear a demonstrative sound file is priceless when it comes to learning piano form online lessons. Be sure to seek out a service that offers either one of these.

3. Opportunities to discuss your progress with a live person. Whether this opportunity is available via email or chat, speaking to a real human about your efforts is another priceless bonus of online piano lessons. Try to find a service that offers a free forum where students are free to ask questions and where administrators take time to answer them.

4. Wide assortment of example music. There's no sense in selecting a service that teaches only one style of music! As an accomplished musician, you'll want to explore the world of piano and the only real way to do that is to experiment with various genres. So see if you can find a resource that offers not only classical lessons, but jazz piano lessons and gospel piano lessons as well.

5. Lessons on accompaniment and simple chords. Further lessons should introduce left hand activity (accompaniment) on the treble clef, basic chords, major and minor triads, and intervals.

6. Lessons on advanced notation. The advanced portion of online piano lessons should introduce note groupings, ties, triplets, expression and dynamic markings, slurs, legato, and a host of interesting Latin meanings. You may even find information about music charts, but at this point, your level of playing should definitely demonstrate more than mediocrity.

7. Lessons on advanced tricks. What would the study of piano be without a few tricks of the trade? When it's all said and done, you should be able to play trills, glissandos, and arpeggios as well.

8. Schedule to follow. Many online piano resources offer timed lessons but a growing number of them don't. Selecting the one that's most appropriate depends upon your lifestyle. Personally, we recommend that you select a service that follows a "loose" schedule. A "loose" schedule offers just enough structure to keep you on track, but it also offers enough leeway so that you aren't tied to the computer every day.

9. Actual sheet music. Wouldn't it be nice if you could print out the lessons that you're learning? Having access to your own copy of sheet music will strengthen your practicing skills when Internet access isn't available. Online lessons that offer downloadable sheet music is a must in this case.

10. Low cost. Well, who in the world wouldn't want that?!?


Our Spring Break Playlist

Whether you are at the beach, laying by the pool, or taking a road trip up the coast, we have the perfect spring break playlist for you and your girlfriends to rock out to. When we think of Spring Break the first thing that comes to mind if fun in the sun along with Luxury Swimwear, of course! Let these songs be the soundtrack of your spring break!

For the sexy bikini babes laying out in the sun in their Lux Be A Lady Bikini with their special someone, you will enjoy:

1. Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran
2. Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding
3. I'm Not The Only One - Sam Smith
4. Sugar - Maroon 5
5. Chandelier - Sia
6. Lonely Tonight - Blake Shelton
7. The A Team - Ed Sheeran
8. North by North - Faded Paper Figures
9. You and I - Ingrid Michaelson
10. Better Together - Jack Johnson
11. XO - Beyonce
12. Stubborn Love - The Lumineers
13. She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5

For our ladies who are ready to go on a road trip, with the Free Spirit Bikini in bag, of course, roll down your windows, grab these songs that will have you singing along!

1. Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars
2.Style - Taylor Swift (Our definite go-to for a fun beach day!)
3. Jealous - Nick Jonas
4. All About that Bass - Meghan Trainor
5. Love Me Harder - Ariana Grande
6. Riptide - Vance Joy
7. Bang Bang - Jessie J
8. Team - Lorde
9. Heart Wants What it Wants - Selena Gomez
10. Lips are Moving - Meghan Trainor
11. Blank Space - Taylor Swift
12. 7/11 - Beyonce
13. Sledgehammer - Fifth Harmony

Gather your friends or your special someone and get ready for the perfect spring break! Don't forget to bring along your Designer Swimwear, ready for any occasion! Stay classy, babes.

Lady Lux® luxury collections are designed to ensure every piece fits each women's unique style. Two-piece swimsuits are sold separately, to ensure a flawless fit. Tops range from bandeau bikinis and halters, to triangle and under wire tops. Bottoms range from tie side and low rise to moderate and full coverage. Browse an elite selection of Lady Lux® designer apparel dresses, pants, tops and loungewear to complete the look. Lady Lux has been featured in major fashion magazines such as People Style Watch, OK! Magazine, Muscle & Fitness, Coast, Ocean, Haute Living, and many more.


Forget Costly Drum Sets! Begin Learning the Drums on a Low Budget Practice Pad

Want to learn how to play the drums? A practice pad can get you started for dirt cheap! There's no need to rush out and buy an expensive drum kit before you even know if you enjoy playing the drums. Here's everything you need to know to get started.

Practice pads are soft, bouncy pads that you use to practice drumming patterns or rudiments. Advantages of practice pad's is that they are extremely light weight, portable and best of all, quiet. You'll be able to practice your drumming late at night without disturbing anyone. Can't do that with a drum set!

Most practice pads are made out of a high density rubber, similar to some computer mouse pads. These are usually mounted on a plastic or wooden base which you can put on a table, your lap or a stand. Some are also double sided. The other side provides a different feel and less rebound, making it more of a challenge to play on.

You can even purchase a practice pad that is made from a real, tunable drum head. These are much larger and are more expensive than other models.

Pads are available in various sizes. It's recommended to buy the largest one that you can afford. This will let you move around a bit and give you slightly different sounds depending on if you play near the center of the pad or close to the edges. A larger practice pad will also make the shift to a real drumset easier in the future.

You can purchase practice pads online or at most drum stores and music shops. Most stores have pads out for you to demo and you should be able to try out several different makes to find the one that you like the best.

Drum pads are normally used for practicing drum rudiments. Rudiments are a particular set of drumming patterns used in music. They are great for learning stick control and rhythm. There's no need to go out and purchase any books. The paterns can be found online at many websites. There are also free videos available that show you how to play each particular pattern.


Giveaway Events Explained

There are two main reasons why giveaway events are a superb resource for people interested in the internet marketing niche:

1. We all know the internet marketing mantra, "The Money Is In The List" don't we? Well, giveaway events give the contributors a gold plated opportunity to increase the size of their list.

2.They serve as a one-stop-shop to members who have joined. There are normally hundreds of free gifts to choose from.

Giveaway events explained further:

1.The organisers of the event let their lists of affiliate marketers know about their upcoming event and invite them to contribute to it.

2.The affiliates who decide to join, then have the opportunity to add their free gifts to the event. Normally, contributors can add one gift for free, or they can upgrade for a small fee (typically between $7 and $17) to add a further two gifts.

3. The forthcoming event is then promoted to other potential joint venture (JV) partners, who are invited to join the event to also contribute their free gifts. This process then gets repeated as much as possible which, if done right, would result in at least a good few hundred contributors. This promotion process is very important as in enables successful JV promoters to rank higher in the event, which would result in more exposure to their products and (hopefully) more subscribers.

4. With four days to go to the giveaway, the contributors start promoting it to their list in order to recruit as many members as possible. A buzz about the event is then created.

5. Those contributors not able to recruit any members (for whatever reason) lose their contributor status and become a member only. This means that their listbuilding ambitions for this event are put on hold.

So there you have it, a short explanation of what goes on in a giveaway event. As a contributor to these events, i can unreservedly recommend them. Whether you're a contributor like me or a future contributor who is just learning the ropes of internet marketing, you can't lose.


Evolution of Rock Synthesizers

The genre was called the new wave genre, when the rock music took a new turn and after that experimental rock music came into being in 1980's. This was the time, when various rock bands started using synthesizers purposefully in modern rock music. And thus rock synthesizers became popular gradually since then. But there was a time when, synthesizers were doing well mainly with the pop music, popularized by new wave leaders like Devo, The Buggles, and Gary Numan.

To get hold of the rock synthesizers, it is essential to know the base and a bit background of it. It was Robert Moog, who introduced the musician with a new world of unknown sounds with the invention of voltage-controlled and keyboard-accessible synthesizer. This further also gave them idea about sound production and control and thus curiosities increased and it began to enter the mainstream of pop music. However, the technological revolution experienced by the popular music made the performers to take advantage of the potentials of the synthesizers.

The synthesizer once was basically used for the same purpose as the electronic piano or an organ was used, just to make spacey noises in the background. Then came the synthesizers that were pushed to the front stage. This made the players dress in casual suits and platform shoes. However, by the early 70's, many rock groups like, Yes, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, and Tangerine Dream etc., started using the rock synthesizers explicitly due to its unique range of sounds. It was the rock-based form that mainly influenced their development in the next decade.

The 1980's were the growing period of the underground music and thus the growth of the rock synthesizers, which resulted in increased use of the synths by more and more bands. Infact, many artists began to be known as synth rock artists. This is the same period that added new style and genres to the rock music, such as Goth rock and new wave. Or it can be said that it was the period that gave birth to new experimentations with help of the synth rocks and thus experimental rock music came into being.

Experimental music means a new kind of sound emerging out of the mixture of existing rock music and the sounds from the new rock synthesizers. The outcome of this experimentation is the album, The Residents (or Meet the Residents). But somehow, it failed to please the audience at the beginning, as they were not ready to accept anything except the traditional ones, like the space rock, ethereal sounds, or the old electric piano.

In the next decade, i.e. 1990's, the rock synth changed its style of music. The style that evolved was basically the combination of 80's new wave, 80's, 90's industrial music, glam rock, gothic rock and heavy metal. However, after 2000's, the rock bands, or rather say synth rock bands were on the top of demand list of the people. Their experimental melodies influenced by the new wave music were successful in breaking the myth of the masses that rock synthesizers cannot rock them.


Explore The Exciting Of Egypt With Best Tour Packages In Egypt

Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations and a gift of Nile, Egypt is the land of many religions and also gateway to Africa. Find yourself in the presence of pharaohs and kings as you traverse the Nile River by boat and take to the desert sand via camel on a mystical Egypt tour. You'll get nose to nose with the Sphinx and visit the tombs and temples of gods in this Egypt vacation package for your whole family. Tourists come to Egypt to experience its ancient landmarks and discover more about the cultures of the Nile River delta. They embark on tours of the pyramids and burial tombs of the ancient kings of the region.

A highlight of Best Tour Packages In Egypt includes famous archaeological sites in both North and South Egypt. But there is more to the country than just ancient artifacts and digs. As one of the Ancient Wonders of the world, the Pyramids of Giza remain to be one of the favorite tourist attractions in Egypt. Valley of Kings is where most of the Pharaohs of the New Kingdom of Egypt are buried, and have a number of archaeological excavations that revealed artifacts with great significance to Egypt and the rest of the world. Nile River is among the longest waterways in the world, known for its archaeological sites and ancient history. After all, it gave rise to the civilization of early Egypt.

Egypt invites you to enjoy and visit its ancient splendors of pharaohs, early glory period of Christianity, Seafloors of exploring sea and Islamic masterpieces, also its isolated desert from Nile fertility. To get the most from your Egypt Tour, LOOK AT EGYPT TOURS has selected carefully the best Egypt Tour packages that cover all attraction points for clients Egypt vacations. We offer Egypt quick trips and Egypt shore excursions from all the ports of Egypt. Feel the beauty and experience of shore excursions with us and we will make them memorable for you. Our strength is our flexibility and our aim is to make your holiday as enjoyable as possible, to make you return to this wonderful country again.

Our Egypt vacation comprises of Nile cruise packages, family holidays in Egypt, individual trips, Group tours, Spiritual tours, Biblical tour in Egypt, women only tours in Egypt, best Egypt tour company services, Egypt travel packages, desert safari tours, cultural tour in Egypt, tour of ancient Egypt, Lake Nasser cruise tours and tour to the great pyramids & Luxor city in Egypt etc. Indeed, our best packages have something for everyone on this Egypt tour.

Egypt is a holiday destination you should travel to once in your lifetime, just to see how people lived and thrived during ancient times. And with Best Tour Packages In Egypt, it was nothing short of amazing.


Getting Started With Gospel Piano Lessons

Have you always felt especially moved by religious music and wanted to be a part of it? Or perhaps you've always wished you could play music at your church, sharing the joy of this inspiring music with the congregation? A great way to make this dream a reality is to start taking gospel piano lessons.

Gospel music has its own resonance and its own sound and when you want to learn to play piano, you will find that focusing on this type of music can give you a boost whenever you sit down. If you have strong feelings about the different music that you are interested in playing and if gospel music has always drawn you in, you will discover that there are lessons out there that can accommodate you.

Keep in mind that when you're just beginning with gospel piano lessons you'll need to make certain that you have a firm grasp of the basics. Learning music is continuous process, and if you want to play the songs you love in a way that does them justice, you should take the time to ensure you have a solid foundation. Make sure you've mastered all twelve scales as well the fingerings, as these are vitally important steps to learn

Remember that the habits you form now, at the piano, will be the the ones you carry with you every time you sit down to play. Take the time now to learn how to play correctly so that, when you're ready to play your favorite music pieces, you won't be hampered or held back by sloppy fingering or bad habits.

If you want to take gospel piano lessons, one of the best things that you can do for yourself involves making sure that you are going to be able to know good music when you hear it! Whether you go to hear it live or you look online for some great examples, remember that one important part of becoming a musician is going to be training your ear. Take some time and make sure that you listen to your favorite records and that you do it with an ear towards the music makes it sound good.

When you're listening to your favorite records, for instance, try to figure out what it is that makes that music in particular so good, and if you're especially drawn to a specific style of music. Once you've learned to read music, study the sheet music of the songs you like and compare it to the sound of it being performed. It's the small, subtle differences that distinguish a good performance from a great performance.

Take some time and think about taking your gospel piano lessons online. If you are someone who is constantly busy and if you have your own schedule issues, working online will give you to all the expertise that you need while being available whenever you are ready to hear it.

The most important thing is to work at your own pace and make sure that you head steadily towards your goal!


The Different Styles Of Jazz

Do you love listening to that smooth, toe-tapping music we call jazz? Do you love to dance with your significant other to the sounds of Fats Domino, Louis Armstrong, or Duke Ellington?

While it's undoubtedly cool to use words like 'Swing', 'Bebop' or 'Bossa Nova' when describing a jazz style, not very many people really know the difference between Hot Jazz, Classic Jazz or Afro-Cuban Jazz. If you don't know the difference between one style of jazz and another, this article is for you. Read on if you want to up your cool quotient while discussing Hot Jazz:

Classic Jazz: More popularly called 'New Orleans jazz' because of its origins, classic jazz originated in the late 1800's - early 1900's with brass bands performing for dances and parties using an assortment of musical instruments including the trombone, saxophone, tuba, clarinet, cornet, guitar, bass, drums and cornet. At the time, musical arrangements varied significantly from one performance to another.

Hot Jazz: Pioneered by Louis Armstrong, hot jazz was characterized by improvised solos that built up to an emotional and 'hot' crescendo that was supported by bass, drums and guitar or banjo.

Chicago Style Jazz: If New Orleans was the birth place of jazz, Chicago was the breeding ground. Several young, dynamic players including Bud Freeman, Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa and Eddie Condon significantly furthered jazz improvisations with a combination of high technical ability and harmonic, innovative arrangements.

Swing: During the classic 1930's, most Jazz groups were Big Bands who played a robust and invigorating version of Classic Jazz. More popularly called Swing, for the first time jazz was used as dance music. Many of the most famous musicians the world has every heard were swing jazz musicians. The famous jazz swing players include people such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, The Dorsey Brothers, Glenn Miller, and Louis Armstrong, to name a few. Of course, the genre of ballroom dance called swing grew out of jazz swing music.

Bebop: Immortalized by trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie and alto saxophonist Charlie Parker who engaged in chordal improvisations, Bebop was a complete deviation from mainstream jazz that was typically derived from the melodic line.

Bossa Nova: Initiated as "Brazilian jazz" by Brazilian's Antonio Carlos Jobim and Joao Gilberto, Bossa Nova is a blend of seductive Brazilian samba rhythms, classical European harmonies and West Coast cool. Adopting the Bossa Nova style, West Coast saxophonist Stan Getz and guitarist Charlie Byrd gave this jazz form a huge boost in the United States around 1962.

Afro-Cuban Jazz: Also known as Latin jazz, Afro-Cuban jazz can be traced back to percussionist Chano Pozo and trumpeter- arranger Mario Bauza. Characterized by its highly infectious rhythms combined with Jazz improvisations, Afro-Cuban jazz is typically played using rhythm instruments including bongo, timbale, conga along with assorted Latin percussion instruments and is often accompanied by guitar or piano and joined by vocals or horns.

Now that you know what the different types of jazz music are, you can speak intelligently about the music that you love! So get out there and have some great jazzy fun!


Who is Debbie Siebers From Slim in 6?

Her face is splashed across some of Beachbody's most successful products, ranging from the smash hit 'Slim in Six' to the 'Slim Series' and 'Slim Series Express'. She was the fitness consultant for the FOX prime-time reality show 'The Swan', as well as appearing on FIT TV, the Discovery Health Channel, E! News Daily, and the Travel Channel. She has trained an endless series of celebrities, and continues to dominate the field of women's fitness, looking perennially young and energetic. But who is Debbie Siebers? Where did she come from, and how did she get to the pinnacle of fitness success where she resides today?

Indubitably part of her charm is her wide, open smile and her Midwestern, all-American, girl-next-door persona which she credits to growing up in Little Chute, Wisconsin, a town of 10,000 souls and home to the Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival. She was a cheerleader at Little Chute High School, and admits to having suffered and battled with a compulsive eating disorder which pushed her to a size 12. It's because of these years of struggling with her own health and fitness that Debbie claims to empathize and understand the trials those following her fitness programs undergo.

Eventually she moved from Little Chute to Los Angeles, where she decided to become involved with the fitness community and dedicate herself to improving the health of others. She began her career as a trainer for Body-By-Jake, a pioneer in popularizing personal fitness training in the entertainment. While Jake Steiner himself worked with such actors as Harrison Ford in helping him develop muscle tone for Indiana Jones, Debbie trained such clients as Amy Irving, Tori Spelling, Penny Marshall, Ann Spielberg and Paul Marciano.

Not content with the success she had already achieved at Body-By-Jake, she continued to provide private fitness training to her clients and began to branch out into television, participating in Samuel Goldwyn's Health and Fitness Pilot, and was also featured with Jake on CNN's Fitness Break. She also free-lanced out at Crunch Gym, Meridian Sports Club, For Women Only Gym and the Peninsula Hotel. It was an incredibly busy time for Debbie as she sought a means to break into the national level.

Her chance came when she met Carl Daikeler through a mutual friend. The pioneer of infomercials recognized Debbie's potential, and soon she was contracted to create her first product, "Thin Thighs Guaranteed". The success of this program led to a lasting business relationship with Carl, who recognized her talent and passion. Meanwhile she continued to plug the fitness circuit, becoming the spokesperson for Bowflex and hosting such fitness infomercials as 'Body Vibes' and 'Superfood System'.

But all this was a prelude to her work with Beachbody. When Carl Daikeler created his company in the late 90's he got back in touch with Debbie and commissioned her to create her landmark 'Slim in 6' fitness program. To gauge Slim in 6's success, simply google it. The 23,600,000 page results are testament enough to her program's popularity.


Traffic Witch Exchange - Review

Are you researching opportunities trying to find a business thats right for you and have landed on the Traffic Witch Exchange opportunity? This article will give you an unbiased review of the program and the products of Traffic Witch Exchange to find out if it's a scam or legitimate opportunity?

The Program

Traffic Witch is a free to join traffic generator that allows you to exchange web page views with other users. It's an outstanding place to advertise any web site or web based business you want!

You probably wondering what makes the program different from the rest. The concept of this program is simple. They use an easy traffic generator, that rewards active users. Meaning, the more you use it, the more traffic you will receive. They do have dynamic ratios in place that increase the more you surf the program.

The Product

Traffic Witch is a completely traffic exchange business. The goal of the business is to attempt to simplify the internet marketer's life by using dynamic ratios compared to other traffic exchanges. So the more you use the system, the more this will increase. You can either use the system for a 3:1 ratio, a 5:2 ratio or a 2:1 ratio. This all depends on the amount you use Traffic Witch. Of course, upgraded members get higher ratios from the start as well. They offer 3 types of membership packages. The memberships are Witch, Wicca and Sorcerer.

Witch - 0.3 up to 0.5 Credits per View; 10 Seconds Timer; 5% from Referral Surfing; 5% Comission on Upgrades; 2% Comission on Purchases; Minumum Cashout: $30

Wicca - 0.66 up to 1.5 Credits per View; 10 Seconds Timer; 10% from Referral Surfing; 750 Credits per Month; 1500 Banner Impressions per Month; 2500 Text Link Impressions per Month; 25% Comission on Upgrades; 5% Comission on Purchases; Minumum Cashout: $10

Sorcerer - 1 up to 1.5 Credits per View; 10 Seconds Timer; 15% from Referral Surfing; 1000 Credits per Month; 2500 Banner Impressions per Month; 3500 Text Link Impressions per Month; 75% Comission on Upgrades; 10% Comission on Purchases; Minumum Cashout: $10; Random Referrals; Email Your Downline

In conclusion, Traffic Witch is not a scam. It is a legitimate traffic exchange opportunity, that if worked correctly, could be very successful to internet users. One of the disadvantages however, is that while the products may be offered in different membership packages, there is nothing really unique and exiting about the opportunity. In today's market, company's have to offer an appealing, one of a kind product, that everyone wants, not just necessarily needs.


Biblical Chronology - Egypt Without A Pharaoh For 300 Years

I presented in my two previous articles that I've shifted Egyptian dynasties 1 through 12 along the timeline earlier by 161 years and I have moved Egyptian dynasties 13 through 20 earlier by 124 years. These shifts are in the same direction along the timeline (earlier) and only have a difference of 37 years (161 years compared to 124 years). This difference in the shifts is relatively insignificant and can be accounted for by the uncertainty in the dates of reigns of dynasties 13-17 (historians acknowledge that the dating of dynasties 13-17 is difficult since many reigns in this period may coincide). Therefore, I essentially only disagree with the dating of the Conventional Egyptian Chronology from dynasties 1 through 20 in the sense that the entire timeline for those dynasties should be shifted earlier in time in the range of 124-161 years.

Dynasties 21 through 26 are a different matter. Since I have shifted these dynasties later in time by 181 years and dynasties 13-20 earlier by at least 124 years there must be a gap in the Egyptian timeline somewhere from the reign of Ramesses III to the reign of Shishak of 305 years! This is a remarkable result. No one in the academic community has even suggested that a discontinuity of the Egyptian dynasties may have occurred. It has been assumed that Egypt has always been powerful enough to rule over itself and its neighbors but it may very well be that Egypt was at the mercy of other invaders from the end of the 20th dynasty to the beginning of the 21st dynasty for about 300 years.

So what happened in Egypt for 300 years?

The question of "what happened to the 300 years" can not be adequately addressed until we analyze Egypt's position as a nation after the reign of Ramesses III. Since the Exodus of the Israelites occurred during his reign and if you believe the account of the Bible (which I certainly do) Egypt must have been devastated. The ten plagues that occurred during this time would have poisoned the Nile (blood in the Nile), decimated the food supply (locusts), introduced pestilence and disease on a national scale and killed many Eqyptians (Passover angel of death). Now consider the impact to their economy of a workforce of over 2,000,000 Israelite slaves exiting their country (see the book of Numbers for the population of the Israelites at that time). Presumably the population of Egypt in that period should be much less than it is today so the impact of the Israelites on the economy would be much greater.

The scriptures also state that the Israelites were able to "loot" the Egyptians because the Egyptian citizens empathized with their plight and gave them "going-away" gifts of gold and jewelry. Now on top of all of this, as I mentioned earlier, the Egyptian army was essentially destroyed when they were drowned in the Red Sea. So let's recap, Egypt is decimated by lack of water, disease, pestilence and much of the population has died; its economy is severely weakened by a largely reduced workforce; it has no military. How could anyone believe this nation survived such circumstances? Neither do I believe Egypt was able to survive.

I don't believe Egypt's enemies were taking a holiday while all this was occurring either. Libya and the Sea Peoples were the last foreigners that historians have evidence of conducting war with Egypt in the 20th dynasty. Ramesses III was able to rebuff both these invaders. However, after the Exodus I believe there was another invader that became prominent, Egypt's former slave nation, Israel. Consider what the scriptures say about Israel's new southern border after they invade Canaan (Numbers 33:5): "And the border shall turn from Azmon to the Brook of Egypt, and its limit shall be at the sea". If you look up the word "Brook" in the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance you will find that this word can mean "river valley" which is the interpretation I favor. I do not believe this verse means that the border of Israel started at the Nile River. I believe this is made clear in Joshua 15:47 where the "Brook of Egypt" appears to be close to the city Gaza in the context of the verse.

There is a great deal of distance between Gaza and the Nile, however if you were to look at a topological map of the area you would notice that the hilly mountainous geography of Israel transitions to the much lower flat Nile River Valley in the general vicinity of Gaza. Historians report that Ramesses VI voluntarily brings his forces out of Canaan during his reign. According to The Fourth Day: Why The Bible is Historically Accurate Chronology the Israelites crossed the Jordan River to begin their conquest of Canaan very early in the reign of Ramesses VII. Assuming there exists only a small error in the Conventional Egyptian Chronology, I believe the Israelites actually scared Ramesses VI out of Canaan back into Egypt shortly after they entered Canaan. What is interesting about this is the Bible never mentions Israel skirmishing Egypt. Archaeologists have found evidence that Ramesses VI withdrew his forces from Canaan. In fact Egypt is never mentioned in the Bible from the book of Exodus till the reign of Solomon. It is quite possible that Egypt saw the size of Israel's army and retreated, thus explaining why it wasn't recorded in the Bible. Egypt's retreat is significant since Egypt often used Canaan as a "buffer zone" to prevent other powerful nations like the Hittites, the Babylonians and the Assyrians from invading Egypt. Therefore, not only was Egypt militarily weak it was also caught between three formidable nations, Libya to the west, Ethiopia to the south (this includes present day Sudan) and Israel to the east. I believe that for the next three hundred years Egypt was hemmed in with little chance to recover its former glory.

The Dark Ages of the Eastern Mediterranean

Egyptologists have been insistent that the 30 dynasties of Egypt followed one behind the other with no gap in the timeline between these kings. Is there any historical evidence that supports the idea that Egypt did not have a Pharaoh from 1200 B.C. to 900 B.C.? Consider the fact that virtually every nation in the Eastern Mediterranean went through some dark age, some period without a record of its history during this time. Historians claim that ancient Greece went through a dark age from 12th to the 8th century B.C. between the Mycenean and Archaic Greek civilizations. The Hittites appeared to have a dark age from the 13th to the 10th century B.C. Even the Assyrians appeared to have a dark age of one hundred years from 1000-900 B.C. So if all these neighboring nations of Egypt experienced a dark age period during this time why shouldn't Egypt?

Also consider that the Greeks alluded to a dark age of Egypt as well. Greek mythology mentions a king of Egypt, Proteus, who became king of Egypt after a period where Egypt did not have a king for five generations (Reference: Greek Mythology Link, author Carlos Parada, http://homepage.mac.com/cparada/GML/Proteus3.html). If we assume a generation was a period of 60 years then five generations would be 300 years; certainly a possiblility. So who is Proteus king of Egypt? According to Greek mythology Proteus was king of Egypt during the Trojan War when Paris, prince of Troy, landed at the shores of Egypt with his captive Helen. Apparently Paris had kidnapped Helen, the queen of Sparta. This is the incident that sparked the Trojan War. Herodotus also mentions Proteus in his book The Histories in regard to his role in the Trojan War. If Proteus is the king of Egypt during the Trojan War and because he is the king at the end of the 300 year period of silence in Egyptian history then the Trojan War must have occurred very near 900 B.C. according to the Fourth Day: Why the Bible is Historically Accurate Chronology. Since it was the Mycenean Greeks that invaded Troy then it is very possible there was a gradual change from the Mycenean to the Archaic Greek civilization over a period of one hundred years (900-800 B.C.) This essentially means that there was no dark age in ancient Greece as has been so forcefully argued by Peter James in his book Centuries of Darkness.

So where is the insertion point for this 300 year period of silence in the Conventional Egyptian Chronology? Since this period occurs somewhere in time between the 20th and 21st dynasties of ancient Egypt then the first king after this 300 year period of silence must be in one of these dynasties. Also the first powerful king in Egypt in 300 years would probably make some announcement or edict that would demonstrate that Egypt once again was in control of its own destiny.

I believe the period from Ramesses VI until Ramesses XI meets all the prerequisites of the missing 300 years. Little was recorded about Ramesses VII, VIII or IX. According to Herodotus the next king to succeed Proteus was a king named Rhampsinutus (many historians believe this is the Greek rendering for a king named Ramesses). So which Ramesses was it? I believe he was Ramessses XI. Herodotus states that Rhampsinutus had a "vast fortune in silver" larger than any king of Egypt before him. The only two Pharoahs in Egypt's history that had silver coffins that have been found were Psusennes of the 21st dynasty and Shoshenq I of the 23rd dynasty. This is significant because I believe this is evidence that Ramessess XI fits better as a king of the 21st dynasty rather than the 20th dynasty.

I propose that Ramesses XI, just like Rhampsinitus, acquired his fortune in working with metals since history records that he erected two great statues at the site of the Temple of Vulcan, the god of metal-working. Ancient Egypt was famous for its gold mines not its silver mines. Silver was mined mostly in Canaan and Mesopotamia. A vast silver fortune would indicate Ramesses XI had become rich in silver by trading other commodities to nations in Canaan (probably horses). Historians also have found that Ramesses XI declared a new marking of time called the "repetition-of-births". Many of the reigns of the kings of Egypt after Ramesses XI were described in terms of years "in the repetition-of-births" rather than "in the year" of the reigning contemporary king. I believe Ramesses XI was using the repetition-of-births concept to indicate the "rebirth" of the Egyptian nation after 300 years of silence. The evidence of this new marking of time came from an inscription on a wall at the Temple of Karnak that read "year 7 of the Repetition of Births...under Ramesses XI".

Herodotus also says this king Rhampsinutus instituted a new yearly observation that sounds suspiciously close to the "repetition-of-births". Herodotus describes how Rhampsinitus went down alive to Hades (the underworld) and played dice with a god called Demeter and he came back alive from Hades with a golden hand towel, his winnings from his game of dice. This story was the basis of a yearly celebration. It sounds like Rhampsinitus symbolically dies and comes alive every year through this celebration. Just one paragraph after Herodotus talks about this celebration, he talks about the following Egyptian religious doctrine.

The Egyptians believed the human body was immortal and when a person died his soul entered an animal; when that animal died his soul continued to be reborn in a long list of animals that included animals from the land, sea and air until his soul entered a human body. This was a cycle believed to last for 3000 years. Again this sounds suspiciously like the idea of "repetition-of-births". Therefore I believe that the Rhampsinitus described by Greek mythology and Herodotus must be Ramesses XI.


Gucci Mane's Inspirational Music

One musician that has been influenced by his supporters to make good songs is Gucci Mane. Gucci has been deemed an "all star" of the rap community. Because he has gotten famous, a lot of people are starting to dislike him as a person. With that said, he has learned a lot from his mistakes and understands why people dislike him. Instead of dwelling on the hurtful remarks that he often receives, he uses them for inspiration.

While many individuals may get stressed out when someone talks bad about them, Gucci Mane does not. Gucci has been the type of artist to hold down the throne of rap music in Georgia. Although he has a lot of people that do not listen to his music, he does have tons of supporters. Many artists know that the amount of support he gets outweighs all of his hate mail. Despite the fact that he isn't as popular as 50 Cent, he still gives a good effort.

People will debate on the fact that he has not been a good leader for people to look up to. Yet, more often, people will claim that he displays great leadership. The talk will continue about his lyrics being healthy for many moons to come. Gucci Mane could care less what people think about his rhyming. In reality, he is a very talented person for being able to get up and record music that millions love.

Starting out life in a broke family and striking it rich was a great accomplishment for Gucci Mane. Not only did he make quite a fortune from his own song sales, but he has toured across the country and earned plenty. Gucci Mane is not the best musician, but he does want to be the best that he can be. To help channel his energy in a positive direction, he did tracks with people like Lil Wayne and Snoop Dog.

The year 2009 proved to be one of his best years yet. He opened his mind up to working with new artists and it really paid off for him. Even though he collects a little bit of money for appearing on tracks with others, that's not his focus. His focus is to make good music and get his name out there so that people understand him.

Long time friends and family of Gucci knows that people don't really understand his place in hip hop history. Most friends of Radric Davis didn't expect him to become as successful as he did. At first, he would make a lot of songs about street violence. His friends were really the only ones that knew what he was talking about. Eventually a lot more people found out that he was speaking the truth and he became more popular. Gucci Mane's career has not been easy, but he really has enjoyed all of the growth experiences along the way.


The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe : Welcome to the enchanted world of Narnia

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is often a classic children's story and component with the greater Chronicles of Narnia collection. Lewis' stories were written for his grandchildren with several life lessons and plenty of adventure. For those of us who will always consider ourselves amongst the friends of Narnia, seeing television adaptations of C. S. Lewis' work might be delightful. Amongst the greatest possibilities are the lion the witch as well as the wardrobe 1979 cartoon version as well as the BBC kid's television sequence.

Growing up with these classics, the very thought of them brings a smile to my face and vivid memories of Turkish Delight and discovering gifts, of meeting Aslan for the first time and an epic battle of good vs evil. Memories of Tumnus and his wish that he had studied geography more as a young fawn so he would know the city of 'War Drobe' in the far land of 'Spare Oom' just makes me laugh. The story brings to mind the innocence of childhood, the terrible price of selfishness, the virtue of love and self-less giving, and the strength found in being a friend when its most needed.

For young children, the lion the witch and also the wardrobe cartoon model is cute, clear, and creative. It really is easy to follow with bright colors that drive the imagination and grab kids attention. The chance to see the lion, the witch plus the wardrobe 1979 animated model for the initially time, or the initial time in a long time, is an option not to miss. Charming could describe this recreation that bounces out with the screen and into the heart. A child very easily falls into the role of Lucy as she discovers all that's Narnia, and finds her own strength as she admits her mistakes, faces them, and stands for great against evil.

The BBC children's tv series is more serious and with more of the British accent that Lewis enthusiasts want. It is witty and intelligent, beautiful and full of depth. When originally aired in 1988, it left audiences waiting eagerly for the next episode. In this small screen adaptation, the viewer has the opportunity to find their self stepping through the wardrobe with the Pevensie children into the enchanted world of Narnia and discover a magical land, mystic creatures, true friends and false allies, talking Beasts, evil witches, and the opportunity to change the world and inspire hope in the hopeless in a cold and barren land.

With either version, the center breaks as deception ensnares the center of Edmund. The only remedy for Edmund and Narnia is the "deeper magic from before the dawn of time", selfless sacrifice. To believe that a easy children's series can start with the lesson that the only cure for selfishness is selflessness is winsome.

Several lessons and terrific adventure await travelers who dare to stroll the pages of Narnia. The journey is really a rewarding and worthwhile venture, plus the characters assist us see the potentials and pitfalls of us all. Both the lion the witch plus the wardrobe cartoon film and also the BBC sequence faithfully contain the traditional story beloved by generations. Adults and youngsters alike may well find that they, too, are close friends of Narnia. So 'Sons of Adam' and 'Daughters of Eve' come, stroll with me.


Witch Craft Beliefs And Its Effect On Society

Having beliefs in witchcraft spells and on other superstitions is quite common. In some places, they are not just used to entertain children instead they have started it as a great business. It can be a matter of their life or death.

Belief in such witch craft is a quite common process in some of the developing nations particularly in Africa. This sort of belief has pronounced effect on the everyday lives of the people. Some of the religious people are judged to the witches even without knowing that majority of the practicing witches and the beginners in the field are quite good and doesn't have any sort of bad intention in doing harmful things to the society.

Overview of witchcraft process

Prior to starting with witchcraft process, it's quite important to have inner strengths so that you can utilize it for your advantage in the witch learning process. If you want to be in constant touch with your inner self, then medication can be of great help in this regard. If you have decided to practice and learn witchcraft then you should completely dedicate yourself to the learning process and should have a serious commitment towards it. You must heartfully enjoy the complete benefits of it.

According to the people of Africa, it has been believed that witchcraft is an alternative medicine for a number of health issues and other issues. In order to start your journey becoming witchcraft, there are plenty of book and online materials for the beginners. These materials give complete information regarding about witchcraft practice. Some of the most common practices which you can learn as beginners are chanting mantras, casting magic spells, healing and the meditation.

In the process of spell casting, you can make use of the spell which is written by others but using the spells created on your own is quite effective rather using the ones written by others. Writing your own spell is not really difficult even though if you are a beginner. All that you need to have is just good intention and belief that your spell really works and it doesn't harm any individual. As a part of spell casting, you need to learn more about candle colors, oils, crystals, and herbs. You can make use of all these information in creating different spells.

It's suggested for the beginners, to have your own books of your own spells and the rituals and all other types of information regarding you have learnt about the witchcraft process. You can edit the record as per your requirements.

Witchcraft for the beginners may be really difficult to master, but it's not impossible. You can start the process just through learning simple types of meditation and practicing them regularly will help you to become master in it.

Remember that, using of witchcraft should be for some good cause not for the sake of harming others.


The Top 10 Most Famous Pianists Ever

There have been many pianists in the 500 years since the piano was invented. However, the majority of them were mediocre, some were good and a very few were absolutely stunning. Many of those who made it to this list began their musical training at a very young age which allowed them to perfect their talent early on. This article will take a look at a handful of the most amazing pianists ever.

1. Sergei Rachmaninoff. Known for having the largest hands of all the most famous pianists, Rachmaninoff was able to span up to 14 notes at a time and he made use of this ability in his compositions, Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, 8 Preludes, and others.

2. Josef Hoffman. This young prodigy began performing piano concerts at the tender age of six and at 12, he was the first recorded musician, working with Thomas Edison to create the first musical recordings.

3. Ludwig Van Beethoven. This young German composer and pianist was famous for his talent on the piano and the fact that he continued to both play and compose after losing his hearing at the age of 26.

4. Vladimir Horowitz. Perhaps one of the best known pianists of the 20th century, Horowitz studied under Felix Blumenfeld and Sergei Tarnowsky. He is well known for his ability to play strong pieces creatively rather than simply banging away on the keys.

5. Fredric Chopin. Chopin is often one of the first composers that young piano students play. He was also a child prodigy, often compared to Mozart. Steeped in the world of music from a young age, he was already playing and trying to compose at the age of six.

6. Wolfgang Mozart. One of the most famous child prodigies, Mozart was playing piano at age three and by five, he had begun to compose songs which were written down by his devoted father. He went on to give concerts from a very young age.

7. Franz Liszt. A virtuoso pianist, this Hungarian began his career at a fairly young age, though little information is available during this period of his life. It is known that not only was he an excellent pianist, he could also play several other instruments, including the cello.

8. Walter Wilhelm Gieseking. Gieseking was unique in that he supposedly never practiced on a piano. Instead, he would sit for hours in complete silence, playing the songs in his mind. Mostly self-taught, the pianist would then perform the piece flawlessly.

9. Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli. A more recent pianist, Michelangeli honed his talent to perfection, producing recordings that were nearly perfect even when unedited. He was notorious for randomly canceling concerts and for his intense focus on the tiny details of the music, often forgetting the big picture.

10. Alfred Cortot. Well known for his amazing recordings and variations of the likes of Chopin, Brahms, Liszt, and many other famous composers. He also added his own variations and twists to the most common of compositions, turning them into something unique and special.

Any list of the greatest pianists is going to be somewhat subjective. Each person has their own preference and there are plenty of great pianists who simply didn't fit onto this list of the top ten. However, you can be sure that the ones who did make it here are truly great pianists and definitely worth listening to when you have the chance. Many of them dedicated their lives to their music and some died while still playing and recording it.



Predynastic Egypt (5,500 - 3,100 BC)

Beginning just before the Predynastic period, Egyptian culture was already beginning to resemble greatly the Paranoiac ages that would soon come after, and rapidly at that. In a transition period of a thousand years (about which little is still known), nearly all the archetypal characteristics appeared, and beginning in 5500 BC we find evidence of organized, permanent settlements focused around agriculture. Hunting was no longer a major support for existence now that the Egyptian diet was made up of domesticated cattle, sheep, pigs and goats, as well as cereal grains such as wheat and barley. Artifacts of stone were supplemented by those of metal, and the crafts of basketry, pottery, weaving, and the tanning of animal hides became part of the daily life. The transition from primitive nomadic tribes to traditional civilization was nearly complete.

Bastet The Cat Goddess

Today: Bastet - Proctectress of Cats, cat or head of a cat Bastet was sometimes called Bast. She was the goddess of cats. She is a cat, or has the head of a cat, but originally she had the head of a lion.

Every day the sun god Ra would travel in his ship across the sky. Every night the snake Apep tried to stop the sun god's ship on his journey through the underworld. Ra was usually won these battles. However, on stormy days, or during an eclipse, the Egyptians believed that Apep had been victorious and swallowed the sun. Bastet defended her father Ra against the snake.

Concentrate On The Pyramids

I know, I know. You're probably saying to yourself, "Where's my silver platter!" Please make it easier on yourself-CONCENTRATE on ways to get around the obstacles. One piece of advice I can give you is never stop looking for the answers you need. Ask. Look. Research and ye shall find!

It's also a good time to listen to your inner voice. In order to do this, take some time out for yourself and spend it in a quiet place. Once you're calm, listen to that voice. The advice it can give you is surprisingly right on target.

Take some time to look after your health. Retreats and vacations can be a big boost to your physical and emotional outlook, especially if you're near water. Travel with care. If you can't take a full-blown vacation, even a quiet afternoon would be great.

Physically, a vacation allows you to rest. Emotionally, a rest will allow you to hear the advice that your inner voice can offer.

Feather Of Ma'at

The Ancient Egyptians believed that when you died, you travelled to the Hall of the Dead. There Anubis weighed your heart against the feather of Ma'at, the goddess of justice sits on top of the scales to make sure that the weighing is carried out properly. You can see Anubis steadying the scales to make the weighing fair. If your heart was lighter than the feather, you lived forever. We still talk of "a heart as light as a feather" to mean carefree, and "heavy-hearted" to mean sad. If your heart was heavier than the feather then it was eaten by the demon Ammit, the Destroyer. Ammit had the head of a crocodile, the shoulders of a lion and the rump of a hippopotamus. These were all frightening animals for the Egyptians. Thoth, god of wisdom and writing, stands by to record what happens.

Equal Opportunity

Kings were not only males, and unlike in modern monarchies, the ruler of ancient Egypt, whether male or female, was always called a king. In fact, Egypt had some very noteworthy female rulers such as Hatshepsut and others.

In ancient (Paranoiac) Egypt, the pinnacle of Egyptian society, and indeed of religion, was the king. Below him were the layers of the educated bureaucracy, which consisted of nobles, priests and civil servants, and under them were the great mass of common people, usually living very poor, agricultural based lives.

Origin Of The Word Pharaoh

Today: "Pharaoh." The term "per-aa" means "great house" and developed via the Greek, into the word we now use today. "Per-aa" was originally used to describe the royal court or the state itself, in the sense that the "great house" was the entity responsible for the taxation of the lesser houses ("perw"), which were the temple lands and private estates. From the late 18th Dynasty and onwards, "per-aa" had begun to be used to refer to the actual king himself.

The True OG - Djer

Djer, whose name may have meant "Horus who Succors," is said to have reigned for 57 years. Nine years from his reign are recorded on the main Cairo fragment of the royal annals, describing the royal progress, or the "following of Horus," the fashioning and dedication of cult statues, and an expedition to Western Asia. These were the first records of military expeditions outside of the Two Lands. Forces were sent east into Sinai and perhaps beyond. The annals refer to one regal year being called "The Year of Smiting the Land of the Stjt, a word later referring perhaps to Syria-Palestine.

The sciences may have flourished at this time, because Djer was remembered later on as a great physician. Manetho claims that Djer wrote on anatomy and treatment of diseases in circulation 3,000 years after his death. One of his prescriptions was for hair strengthening.

The Misunderstood Akhenaton

In the 14th century BC the Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep IV undertook a religious reform by displacing all the traditional deities with the sun god Aton. In the god's honor, the pharaoh changed his name to Akhenaton, which means "It is well with Aton." Akhenaton (also Ikhnaton) ruled from 1379 to 1362 BC. His queen, Nefertiti (also Nofretete), was one of the most famous women in Egyptian history. On his death, he was succeeded by the boy-king Tutankhamen, the discovery of whose tomb in 1922 was an archaeological sensation. Akhenaton's reform was one of the earliest attempts to enforce monotheism, the belief in one god. Images and inscriptions of other gods were all removed. To further enforce his views, Akhenaton moved the country's capital from Thebes to a site 200 miles (300 kilometers) north, which he called Akhenaton (now called Tell el Amarna). Akhenaton's reforms, and the artistic and literary revival that accompanied them, did not survive for long. So much of his time was devoted to religion that the powerful Egyptian Empire began to disintegrate. This, combined with the opposition of the priests of the displaced gods, worked to undermine the new religion. After Akhenaton's death the capital was moved back to Thebes and the former gods restored

King Tut

The most famous Egyptian pharaoh today is, without doubt, Tutankhamen. The boy king died in his late teens and remained at rest in Egypt's Valley of the Kings for over 3,300 years.

He was only about 18 years old when he died, and as a pharaoh of Egypt he had no great claim to fame. Tutankhamen (originally Tutankhamen) owes his place in history mostly to the discovery of his tomb completely intact and not violated by grave robbers in 1922. The remarkable artifacts from the tomb, including the beautiful golden mask, are on display at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Tutankhamen was possibly the son of Amenhotep III, an earlier 18th-dynasty king, and his wife Tiy. Tutankhamen became king after the death of Akhenaton the religious reformer who died in 1362 BC. He married Akhenaton's third daughter to solidify his claim to the throne. During most of his rule he resided at ancient Memphis, near present-day Cairo.

The Kings Scepter

A scepter or staff is one of the most ancient symbols of authority. The hieroglyph for "nobleman" or "official" shows a man carrying a long staff of office in front of him. A grave found at the Predynastic site of el-Omari in Lower Egypt contained the skeleton of a man buried with a wooden staff, and a fragmentary wooden staff, carved to resemble a bundle of reeds, was found in an early First Dynasty mastaba at Saqqara.

An actual example of a royal scepter, purely ceremonial in purpose, was discovered by Flinders Petrie in one of the chambers of Khasekhemwy's tomb at Abydos. The scepter was fashioned from polished sard and thick gold bands, all held together by a copper rod.


Luxury Swimwear Style Inspiration: Katy Perry

While Katy Perry is one of the more "out there" when it comes to her fashion statements, we still love seeing what she is going to wear on and off the red carpet. At this point we really can't be too surprised when she shows up with blue hair or candy for clothing, but recently it seems like she has taken a trip into the past with her style choices. Of course she is still in fashion and we can get some unique and retro style inspiration for our designer swimwear looks.

At the Beatles Tribute last night, Katy Perry went full vintage for the occasion and wore a floral gown and matching cape, so very sixties. Katy is known to dress for the theme of an event so this was very fitting and she definitely had fun with it! Although we probably won't hunt down a look like this anytime soon, the floral print is going to be a big trend this year for sure and we have just the bikini that would look seriously amazing on Katy. The Strawberry Shortcake Bikini is the perfect mix of fun bright colors and feminine floral print with bow and lace details for a super cute style.

Another talked about look from Katy Perry was her sparkly blue Giorgio Armani gown for the Grammy After parties. This is yet another retro inspired gown that only someone like Katy could pull off. The low cut neckline was very sexy while the color and sparkle made it very fun and perfect for an after party. We absolutely love this blue on her, better than the blue hair, and I think she would look amazing in the Sugar Rush Turquoise Bikini. This blue swimsuit is a sexy cut bikini with gold hardware for a luxury swimwear style at the beach!


Do you wish to Understand Every thing Regarding Egypt Holidays

Elegant Egypt Holidays have actually truly been an amazing treatment to cosset oneself to a facility and moreover do lots of loosening up. Being a solitary of a most prompt civic establishments, Egypt like a transport complete has extensiveness to recommend to some vacationers. A pyramids, Mediterranean seashore and moreover valued exhibit halls have really been a bit little a concentrates which obtain voyagers to this particular location. 2 noticeable transportation areas in Egypt, Hurghada regardless of Egypt have been an obscure method to be for many sandy shore and in addition clear WATER significant others. Blessed month of Ramzan is really a duration where Egypt is plentiful with voyagers from all over with a cosmos and additionally this can be in fair truth an ideal transportation time. Cheap Holidays To Egypt features a combination of shoreline coated scenes, Arabic learning as well as frustrating dried which lure a surface traveler passageway the following. At the factor when eloquent of zone to reside in solaces in Egypt, there've actually really been most higher total location to live conveniences feasible around which secure complete extravagance, Egypt History character notwithstanding solace. There've actually been various boutique lodges and hotels in Egypt which propose solaces, for example, alone pools as well as outlandish suites. Numerous 5 begin lodgings arranged on a sea coasts have overindulgence combinations which could have every Caucasian individuals feel unusual. In Egypt, there is no fringe on the stimulating projects you might engage and the attractive issues you could witness.

Holidays To Egypt

Egypt events come one year a year, however, visitors touchy to high hotness problems will doubtless do finest to remain much in the late springtime months. Holidays To Egyptin winter months is available to in the center of your day, all alike, desert temperature levels may go down remarkably through the entire evening. Suitable expedition attire integrates a comfortable jumper or cover nights and versatile strolling shoes are a necessity to for also read this great find about http://www.orangeholidays.co.uk/ travelling miles of unpaved streets and desert inclines. Countless individuals are not capable concerning what exactly unbelievable guest finishes those two countries should give. This write-up will surely help you get started aim the following celebration in of these awesome two nations. It's exceptional accommodations and inns at any type of type of expense combo.One of the key focuses people visit Egypt for would be the generally recognized pyramids. You might have a horse, camel, or jackass hike into the desert to see these phenomenal structures. There are tons of results there that can give you tours of the pyramids and concern you in around the astonishing previous Egypt must give. There's a lot more to look at contrasted with the pyramids should you be taking an expedition to Egypt. Egypt events could possibly be week's stacked with coastlines and daytime. They give various diverse shoreline and 5 celebrity resorts. You can even put a celebration offer which will unquestionably think a trip of Egypt. In the aged pyramids towards the modern coasts, Cheap Egypt Holidays Low Deposit is certainly one nation which has something for each person. Voyaging is the downright best approach to make use of you're lengthy get-away without obtaining damaged. We're Travel Holidays to Egypt - a travel and travel entrust. We have been present in Egypt and Jordan. We are among the going 5 trek managers in Egypt. Egypt is the absolute finest spot for taking a journey. With the responses we keeping careful site visitors with society of Egypt and Jordan. Website guests are some of the most important revenues in the Egyptian Government. Favored you! Not simply have you been going to a standout amongst the most verifiably stimulating countries in the world, you're setting out toward a nation whose cooking could hold it's amazing about the world stage. Total events in Cheap Egypt Holidays aren't practically wearing down smorgasbords reducing meals - from valid Egyptian specials to 5-star overall sustenance, Egypt has every last little then it some. A few handful of various resolutions offered in case you pricey a decrease the Nile, in addition simply for per day. Alongside liking an unwinding boat trip, you might go to at various regions along the street and examine instances and numerous goals. Egypt occasions merely aren't finish without adding a day out on the globe well-known waterway.


Piano Lesson: Do You Know What You Learn When You Play Piano?

I guess you are learning to play piano in order to become a better pianist. Do you know that there are many secret learning processes in action as you practice on your piano. Let's find out the truth!

I presume that you practice on the piano with the hope of becoming a better instrumentalist, pianist and musician and and in order to experience the joy and satisfaction that follows.

The learning processes in action as you try to learn to play the piano can lead you forward towards you goals. However, some things you learn can limit your progress and I think it is important to be aware of these factors.

Let's take a look at what you don't want to learn as you play piano! Let me mention three things!

1. At times when you practice on your piano you might experience stress and other uncomfortable feelings due to a deadline in the form of a upcoming piano lesson you don't feel prepared for or other disturbing thoughts.

The feelings you experience as you practice a specific piece of music have a tendency to be evoked when you play the same piece at another occasion.

2. Can tensions stick to your sheet music? Your actual muscle tension level when you play a piano composition tends to be present when you play the same piece of music in public.

In other words, it will be more difficult to perform and play a piano composition in a relaxed manner when you have practiced it with a high tension level.

3. Can you learn not to play a piece of music? I guess you practice on your piano and take piano lessons in order to become a better player.

However, if you don't concentrate on your piano playing and if you play new passages too fast you will probably make a lot of mistakes.

These mistakes tend to slow down the learning process and in fact they will be a part of the learning process. The more mistakes you make playing a particular piano sheet music passage the harder it will be to play it right.

Why is it so? All your earlier mistakes will accumulate and disturb you as you try to play a passage right. To play a passage wrong will become easier and easier the more times you make mistakes.

Is this depressing news? Well if these news will help you change your way of practicing piano playing it will be good news!

You can use these piano practicing news to your advantage! Read on!

1. Try to make your piano practicing sessions to peaceful and joyful occasions by never procrastinating your piano lesson homework and by having the right attitude as you start playing.

2. Always practice a new piano piece slowly and with concentration and with correct posture. If you don't make mistakes as you practice you will progress much faster!

3. Remember to relax as you play piano. Your piano practicing session can also be a relaxation exercise and if you play piano in this manner it will be beneficial both for your physical and mental health!


How to Find the Best Free Piano Course

Why would anybody even consider taking private lessons that cost fifty dollars for a half-hour lesson when they can get a free piano course on the Internet? You could decide to get group lessons priced at about thirty dollars for a half-hour but that still adds up over time as well.

You also have to consider the instructor and whether they are a good fit for you as a teacher. You can great get a great piano course on the Internet that allows you to try out the first lesson for free so that you will know whether it is something you would like to continue.

There are so many free lessons available on the Internet nowadays that it may seem difficult to figure out which ones are good and which ones aren't. There are some lessons that are not even worth your time taking because they are very difficult and frustrating to try to understand. You need to find a high quality free piano course that teaches you a lot of the basic skills about the piano and also makes it fun to learn.

These lessons are available in downloadable software packages so you can start your learning as soon as you sign up for one. For most of the free courses you are not going to have to put in your billing information, you will just need to have an e-mail address so that they can send you the package to download. These courses are down loaded very easily and quickly.

You will be provided with written materials to teach you about notes and scales so that you can start practicing the piano immediately. It feels so good to finally get your fingers on the piano once you have made the final decision and gone ahead to try these lessons out.

If you're wondering whether these lessons are as good as the kind you can get at a music school or with a private teacher, then rest assured that they are. They have been written by instructors that understand that teaching on the Internet is completely different from one-on-one teaching and have been designed to reflect this.

Taking free piano lessons on the Internet is the best way to find out whether you can learn this way or not. Most people like the online course structure better because it is more flexible to work with and much more cost effective.

You can get a free piano course on the Internet and see what you get out of it. You will probably be very surprised to find that these courses are very easy and follow a step-by-step format to get you started quickly.


Home Recording Equipment: Basics

Once upon a time before home music studios were popular the only way to do any recording was to go to a professional music studio. The reason for this was equipment was expensive and only qualified professionals had the privilege to use the equipment. Lack of consumer recording equipment made recording at home nearly impossible.

Thank goodness that those days are now long over with, and you can now do your recording at home without the big equipment or high amounts of technical knowledge. This technologically advanced age of the digital world has enabled every musician, no matter how small and unknown, to lay down tracks in their own homes. Amazingly, you can get high quality results with very little gear and expense too.

A good place to start would be the computer. Whether using a desktop or laptop what is important is having USB inputs and firewire inputs. If for some reason you feel your computer needs updating, more RAM will help speed up audio processing and a good sound card, so you can get good quality sound into your computer.

With a computer ready you can now look into the many software programs available, remember to choose one that suits the type of recording you will do. there are so many types of home recording software, but they all do the same thing; they record, mix, edit and master audio. The key here is not to procrastinate, find a software that will work on your computer and start recording. Learning one type of home recording software will make it easy to use any piece of recording software.

The stock audio inputs an your computer are usually not the greatest quality. I recommend looking into audio interfaces, which is the next piece of the puzzle. Audio interfaces are external sound cards that connect to your computer by either USB or firewire. Audio interfaces have great mic preamps, midi inputs/outputs, line inputs and outputs for your computer speakers. Another great feature is they have professional grade connections using XLR and 1/4' adapters, which will maintain sound quality. If you want to record midi then midi inputs/outputs are important and if you want to record your voice or instruments then microphone inputs and line inputs are important to you.

Another important piece of equipment to consider is the microphone you will be using. Here is where your research will really pay off, and here is where you want to pay out for the best you can possibly afford. Microphones and microphone preamps are the crucial link in quality recording, of course your skills as a musician also plays an enormous role. There you have it; a computer, software, audio interface, speakers and a microphone is all you need to get started. Once you understand and see for yourself how it all works you can add to your arsenal of home recording equipment.


The Future and Your Radio - Enemies Or Friends?

What are your options in terms of radio stations? We all grew up on FM/AM radio in the car. This is called "terrestrial radio." In the 21st century, we now have options that span beyond the traditional FM radio stations.

Some of those options include: internet radio, satellite radio, and other forms of streaming audio online such as podcasts and live streaming. Even video sites and social networking sites have tons of music to listen to.

The beauty of this, our current time and culture, is that we get to choose what we consider to be our "radio." That is, we get to determine what we consider our source of music, entertainment and news from an audio standpoint.

Think about that: how blessed are we that we have those options now? In generations passed, the only choices were a few stations on the FM/AM dial, which hardly came in half the time, and records/tapes/CDs. Now there are mp3s and all of these other types of broadcasts that we can choose from.

So where does that leave terrestrial radio, and how do we move forward. Does terrestrial radio just evaporate ultimately in this time, this time that used to be known as "the future" which is now? Maybe it will.

Isn't that sad? Wouldn't it be a shame to see such a traditional format that has enriched the lives of so many just...disappear? Yes, that would be sad. I think we know that all to well. Consider this: perhaps the terrestrial radio that was truly so enriching as it was historically has already disappeared to a large degree. That IS sad.

Terrestrial AM/FM radio, for the most part, is owned and controlled by a very select group of very rich people. The stations you may call "local" are not, in fact, local at all in the traditional sense.

The decisions being made by radio stations on what to play changed since 1996, when the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was enacted into law. That new statute lifted the limit on the number of radio stations one corporate conglomerate could scoop up, as it were. Since that time, radio was never the same.

We lost something called, "localism." Sure, you still hear about traffic and weather locally, but what else? Is there a sense of community on that Top 40 radio station you love so much? Nope. Nowhere to be found!

It is sickening how we have become conditioned to stupid fart jokes and a few call-in contests, and call that localism. That is not localism. Localism was when what was happening locally really mattered. Localism, most importantly, was when the decisions about what a so-called local radio station played, in terms of songs, were done by... yeah, local people! Hello! Imagine that!

Nope, Corporate America is now in control of music decisions. So what you hear is based on clinical things like focus groups now. What you and your neighbors want to hear is only in the back of their minds, not in the front of their consciousness as it should be. In fact, many of the people making those decisions have never been within 100 miles of your town.

That's sick, isn't it? But it's real and not likely to change.

So, until it does, switch off the terrestrial radio, and consider your alternatives. Those are: internet radio, mp3, podcasts, live online streaming, CDs, cassettes, social networking sites, music sites, satellite radio, and the like.

Will Corporate America listen to the will of the people before it's too late? And will we ever learn not to buy their canned garbage so we can stop the madness, this lack of humanity?

Who will learn first, us or them? You decide.


Are Guitar Manufacturers Biased Towards Men?

More women than ever are playing the guitar nowadays. More luthiers and guitar manufacturing companies are paying attention to the needs of smaller female players, their playing styles, and their sense of style and design. What exactly is a girls/womans guitar and what are the differences one might expect to find in a guitar described this way?

Guitars made to fit the female form are becoming more fashionable than ever. The first time I picked one up to play I noticed it weighed less and had a nice but smaller feel that adapts well to a smaller hand without loss of tone or sound quality at all. I would not hesitate to recommend this sort of guitar to anyone who is smaller than the average man, including the up and coming virtuosos, and rock stars; children. Although your favorite nephew may not appreciate a pink guitar like the Squier Hello Kitty Electric Guitar.

Playing an instrument that feels right may help you to achieve your emotional and creative goals more easily. Wrestling with a guitar that is too big or heavy takes away from the concentration and comfort needed to perform at a high level.

The major players in bringing Girls Guitars to the public are limited, but include Squier, Gibson. Epiphone, Luna and Daisy Rock. These are just a few of this type of companies known to this author, catering to this new niche. There are a range of models to fit taste preferences as well as budget. It should be noted that Luna, which is one of the smaller companies listed above is owned by a woman who is an artist whose bass player mother inspired her to create a guitar to better suit her mothers needs. It is clear in looking at a Luna guitar that it is a beautifully crafted instrument.
Lets get to it, here are my personal picks for the best guitars for smaller players:

1. Luna Muse Parlor Acoustic Guitar is a brilliant acoustic guitar that is beautiful in design and is very comfy for any player. This is a particularly *affordable model, and plays easily and has great tones, including some very pleasing deep bass tones. It has a lovely soft matt finish, and some clean well crafted celtic knot style wood inlays in various places, as well as moon phase inlays of pearl (pearl like appearance) on the fretboard. The tuners have a really lovely matt grey metal finish. This guitar plays like it wants to be played.

2. Luna Andromeda Phoenix Bass Guitar. It is noticeably lighter in weight than the majority of bass guitars I have examined with out losing any of the tone and pop heard from any good bass guitar. It is also a very affordable guitar.

3. The Squier Hello Kitty Stratocaster Electric Guitar is an extremely affordable solid body electric guitar, The friendly face of Hello Kitty is painted on the custom kitty head shaped pickguard on either a bubble gum pink or a black Stratocaster style guitar. This is a decent first guitar for an aspiring rock star gal in your life. Squire also makes an even less expensive Hello Kitty Mini Stratocaster Electric Guitar. It is smaller, has three single coil pickups, a 20 fret neck, and simpler Hello Kitty Graphics on the guitar body. It comes in black and Pink.

4. Daisy Rock Candy Series Daisy Rock Guitars guitar company was established in 2000 by Tish Ciravolo. The company manufactures and markets guitars designed specifically for girls and women. The Daisy Rock Candy Series includes several models of solid-body electric guitars with a single-cutaway body, similar to the body outline of a Gibson Les Paul or Paul Reed Smith single-cut guitar. They sound great and are easy to play. A top quality guitar that allows you to express yourself with great clarity.

5. Daisy Rock Short Scale Guitars. The Heartbreaker Short Scale is proof evolution still is alive in guitar design with a uniquely cut feminine body and a 22-1/2 scale neck making the guitar comfortable for smaller guitarists while still holding on to the the soul of a rocking guitar. Top quality features include a rock maple neck, basswood body, beautiful pearloid heart inlays, and shiny chrome hardware.

6. Minarik Inferno Electric Guitar Endorsed by Shred-mistress Rynata. It has an unusual body design and top notch electrics along with beautiful hardware, manufactured using advanced design techniques. Most women players agree that it has a great feel and super tone.

7. Gibson Les Paul Goddess delivers the same pure tone of a traditional Les Paul in a light, streamlined body. Comfortable enough to play for hours, tough enough to shake the house down. Typical Gibson quality and sound. Uniquely crafted light weight mahogany body with a figured maple top & narrow nut. The slim 60s-style neck is really slippery along with hi powered translucent 490R & 498T humbuckers you can wake up the neighborhood. The slim reduced body size is designed for optimum fit and performance for smaller body sizes. This is a real top line guitar for serious players.

8. ESP Horizon 3 Girl Electric Guitar. The ESP Horizon 3 Girl Electric Guitar is an unbelievable custom axe that incorporates a breathtaking emerald green see-thru finish over a figured maple top with an anime girl graphic. It's an excellent partner to the sleek Horizon 3 body, with it's scalloped double cutaways, large upper horn and jet black headstock that follows the body's curves. This guitar doesn't stop at great looks. . In addition to the maple top, the Horizon 3 Girl features a solid mahogany body and maple neck to ensure great tone and sustain. Two EMG81 humbucker pickups means this young lady has a very powerful voice, one that will growl on your chunky chords and wail high and clear on your solos. All of the hardware is black including high quality Sperzel tuners, a tone-enhancing Gotoh bridge, volume & tone knobs and a 3-way pickup switch. This guitar is an amazing high quality guitar for the accomplished player, or performer.

9. Epiphone Emily the Strange SG Electric Guitar. The limited-edition Epiphone Emily The Strange G-310 SG features Emily's face and other graphics from the Cosmic Debris character including, of course, one of Emily black cats. This axe delivers everything from warm distortion to all-out scream with 2 hot-wired humbuckers. Crafted with select hardwood body, bolt-on mahogany neck, and rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays. Also features tune-o-matic bridge, stopbar tailpiece, and chrome tuners.

10. Taylor Baby Taylor Mahogany Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is a 3/4 scale guitar. It has a perfectly symmetrical design and is like a full sized guitar. it is not designated as a womans/girls guitar, however it's unique size and the usual superior Taylor quality will surprise smaller people with it's perfect sound and feel. The Taylor Baby Taylor is a great slightly smaller guitar at an affordable price .

11. Fender Custom Shop Bonnie Raitt Model . This particular guitar is excellent. It is one of the sweetest guitars I have ever played. It is a Stratocaster in every way. Primarily, the biggest difference between this Strat and a stock American Strat is the nice narrow neck and terrific manufacturing job performed in The Fender Custom Shop. This guitar is not in production now, and must be acquired used. It is a great find if you come upon one.

*GPC defines affordable as any guitar which costs under $550 when new.


Classical Guitar Set Up

Classical music is a broad term that usually refers to the music embedded in the traditions of every art and culture. It spans over a time length ranging from 9th century and the 21st century.

The term is often used as a synonym of Western music traditions and includes within its fold a vast range of music styles, an traditions ranging from compositional techniques to issues related to entertainment. Classical music has included within its genre also classical instruments especially the classical guitar, which has finally carved a niche for itself and has become a name to reckon within the world of music.

Guitar is perhaps one of the most alluring musical instruments whose charm has spread far and wide. Surpassing other musical instruments guitar has found a unique niche for itself. The set up of a guitar is very important. Even the most high sounding, sophisticated guitar may be hard to play.

Traversing a long interesting road guitars have emerged as the most popular musical instrument. It has become an integral part of the entire musical journey globally.

The most important aspect of the classical guitar set up is its playability factor. Touring concert artists now mostly prefer guitars, which are easy to handle. Classical guitar set up is similar to that of the steel strings or electrics. There is only a difference in tension, bridge and neck design. Only the principles differ a little in certain respects.

A good classical guitar set up should have the following elements in it

Good tension in the strings.
Good adjustability of the nut.
Capability to adjust with the nut.
Thickness in the neck.
Good pitching in the soundboard and the bridge.
Adjustability according to the player's style.
Tone production quality.
String's active vibrating length.
Freedom of performance it gives to its guitarists.
It should have low tension in the strings of the neck and should be made entirely of wood and not of steel struss rod.
It should have greater volume and longer sustainable capability.

There are various types of classical guitars. The most common of them are

Multi-string classical guitar
Classical electric guitar

Some of the famous classical guitarists who have dominated the musical landscape globally are as followed

Francisco Tarrega
Fernando Sor
Jose Feliciano
Christopher Parkening
John Williams
Julian Bream
Carl Volk
More Resources
Marcos Vinicius
Sharon Wayne
Maro Razi
Lynn Harting-Ware
Aniello Desiderio
Andrew York
Progetto Avanti
John McLaughlin
Sharon Isbin
David Tanenbaum
Eliot Fisk
Nigel North
Pepe Romero
Richard Alcoy

Classical guitar has always dominated the traditional musical scene for ages. Its history is almost four centuries old. Classical guitarists are capable of producing great music with excellent sound quality at one single stroke of the hand. A perfect classical guitar set up usually assists in adding that old world charm.

Therefore, having a proper classical guitar set up is absolutely essential for the beginners. Many classical guitar museums offer excellent classical guitar set ups for guitar enthusiasts. They host many a unique collection of playable instruments.


Kids MP3 Player: The Popularity Of The Mp3 Music Player

In the modern world Mp3's would be the fastest as well as simplest way to listen to songs, they're very light and are easy to carry around especially those who are on the run. Nonetheless, MP3 players are considerably cheaper compared to CD players with sophisticated error-correction and anti-shock features. With so many options, it can be tough to know what MP3 players are worth spending the cash for - particularly if you are working on a budget.

The cameras and Mp3's are fun, but the next trend of add-ons for cell phones and laptops may help users keep track of their health. Technology has progressed to a great deal that the hard disk MP3 players are actually reaching the 100GB mark. The players with flash that are released have a lot more memory and are increasing. The majority of the earphones that ship with MP3 players are average at best. MP3 players are more and more replacing conventional CD players there.

You can create standard Audio CD which can be played in regular CD players and also MP3 data CD that can be played in portable MP3 players and DVD players. You'll be able to keep many songs on these tiny players, some even as much as 100 tracks of quality audio. Many players supports these formats mp3,wmv and mp4.

Controls and displays are comparable to easily transportable MP3 players, and you may group songs on each disc according to artist, genre, and other categories. Many portable MP3 Players can be used as a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). A portable digital audio player sets your music free so you can easily mix and match songs in any kind of order and take the tunes with you. The tiny portable players can store many cd's and also have several fantastic functions, here are some of the fascinating features: voice recording as well as FM tuners. With the development of MP3 digital audio files, music went portable as a new market sprouted up for MP3 players. Luckily, the new portable audio players are a lot more affordable compared to home audio theater systems. The completely new iPods have been redesigned are able to play music and play video on the same unit . Even if the iPod does not do it for you, the wealth of MP3 players available on the market suggests that there's something out there to meet your requirements. In summary, only 7% of iPod users and 25% of those using other mp3 players download music illegally.

Applauded as the "next big thing" in personal audio, MP3 players would be the newest digital audio gadgets to hit the market. MP3 Players have become small and lightweight. MP3 players are very popular and many people are trading in their old walkman. MP3 Players are the best way to bring your digital music with you. MP3 players are rapidly replacing Portable CD players. That shouldn't be too surprising, simply because MP3 players are continuing to increase in popularity. These days MP3 players are as common as walkman once were and gadgets such as the Zizzle iZ and iDog are making Mp3's much more enjoyable. Portable MP3 players are no longer limited to storing and playing some of your favorite songs. Mp3's are now tough enough to exercise; you'll be able to take them on jogs to the gym and even weight lifting. The 2 main types of MP3 players are as follows; flash players and hard drive players. Choose the right one for you.


Online Piano Lessons

You have been craving to learn to play piano? That versatile instrument called piano is particularly scintillating. Being a professional pianist would make you discover a lot of hidden facts about the piano. You will discover how sentimental and enrapturing playing the piano can be. So if you are really captivated by that magical instrument called piano, why don?t you start your piano course immediately? You will probably complain about the high cost of a private piano teacher and the inconsistency of taking a piano course. You can overcome such predicaments by pursuing online piano lessons.

If you are the type of person who likes to learn on your own and can stay focused, then I suggest you look into online piano lessons. Doing so will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Moreover, they would save you a huge sum of money because if you hire a good piano tutor you will have to pay as much as $2000 per year. In contrast, online piano lessons can cost you no more than $200 per year. Furthermore, taking online piano lessons would allow you much more control over your time and you would be able to manage your time in a very flexible way because you are just being your own teacher.

Many people think that learning to play the piano on your own is much more difficult than learning with a teacher. This could be true if you are really lazy. For most people however, this is not the case. Online courses will work just as well if you can stay focused.

By getting started with online piano lessons, you are preparing yourself to learn the basics of piano. You will be instructed with information on note reading, playing by ear, learning the keys, and the list goes on.

Some online piano lessons and courses offer a test that you can take in order for you to determine how proficient you became and whether or not you should move to the next intermediate level of piano playing. Online there are legions of online piano lessons. You ought to be selective when choosing which piano lessons to subscribe to.

Always try to see the reviews written about each online piano course to know whether it is good or not and whether it is suitable to your needs and level or not. Once you find the right package of online piano lessons try to be consistent and compel yourself to practicing as much as you can, especially in the fundamental and intermediate levels.


How To Get Noticed As An Amateur Singer

You know you have talent. You are constantly asked to sing at friends' weddings, in church, and even at local clubs. This attention lets you know that you are not just fooling yourself: you've really got the pipes. Can you make it in the big time? The only way to really find out is to get out there and take some chances by entering competitions and seeing how you stack up against the other hopefuls out there.

If you plan on entering live and online competitions to show off your talent and get noticed, you'd better be prepared! Here are some ideas to help you be ready for and excel in any situation that might get tossed at you.

-- Don't be a One Note Nellie. So what if you want to be a country singer? If you really love country music and think that genre is where you'll end up, great! Meanwhile, until you hit the big time you need to work on developing your own style in a wide variety of different genres. Depending on what shows you enter, you may be asked to sing pop, oldies, rock, the blues, or - yes - country. You need to practice all of the different kinds of singing you might need to know how to sing: versatility is key.

-- Develop a "signature style." You don't have to write your own songs to succeed, and in competition formats you will probably be singing others' songs. But you have to be able to pull these off while still retaining your own individuality. Perhaps you have a little yodel when you sing, or maybe you lean towards a jazzy style. Your signature style can be applied to virtually any type of song, and it is that which judges will remember.

-- Don't ever be dull. Plenty of people can sing well, but not everyone has the personality to pull off what it takes to become a popular singer. Your stage presence will make all the difference in whether you are remembered or forgotten.

If showing a vibrant personality doesn't come easily to you, practice, practice, then practice some more. You need to learn how to own a stage when you step on it: that self-confidence will be contagious and you will get a bigger reaction from both the judges and the spectators.

-- Now, get out there and put your talent on the line where it counts. It's one thing to sing for a sympathetic audience of friends and family members, but it's quite another to enter a talent show or other type of competition. But you can do it! Just make sure you feel well prepared and ready to take on the world and let it know you have arrived. Good luck!


What Instrument Should Your Child Start On?

When you are deciding what instruments to buy for your child, you are facing a very large dilemma. You want to make sure they get instruments that will nurture their creative side, but you don't want to get them something that is going to be so complicated that they quickly lose an interest in playing it. As a result, you are walking a thin line between finding the perfect used instrument that inspires them creatively, and a used instrument that frustrates them immensely.

What instrument should you choose then? Well, here are five suggestions to help make your young musical prodigy into a musical legend.

The guitar is by no means an easy instrument to play but it is an instrument that improvement can easily be measured on. From simple chords to Stairway to Heaven, you will be able to help your child gain confidence as they slowly learn the chords of the guitar and begin taking on more complicated songs. It is a universal instrument and one of the most popular in the world.

If you can handle the noise, this is a great musical instrument for your child. They probably love to hit things with sticks, so this fits right in and once they master making a beat, they will become excellent drummers who will be highly sought after in any band. Plus, used drum kits do not usually cost that much to buy.

This is the bare bones instrument, that coincidently, was made of bone at one time in our history. It is very easy to learn how to play and they can be bought for a very simple price. You should jump at the chance to turn your child into the next Pied Piper with a flute.

If you look at most of the world's great rock musicians, they all started out on the piano. That includes Ozzy Osbourne, Paul McCartney and Chris Martin. Once you master the piano, you can master other types of instruments. It is the standard for every child who wants to learn how to play music, and it can launch your child on a new path of musical creativity.

Like the guitar, it is not the easiest instrument to learn but your progress can be charted pretty easily and once your child learns how to play it, their confidence will go through the roof because only a few people can play the violin well. It is a bit more expensive than other instruments, but if you buy a used one, you should be okay in terms of price.

These are just a few of the instruments you can get your children playing to help them nurture their musical gift and gain self confidence, but they are by no means the only one. It is best to look for the instrument your child will like the most by trying as many as you can. Music is an important part of development, and finding the right instrument for the right child can make all the difference in the world.


Teach Piano to Make Profit

It would be a nice thing to do to share your talent with other people. These skills are not meant to stay with one person only. By teaching others how to play the piano, you can bring joy to many households and families. You can also make serous money from it. Teach piano from your own studio. Others teach from a music school or another person's piano studio. You can earn more if you have your own piano business.

You can make more profit if you teach piano from your own home studio. Teaching from another venue means you will only get part of the student's tuition. The owner of the music studio gets to keep a big chunk to pay for operational expenses plus her own profit for owning the establishment. If you will be doing most of the teaching, you might as well put up your own piano lesson business and take all the profit from it.

Before you start your own piano school, ask yourself some important questions. Do you think you can handle running the whole operations yourself? Are you dedicated to teach piano to others long term? If you are, then it can pay off to put up your own piano lesson business.

If you plan to set up your own studio and hire extra teachers to teach piano, you can get part of the tuition to cover your overhead. You can turn the tables and be the boss. Having your own piano lesson school allows you to make money even if you aren't the one teaching. Of course you can teach piano too and get 100% of the profit.

Now, why would you want it the other way around if you can have the upper hand? Start by planning your home studio or canvassing for a commercial space where you can set up your own piano lesson school. Plan your marketing strategy, design your fliers and brochure, and look for additional teachers if you need them. Initially, you could be the only teacher in your music studio. As students multiply, you can hire additional help.

Study how you can get piano students. Initially you can start with just a couple, even one. If you teach piano well, you will eventually gain a reputation as a good piano teacher and get more students. Boost advertising by placing ads in your local paper. Post an ad in your weekly community newsletter too. Hand out fliers and business cards.

You can get your first batch of students from your child's school. Surely some students there will want piano lessons once they know you teach piano. Make yourself visible on the net by making your own website or blog. Register with your local business center and let people in town know you offer piano lessons. Meet more residents so you can widen your reach.

You can teach piano and actually make a lot of money. Don't listen to pessimists who say there is no money in the arts or music. It is likely they aren't even into music themselves or never even touched the piano keyboard. There is a difference in income if you teach piano for someone else and if you have your own piano lesson business. Having your own lets you make a lot more money.


The Rolling Stones Tongue

The Band

The Rolling Stones are an English band who initially based their music on rhythm and blues and rock and roll. They first got together in London and after their first success in the UK, they shortly became just as popular in the US as the "British Invasion" started in the early 1960s.

The band first formed in 1962 when Brian Jones and pianist Ian Stewart were joined by the legend that is otherwise known as Mick Jagger as lead vocals and guitarist Keith Richards. Bassist Bill Wyman and drummer Charlie Watts later completed their early lineup. Ian Stewart was then let go from the lineup early 1963 but continued to work with the band as road manager and keyboardist until his death in 1985.

The band's early songs were primarily covers of R&B & Blues songs. The 1965 single "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" was their first big single, establishing The Rolling Stones as a top rock and roll band. Beginning with their first album Aftermath (1966,) the songs of Jagger and Richards, helped by the instrumental experimentation of Jones, continued an always present stylistic flexibility. Jones tragically died in 1969 shortly after being fired from the band and was replaced with Mick Taylor. Taylor then recorded five studio albums with The Rolling Stones before finally quitting in 1974. Former guitarist of the band, Faces stepped in and stayed with the band ever since. Wyman left the Rolling Stones in 1993; bassist Darryl Jones, who is not an official band member, has worked with the group since 1994.

The Rolling Stones have officially released 22 studio albums in the UK and 24 in the US, eight concert albums in the UK and nine in the US and numerous compilations; The Rolling Stones have had 32 UK & US top-10 singles, 43 UK & US top-10 albums from 1964 and 2008 and have sold an astonishing 200 million albums worldwide. 1971's Sticky Fingers began a string of eight consecutive studio albums at number one in the United States. In 1989 The Rolling Stones were inducted into the American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and in 2004 they were ranked number 4 in Rolling Stone magazine's 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. The Rolling Stones are also ranked as the number 2 artists of all time on Acclaimedmusic.net. The Rolling Stones latest studio album 'A Bigger Bang' was released in 2005 and followed by the highest-grossing tour in history, which lasted until late summer 2007. In the 1969 American tour, tour manager Sam Cutler introduced them as "The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World".

The Rolling Stones are renown in modern popular music for using various musical genresin their recordings and performances, ultimately making their own unique style. The band's career is known for a continual reference and reliance on musical styles like American blues, country, folk, reggae, dance; world music exemplified by the Master Musicians of Jajouka; as well as traditional English styles that use stringed instrumentation like harps. The band cut their musical teeth by covering early rock and roll and blues songs, and have never stopped playing live or recording cover songs.

The Tongue

The Rolling Stones original logo of the lips and tongue - one of the most well known logos of rock and roll, is now in the Victoria and Albert Museum Collection thanks to the excellent help of The Art Fund, the UK's leading independent art charity.

The logo was purchased by the Victoria and Albert at an auction in the United States for $92,500. The Art Fund contributed 50% towards the total cost of the well known rolling stones lick logo.

The Rolling Stones Tongue was first designed by pop artist, John Pasche in 1970. The pop art design excellently showed off Mick Jagger's well known lips and the band's rebelliousness and has been in use by the Rolling Stones ever since.

Pasche was asked to produce the logo after Rolling Stones lead singer, Mick Jagger asked the Royal College of Art in London in 1969 to help him find a design student. The Rolling Stones had been frustrated by the bland and boring designs offered by their record label Decca Records. Subsequently, Jagger visited Pasche's degree show and this led to discussions for a logo and other work for the Stones's own label, Rolling Stones Records, after the group's contract ended with Decca Records in 1970.

David Barrie, Director of The Art Fund, said: 'This iconic logo, first used on the Stones's Sticky Fingers album, is one of the most visually dynamic and innovative logos ever created. Designed in the UK by a British artist for one of the country's most successful groups of all time, it's wonderful that it has now found a permanent home in London, where the band was originally formed.'


Microphones: Types And Design

The microphone is the first device that picks up sound when recording. Microphones are a transducer, which means they convert one type of energy into another type of energy, more specifically, sound waves into electrical signals. You cannot just put a microphone anywhere and play; a microphones pick up, design, placement and acoustical environment play a role in a microphones sound quality. The information in this article is meant to get you thinking in an advanced way about the microphones you already use or are thinking of purchasing. Remember there is no rule book on recording so always try to experiment.

The first type of microphone we will talk about is the dynamic microphone. The dynamic microphone works on the theory of electromagnetic induction. This means that sound pressure hits the diaphragm causing the coil to to move in and out. The coil is situated between a magnet, and that movement creates an electrical output signal. An example of a a dynamic microphone would be the Shure Beta 58a. This type of microphone does not require phantom power when plugged into a mixer. An advantage of Dynamic microphones is they are built sturdy and are often used in live performances because they can take a beating.

Another type of microphone is the ribbon microphone. The ribbon microphone works on the same concept as a dynamic microphone. the main differences are that ribbon microphones have a very fragile design and can be expensive due to there "better" sound. The ribbon microphone does require phantom power because it has a very thin diaphragm that requires power to create an electrical signal that can be used by your recording equipment.

The most popular and common microphone used in recording is the condenser microphone. The condenser microphone works on the concept of electrostatic induction. In a condenser microphone there are two plates, one that is fixed and does not move and one that is charged with phantom power. When an audio signal is picked up the charged plate moves closer to the fixed plate creating an electrical signal. Condenser microphones have a warm tube sound and in my opinion even harmonic distortion.

Frequency response of any microphone is an important specification. Frequency response of a microphone is a measure of the microphones attributes and coloration of any given frequency that the microphone records. Some microphones frequency response make them a better choice for bass frequencies or higher frequencies. Every microphone has its very own frequency response depending on the model, type or manufacturer.

So armed with frequency response and different types of microphones you can apply microphones to specific recording situations or do different types of experimenting. Just remember, when you are utilizing your home music studio you need to remember that these specifications are guidelines and you should feel free to experiment any way you choose.


Best Studio Monitor

best Studio Monitor

One of the features that make the KRK Rokit 5 to be one of the best studio monitors in the market today is the fact that it comes with an input volume control that can be adjustable within a gain range of +6dB to -30dB which is not the case with the other models. The best thing about the KRK Rokit 5 is the fact that it lets you focus on your mix rather that compatibility. The recessed tweeters might look similar but they don't perform in the same way. The KRK Rokit 5 has been designed in a way that it ensures there is optimal frequency pattern control and even focuses on the outward sound away from the cabinet.
The KRK Rokit 5 have no coloration as part of the spec thus, you only hear what you are intended to hear. This feature is possible as customised designs are used by the engineering team to lower distortion performance of the device. The team of experts ensures that the equipment is designed to perfection before it is taken to the market.
Amazing features of the KRK Rokit 5:
* The KRK Rokit 5 has a curved front plate design which ensures that the diffraction is distorted. This feature ensures that the speakers provide more accurate sound possible.
* The waveguide design also offers an amazing image and design to the KRK Rokit 5.
* The front firing port also provides a low frequency extension that has no boundary combination.
* It has a frequency response of 53 Hz to about 20Hz
* It also has a soft dome tweeter 1' Neodymium
* The KRK Rokit 5 also has a new speaker voicing that has accurate frequency response.

Most people who have used the KRK Rokit 5 will agree that they have a great and impeccable sound. Other than that, the speakers are quite easy to install and get them to start working. If you follow the manual instructions you will easily be able to connect it and get it to start working.
The other advantage of the KRK Rokit 5 is that they are very compatible with most of the variety of interfaces and thus you don't have to buy a new adapter every time you get new equipment.
The power is also perfectly suited to ensure that it can be plugged via a RCA, TRS or XLR jacks which makes them perfect for your living room.
There are quite a number of stores that sell the KRK Rokit 5 studio monitor. However, that doesn't mean that you will necessarily get a fair deal on the device. It is better that you go through a few online stores and compare the prices in order to get the best deal. You also have to consider the shipping fee and even how long it will take for it to be delivered. You can also go through some of the review sites to help you decide which site to buy the product from.


Advice For Travel In Egypt With Local Experts

With a fascinating history that reaches back to the daylight of civilization, Egypt is considered the best travel destination on earth. The African nation's awe-inspiring temples and pyramids have captured the imagination of travelers for thousands of years. Although most people come to Egypt to view its ancient monuments, natural attractions beckon travelers too. Egypt is a land steeped in history, making it a top destination for visitors from around the world. With so many amazing places, selecting a list of major tourist attractions in Egypt is a tough task.

Egypt, a country seeped in history has a lot to offer to a tourist who wants to take himself to another era. Luxor, the city of open air museum and Alexandria, the ancient seat of learning are two of the most visited sites along with Cairo, the capital. Pyramids are considered synonymous with Egypt and the very name of the country evokes the images of the Great Sphinx, the lion bodied guard of pyramids. Visiting the pyramids on camel's back is another exotic experience to have on Travel In Egypt.

Egypt is mixture of a unique culture and ancient civilization. The first thing that you will notice when visiting Egypt is the people. They are known for their hospitality and sense of humor. There is a long list of places to visit in Egypt. The Pyramids, Sphinx, Saqqara, the Nile River and the Egyptian Museum will all tell you a story of one of the most ancient civilizations on earth. It is also nice to view the capital from the top of the Cairo Tower. Luxor is the world's biggest open air museum with the most famous temples and monuments. In Aswan, the weather is so nice and warm in winter. Travel In Egypt gives you the best of both worlds, modern and ancient. It is an opportunity that you should not miss.

LOOK AT EGYPT TOURS offers a wide range of adventure, activity and cultural holidays to Egypt. Egypt remains one of the world's most fascinating and iconic travel destinations. We are the top-rated tour operator in Egypt, dedicated to delivering the best custom holidays in Egypt. Experts are on hand to help craft custom itineraries, and there are also fixed packages available for those seeking an already established tour. For which we are highly recommended by top travel websites around the globe.

Egypt is the place for magic, mystery and pleasures. Travel In Egypt has something for everyone which ensures that your trip will remain one of your golden memories for years to come.


The Easy Steps To Become A New Witch

Being a witch is a serious decision. From the early days when the religious zealots hunted down all people who did not go "with the flow" to the current generation who is fortunate enough in most places to be able to publicly embrace the religion of Wicca, life has not been easy for witches.

However, for many of us, there is no other way of life that inspires us or encourages us to live fully. The most important thing to remember about being a witch is that it is a completely natural and instinctive lifestyle.

We are all born with the knowledge of witchcraft. As children we believe in flying faeries and wishing upon stars; just a few examples of magickal ways of belief that we took for granted.

As we get older, the world tells us to stop believing in magick and the myriad of possibilities that magick brings to us. Instead, the world tells us to give up dreaming and to get to work, learning the way others want us to and dreaming of a life that is already set up for us. Study this, study that, become a doctor, become a pharmacist and dole out drugs, etc.

We soon give up what comes naturally to us. And the world is happy. But are we happy?

We know from our dreams that there are so many possibilities in life. As a witch, our possibilities are boundless. What we can think of, we can achieve. As a human being growing up in a restrictive world, we are asked to forget that and live as though we are powerless.

As a witch, the first thing we need to do is to free our mind of restrictions. Do not believe anyone who tells you that you cannot "do something"; that we can not capable of creating our future. We have to believe with all our heart that we are very powerful and that we are not helpless human beings at the mercy of an invisible God.

We are magickal beings blessed with the power and the energies that are common to almost every atom in the universe. As we all know, everything in this world is made up of atoms and the atom is a minute representation of what? The cosmos!

Just as the electrons go around the nucleus of the atom, the planets circle the
Sun and each Universe in turn circles around other Universes, ad infinitum!

There is no beginning and no end to this magick called LIFE.After you start thinking about the possibilities and powers of our mind, you have to keep ourselves grounded so that we don't get bothered by other people's opinions. The world around us is filled with a lot of noise, most of it from doubting Thomases, who would like to think that they are smarter than the average human being. However, those of us who are close to nature and realize the powers of our mind know that every human being is capable and deserving of absolutely amazing things.


Why You Should Buy Karaoke Music Online

Karaoke is one of the most fun activities to do with family and friends. It doesn't matter if no one can carry a tune or not. Singing with the ones you love, especially from the comfort of your own home, can be a great way to stay entertained. Karaoke is a form of entertainment that gives anyone the chance to sing along with their favorite songs. With the help of a PA system and microphone, you can project your voice so that it can be easily heard above the music. Most of the time the music consists of well known pop and rock songs where the voice of the original artist is removed or faded into a lower level. You sing the lyrics from a sheet or from a prompter. Colors or moving symbols will guide the singer along with the lyrics so they know when to sing which words.

If you want to start having karaoke parties in your home, you will need to invest in a few things. You will need some sort of a microphone setup, and you will need karaoke music as well. A monitor to display the lyrics is option, although many times you can turn your television set into a monitor with the aid of DVD technology. You can also have a computer set up to be able to display the lyrics to the singer. Either way, your hands will be free to hold the microphone and dance while you sing.

You can get karaoke music in a variety of places, but the best place to get cheap, fun karaoke music is online. There are many online resources where you can purchase CDs and DVD videos of karaoke music. That way, you can turn your television set into your very own lyric monitor. But the cheapest way to get karaoke music online is by downloading mp3 files. This way, you will get only the songs that you want and you can purchase them one at a time if you are strapped for cash. There are also some outlets on the internet where you can score free karaoke music.

Getting karaoke music online is a lot more convenient than trying to find CDs and DVDs in a store. And with the option to download the files straight to your computer, you can save on shipping costs and waiting at the mailbox for your karaoke music to arrive. After downloading a few karaoke tunes, you can start having a karaoke party in a matter of a few minutes.

It is a good idea to invest in some type of karaoke music. You never know when you will need it. Whether you want to get eh family together in order to entertain yourselves or you are hosting a party and need another form of entertainment to get the party going, you will be glad that you have some karaoke music and equipment on hand. It is a fun activity for everyone, young and old.


Look Dazzling In A Witch Costume This Halloween

It is official. Witch costumes are the most popular Halloween costumes. Most of the shops that sell Halloween costumes report that witch costumes are the top sellers when it comes to a choice in fancy dress or Halloween costumes.

If you are looking at a girly night out at Halloween or a fancy dress party, a witch costume is the easiest to put together. You can make the basic witch costume as interesting as you like by adding various accessories to it. The witch costume is a classic that can make you look beautiful, sexy, frightening and seductive, all at the same time. It is also very comfortable to wear.

Types of witch costumes

There are different types of witch costumes depending on which kind of persona you want to assume. You could be a

* Good witch

* Wicked witch

* Gothic witch

* Sexy witch

* Toddler witch

* Teenage witch

Putting Together Your Witch Costume

If you want to look like an authentic witch, you will need a combination of dress, hat, wig, shoes, broom, special make-up and some other Halloween accessories to complete your witch costume. Together, these will create a memorable witch costume. You have the choice of looking scary, wicked, sexy or stylish in your witch costume.

The basic requirement of a classic witch costume is a long black dress.

You footwear can be black shoes, boots, knee high boots or spike heels.

You will need a pointed hat that can be made from felt or velvet. Clip on long nails and paint them black. Wear black lipstick, black eyeliner and colour your skin really pale. A cape is a great addition that you can swish around for that special effect. You will also need a black scarf and a long purple or black wig, preferably long frizzy hair with strands of grey or white and long black gloves to complete your costume.

Alternately, if you want to look like a sexy witch, you can wear a short black leather skirt instead of the long black dress. Don't forget the wand which you will need to cast spells on everyone. You can add light contact lenses to make you look absolutely perfect.

Make Up to Go With Your Witch Costume

Use white make up on your face to make it look pale. It is easy to put on the makeup. With a black eyebrow pencil darken your eyebrows well.

Use white or light grey coloured eye shadow below the eyebrows and above the eye lids. Apply black eye shadow on your eyelids and creases.

Put on black mascara and add a pair of false eyelashes. Colour your lips a deep red or black and paint your fingernails black, green or deep red.

To add a spooky look, you may consider spider webs. As you can see, putting together your witch costume can be fun and enjoyable.


Drummers Of The Swing Jazz Era

Rock and roll artists have a tendency to think that they invented the concept of rebellion. That before their genre came along, everything was goody-two-shoes and Miss Manners. What they forget is that the music industry has always been a place of innovation a source of social uproar. Even the waltz, when it was first introduced, was considered an outrage at first because of how close couples had to get to dance to it! Yes, rock and roll artists are just following in the industry's grand tradition of scandal, a tradition that at no time has been more prevalent than in the era of swing jazz, or swing music. In its day, swing music was the ultimate revolution, a violent break from the Charleston of the previous decade. Swing music was characterized by a strong rhythmic drive and, and the bands that played it were anchored by equally strong rhythmic sections. Such sections tended to be led by drummers whose personalities were as big as their music, and a number of the jazz drummers of swing remain legends even today.

Sonny Greer (1895-1982) is best known for his work with the legendary Duke Ellington. A native of New Jersey, he eventually became Ellington's first drummer in 1919 at the age of 24. Greer was not only a drummer; he also designed the instruments with the Leedy Drum Company. This job enabled him to put together a drum kit worth over $3000, the equivalent of nearly $36,000 today. This gentleman did his part to live up to the image of jazz music as a genre of debauchery. He was a heavy drinker and a pool-hall hustler and unfortunately, these qualities eventually led to a permanent estrangement between him and Ellington. He continued to work as a freelance drummer and briefly led his own band, but Greer's association with Ellington marked the pinnacle of his success.

Gene Krupa (1909-1973) was known for his highly energetic and flamboyant style of drumming. He was a member of a number of bands, although the biggest name he ever played with was undoubtedly Benny Goodman. Krupa's drumming is featured in the flagship of swing music, Goodman's "Sing, Sing, Sing." His association with this song made him an immediate national celebrity. Although he, like Greer, had a falling out with his band leader and left the group as a result, his career did not falter. In spite of the occasional stint in jail due to possession of marijuana, Krupa continued to perform into the early 1970s.

William Henry Webb, aka Chick Webb (c.1905-1939) was a precocious child who saved up enough money from his paper route to purchase a drum set; he first played professionally at the age of 11. In addition to being a drummer, Webb was the long-time leader of his own band, which was the house band at the famous Savoy Ballroom. The Savoy often hosted "Battle of the Bands" contests, in which Webb's band was pitted against the likes of the Benny Goodman and Count Basie Orchestras. The biggest name associated with Webb is Ella Fitzgerald, who he began to feature as a vocalist in 1935 when the singer was 18. After Webb's early death (due to complications from a childhood bout of tuberculosis), Fitzgerald continued to lead his band for four years before leaving to focus on her solo career.

Bernard "Buddy" Rich (1917-1987) was billed as "the world's greatest drummer" and was known for his power, speed, and experimentation with technique. He, like Webb, was drawn to drumming at an early age, and when he was 18 months old, he made his musical debut in vaudeville. He never received any formal drum education, and may have had more raw talent than any other drummer of his generation. During his career, he was associated with a number of famous names, including Tommy Dorsey, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.


Record Numbers Are Travelling To Egypt

Ever wondered what it's like at the centre of an Egyptian pyramid? Those who have been on holiday to Egypt may have powerful memories of this, along with the hubbub of the Egyptian marketplace, inquisitive locals sucking on shisha pipes, chaotic mingling of people and traffic, hieroglyphics, the ethereal mask of Tutankhamun and tourist guides proffering camel rides and souvenirs at Giza. Steeped in ancient history, Egypt is an explosion of vibrant colour and mystical intrigue. Travel to Egypt and you'll remember it for the rest of your life!

Tourism in Egypt

Where else could you sit on a camel and gaze up at the imposing Great Sphinx through a hazy desert sunset? Egypt is so crammed with drama and energy that it's no wonder the number of holidays to Egypt has reached record levels. According to news agency Mena, 9.7 million went to Egypt on holiday in 2006-7, an increase of 13 per cent on the previous year. Hospitality for those travelling in Egypt is clearly thriving and there is a good choice of hotels in the tourist areas of Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Alexandria, as well as the tourist resorts of Hurghada and Sharm-el Sheikh.

When to go

Due to its proximity to the equator, Egypt's climate is hot and dry and winters are mild. In the summer, daytime temperatures often exceed 45C. Whilst many of the historic sites may be empty during mid-summer, the searing heat limits sightseeing for most to mornings and evenings. As a result of this, and the equally alarming prospect of being hounded by swarms of summer mosquitoes, the most popular time to travel to Egypt is mid-October to May, when it is not too uncomfortably hot to explore the country's many visitor sites.

Holidays in Egypt

A holiday in Egypt has so much to offer and cheap Egyptian holidays can be found on certain websites. Visitors to Egypt can entertain themselves with such unique experiences as a cruise down the Nile, a Saharan wildlife safari or a tour of Egypt's bustling capital, Cairo. Egypt is well connected by trains but many tourists discover finding their own way around such a large country a daunting prospect and, as a result, package tours of Egypt are increasingly popular.

Shopping in Egypt

Shopping in Egypt is an opportunity not to be missed. Locally made goods are abundant and, for the proficient haggler, can be obtained at very good prices. Egyptian cotton is renowned for its purity and luxuriant scarves, hand-made carpets, perfume concentrates, authentic papyrus and pharaonic objects can all be found at local bazaars. The Khan-al-Khalili bazaar in Cairo, a shopping area since 1382, is particularly popular among those on holiday in Egypt due to its extensive range of goods and central location.

The Pyramids

Any tour of Egypt would be incomplete without a visit to the iconic Pyramids of Giza, the Great Pyramid being one of the Seven Wonders of the World, as well as having been the world's tallest structure for over 3,800 years. Ever since these massive funerary homes were constructed for Egypt's great Pharaohs of 2700-2200 BC they have been a source of fascination for travellers. While the structures may look impressive today, at the time they were built the pyramids were capped with gold and covered with polished white limestone.

As for what it's like at the centre, in case you were wondering, there's a tomb, it's swelteringly hot, there are dozens of tourists exhausted from struggling, bent-double, through the tiny corridors, and there may just be a lurking opportunist gathering 'payment'.


Welcome to Witch World with Wicca and Pagan Shopping Online

Shopping is not restricted to fashion clothing any more. It has grown to a large extent in the pagan and Wicca fields. There are number of stores that sell witch and pagan clothing and other decorative pieces that have imprints of witches and occult. However, it is difficult to find actual shop in your nearby market from where you can purchase pagan collection. Fortunately, there are number of online shopping stores that sell all the needed things. If you are a person who connects with Pagan, Wicca or supernatural in any way, you need proper tools and guidelines to learn all about the magic charm and rituals.

Occult stores have large supplies of thousands of unique products. The products include a number of things like altar tools, crystal balls & holders, artwork & posters, badges, patches & stickers, herbs, household furnishings, jewelry, athames & bolines, key rings, amulets & talismans, kitchen witch, pagan pets bags and pouches, books, pagan parenting & children, , powders & wash boxes, brooms & besoms, potions, candle holders, resins & ethno botanicals, chalices & bowls, clothes and cloaks, Witch courses, crystals, DVDs, Feng Shui, chocolate moulds, figures & statues and flowers.

Wicca shop has a number of artistically crafted pagan clothing and jewelry. There are rituals books that will help you enchant them to do magic. Although there are number of people who believe magic can't be done by humans but at the same time there are people who believe in magic and love to collect all the essential tools to carry out that magic. Tools may differ from one Wicca shop to another occult store. But there are some tools that are same in all types of magic and you can find them on any shop when you go to shop.

When you will search through websites and look through search engines, you will find a number of shopping portals that precisely sell pagan jewelry and clothing. There are even websites who offer witch courses that provide proper training to excel in magic. If you want to learn the art of herbs then you can learn how herbs work to cure diseases, and can create miraculous effects.

For people who love imprints of occult there are casual t-shirts that can be worn commonly and for women who love Wicca decorative pieces such as candle holders there are various choices to pick from. Visit the given link www.pagan-magic.co.uk to explore the witch world. You will have more things to buy than you have ever thought of.


Is Your Child Ready For Piano Lessons?

Music lessons are a sure way of your child achieving confidence, concentration and math ability. One of the best ways to begin is by playing the piano. However, it can be a little frustrating if your child is not quite ready. Listed below are five questions which should be asked before beginning piano lessons.

1. What age is your child?

Although it is not always down to the age of your child as to whether they are ready for piano lessons, a majority of children are at a suitable age to begin piano lessons between the age of five and seven. There are those children that are ready from as young as three years old, and there are those that should wait until they are eight years old.

Even if your child meets all of the relevant criteria but remain to be young, they can begin piano lessons.

2. How Long Is Your Child's Attention Span?

It is essential that your child has a good attention span as they will need to have the ability to sit and pay attention for approximately half an hour for the lesson. Aside from this, the child will also need to practice for a minimum of 15 minutes every day.

If your child can patiently sit for approximately 20 minutes and read a book or color, then they are most probably ready to begin piano lessons. However, if your child can not sit still and pay attention to anything for any length of time then it is advised to wait a little longer. Once your child is in the first grade at school, then they will certainly have a long enough attention span for piano lessons.

3. Does Your Child Play One Note at a Time On the Piano?

Children will more often than not simply pound piano keys, when playing for the first time, or they will play many notes at one time. However, as they develop control, it will be possible for them to play one note at a time.

It will be possible for a child to play one note at a time as they develop the art of writing. However, your child can begin piano lessons if they start to play one note at a time on the piano before they have the ability to write.

4. Does Your Child Recognize Letters and Numbers?

It is essential that your child knows the difference between their left and right hand, the number 1 to 5 and the letters A to G before beginning piano lessons.

Your child will learn these skills very quickly once they are attending kindergarten. If your child recognizes these letters and numbers before kindergarten, then you may begin with piano lessons.

5. Does Your Child Have an Interest in Music?

It is possible that your child is ready for a more formal music instruction, if they are constantly playing the piano, banging on pots and pans or dancing to music. Weekly piano lessons need to be undertaken, therefore it is essential that the child is interested enough in music in order to continue with the lessons.

If your child does not show an interest in music, but appears to be ready in every other way, then it may be better to wait until they are a little older before beginning piano lessons.

Therefore, if your child recognizes letters and numbers and is interested in music, can sit for the 30 minute lessons and is playing individual notes on the piano, then your child is ready to proceed with piano lessons regardless of age.

A majority of children are ready for piano lessons during their first grade. However, if you think that your child is not yet ready for the lessons, for whatever reason, then it is recommended to wait a while longer.


How to determine which Instrument is best for your Child's Piano Lessons?

Once you enroll your child for private piano lessons, you have to choose between buying a piano, a digital piano or an electronic keyboard. Every instrument has its share of pros and cons and so, you need to be careful since your choice will have a huge impact on your child's future musical development.

Why is Instrument Selection Important?

During the process of making your selection, you need to understand that making music on a good quality instrument is the best way to keep your child entertained and focused in instrumental lessons Stockton CA. If you are going to spend tons of money on private piano lessons, it is better if you invest in a quality instrument instead of having your kid play on an "affordable" keyboard.

Should you buy a Piano for your Child?
Prior to buying a musical instrument, you must first consult with your child's piano teacher to understand whether they require a piano or not. There are some piano teachers who refuse to provide instrument lessons to students without an actual piano. Some allow students to practice their lessons on a smaller keyboard for the first few months until you are able to afford a real piano. Digital pianos are allowed by most piano teachers.
However, it is a well-known fact that the success rate of children is more on a true piano. This is true especially if your kid hopes to attain advanced playing levels.
There are 88 keys in a piano and the sound is produced by striking steel strings using felt hammers. The two basic piano forms include:

1. Upright
2. Grand

The cost of a piano ranges from $2,000 to over $60,000. You should consider pianos to be a good investment since they retain their values for several years.
Save Money on Pianos
You can find good quality used pianos in the market. But be sure to exercise caution since not all pianos are good. You should not be tempted to purchase the first cheap piano you find on the Internet for your child's singing lessons Stockton CA. Hire a piano technician to look over a used piano. A few music stores will allow you to rent a piano which is the perfect option if you are hesitant or unable to buy a piano.

Features of Digital Pianos

The following is a list of pros of digital pianos:
* You can opt for a digital piano instead of an original piano. Prices begin from around $1,000.
* Digital pianos resemble ordinary pianos with a bench and base, but they operate using electricity.
* They have 88 keys along with a damper pedal.
* Digital pianos can capture real piano sounds and reproduce them electronically.
* They are lighter and, therefore, easier to shift than real pianos.
* You do not need to tune them since humidity has no effect on them.

Digital piano cons:
* However, digital pianos tend to lose their value once they leave the showroom floor.
* If they stop working, repairs can prove to be difficult.

Final Option - Electronic Keyboards
* Electronic keyboards should always be your last option.
* They sometimes have less than 88 keys and are smaller sized than regular pianos. These factors can hamper the learning process of your child.
* You need to make sure if the keys on the electronic keyboard are weighted and touch sensitive. If the electronic keyboard lacks weighted keys, the student is unable to develop the right amount of muscle strength in their fingers.
* You may be required to buy a bench, stand and pedal.
* Your child should not practice piano lessons with electronic keyboards in their lap since it results in bad posture, poor techniques and the development of unprofessional playing habits.


Reasons that Pavement May be the Greatest Indie Band Ever

For the title of the greatest Indie band ever, many people think that Pavement to be very deserving of that title. Pavement emerged on the scene in the 90s and their music continues to be popular with their fans love today. Indie music did not dominate the radio airwaves in that period of time.

However, Pavement was able to get people to open up their eyes to a completely new form of Indie music. They also were able to continue to introduce new elements that people were not getting from other musicians.

Indie music puts together diverse sounds and styles from a variety of genres and that approach to music is what makes it unique. In the 90s, alternative music was a very popular genre.

However, Indie music did not entirely fit into the alternative niche either. Pavement helped to give The Indie genre of music its own specific identity. They created several music videos that enjoyed heavy rotation on MTV.

People either love Pavement and their music or they do not. In some niches of the music loving public they are wildly popular and others have never heard of them.

If you are not already familiar with Pavement, it can be fun to listen to this Indie band . It come as a delightful surprise when you start to enjoy their sound more than you ever thought you would.

Pavement has released nine albums that have definitely contributed to the changes in the music world. If you are part of the music world that they are the greatest Indie band ever, you are in good company. There are lots of blogs on the web dedicated to them.

Pavement is also ready to rock with each other again After more than a decade apart. They have began to perform again and they are thrilling fans with their past hits.

Yet exist plenty of rumors that the band is going to release more new material soon too. That is news to get very excited about for those that believe Pavement to be the greatest Indie band ever, .


Find Amazing Piano Lessons in New York City

Are you planning to learn piano lessons in New York City? If so, then you don't need to worry much as there are innumerable options available to you. A lot of individual teachers offer amazing piano lessons in this city. We all know that New York is famous for its amazing services and active lifestyle. So, you just need to follow the right steps and move further in the right direction. Learning to play the piano offers individuals more than the comfort of supplementary family as they enjoy holiday songs. You can even learn some discipline and responsibility by looking for suitable Piano Lessons in New York City. In this article, we are going to talk about this topic in detail.

If you want you can even find amazing piano lessons for your kids. This would surely help them become more responsible regarding their studies. Now, given below are some of the key instructions that would help you in finding amazing piano lessons in New York City. Make sure you read the below mentioned points carefully.

First of all, you need to visit your local music shop. Music shops often proffer music lessons or can even direct you to a local piano teacher who specializes in this task. A lot of teachers who proffer lessons in music store studios have credentials. You need to enquire whether the teacher is experienced or not.

You must look for advertisements at your local library and other suitable areas. You need to look for advertisements in local newspapers and magazines.

It is of utmost importance to look in a local publication regarding such services. You can even avail certain discounts for a free trial session. This is surely a great option for you to pursue.

The next thing that you can do is to get in touch with your local elementary college's music department. You can ask your director to recommend you a suitable name.

You can enquire around and ask other parents regarding a piano teacher. A nice piano teacher will have excellent reputation among their students and their parents.

You got to interview a probable teacher before signing up for lessons. Enquire for any kind of trial lesson.

So, this was all about finding amazing piano lessons in New York City. I would like to tell you that New York City is filled with amazing services in this regard. However, you got to be very specific and clear while looking for such outstanding services. Internet is another great place to search for suitable piano lessons. Within seconds, you can come across various professional piano teachers in this city. You got to look for something innovative every single time. Don't forget to read this article carefully for further information. It could be of great help and guidance to you. Have a lot of fun and enjoy yourself while learning piano. You are definitely going to find suitable piano services in this city if you work hard in the best possible way.


How to Quickly Find and Sell Old, Valuable Books and Cookbooks

Old books can make for a fun home-based business while giving you a profitable side business that will make you money and cultural experiences too. You may already have a nice collection of old, rare, vintage or antique books or cookbooks.

Cookbooks are the third most popular category among new books and a good one to start with. People often raid their parents' and grandparents' collections to find good used cookbooks.

To find and buy old books, first check your local library for its "Friends of the Library" book sales. They have annual sales of donated books and many antique dealers line up for these. Of course it helps to know your prices, so to begin with you might stick to a particular category, for example cookbooks. You can usually get books for 25 cents to a dollar and on the last day they have a bag sale.

Sometimes you can get books free at the end of the sale. But the best time to go is the night before the sale when they let the members of the "Friends" buy cheap, in advance of the sale. Membership usually runs about $10 a year and you can easily make your money back with your first sale. It's a good cause besides.

You want to look for books that you've done your research on, of course, but also look for any book from the pre 1900s in fair condition. They will usually get you at least ten times what you paid for it.

Also look at flea markets, garage sales, estate sales and auctions. I found a signed copy of a rare, signed Julia Child cookbook with dust jacket intact in fine condition at an estate sale. It was also signed by her husband Paul Child, the illustrator. The book was appraised at $500.

The house was in an area of little houses with older folks. Don't judge a book by its cover or a house by its appearance I guess is the lesson here! You never know what you'll find. I also found some other great cookbooks and books there.

To research the value I would avoid the usual rare book price guides. Many of these are outdated. The actual price is today's price.

To find out what the books should sell for, go to your favorite search engine and type in the title. You should be able to find sites that are selling the same title and give you a broad range to choose from. Finding 'sold' book prices are much better.

One you've established a price, the fastest way to sell these books is to sell them online at your own website or get a free one from any of the sites who are offering this service.

I'd definitely add photos of the books. They should be of high quality. Take close up shots of the title page and a sample recipe page. Take shots from different angles. Pick about six of your best shots.

If you're in hurry, price them lower than the other books. If you aren't in a hurry price them at the high end of the range. Then when the others are sold your price will be a bargain. Antique books will generally rise in price as they become rare.

Of course there are many other ways to sell your old books. eBay is another of course. And there are lots of ways to sell them offline too. Be open to different venues.

Finding and selling old, rare, vintage or antique books or cookbooks is great fun, with very little upfront costs. With these tips and this information, it should help you know how to start buying and selling used books and cookbooks, have a nice side home-based business, a cultural experience, and lots of fun too.


The Asian Elegance of the Willow Flute

The willow flute is simple in design, as is the case with most flutes. It differs from most others, however, in that it does not have any finger holes to manipulate the sound that it emits. It has a fipple mouthpiece, meaning that the air escapes from a small hole just below where the musician blows into the instrument. The willow flute is also known as a sallow flute and was created by the Scandinavians and was often used in their traditional folk music. It is certainly a unique instrument that has its own unique sound and one that has been around for a fairly long time.

When the willow flute was first created, it was made out of the bark of willow trees and this is where its name came from. Today, this flute is often made out of plastic, like other types of flute such as the fife or recorder. When looking at how a willow or sallow flute is played, one might be curious at how one can alter the sound to create different notes.

Most other flutes have either finger holes or holes with keys that would allow a musician to manipulate the sound made by the flute in order to make different notes. This particular flute, however, does not have any finger holes; instead, the musician alters the sound that is made by the willow or sallow flute by changing the amount of air they blow into the instrument. To be more exact, the musician alters the pressure of the air blown into the instrument. The sound is also changed by the musician covering or uncovering the end of the willow flute. Covering the end of the flute actually creates certain overtones while leaving the end of the flute open allows for a different set of overtones to be created.

The willow or sallow flute is certainly unique in many different ways. First, its design is quite different form how other more typical flutes are created in that it does not have any finger holes drilled into the tube. It is also unique in the sound that it can create. While it may seem odd in how it is played in order to created different sounds, it is not an overly difficult instrument to learn. It can be quite challenging at first, but once someone gets used to it the instrument can be quite easy to play. It is not an overly expensive instrument and can be easier to acquire than other, more complicated instruments.

It may not be the best for a beginner, but it can be an instrument that a more experienced musician might enjoy. It can be more difficult for someone who is new to playing music because it is not like playing a recorder or some other basic flute. A person playing this particular instrument has to have good control of their breathing in order to create the sounds that they want. Once this is mastered, the instrument can be quite rewarding in the music that it can allow one to create.


Daily Deals Products on the Deals Online

Online daily deals are all over the place in these days, many websites offering daily deals discounts of up to 50 % at your limited business including daily deals, best deals online. If you purchase from these well known sites, that the daily deals are rightful and you will hardly ever come across a few get on over nerves from in your favor the daily deals online.
However while some of these online daily deals are definitely attractive and you may feel the push for to jump on every good discount daily deal and best deals that you come across now and again it pays to be bit careful are a few questions that you may want to ask yourself ahead on clicking on the button on the keyboard and buy everything available on the internet like as daily deal, best deals. It takes only a few minutes to type the name of the business into Google and yahoo.

If present are any discounts deals online you should know about you will usually find it on the first or second page on the Google and Yahoo on the daily deals, best deals and discounts deals online.
You may come a across unbelievable daily deal at it is close to your work, and then you may be more likely to trade in the deals. The last thing you want is to purchase a deal and then decide that you can't be concerned to make the journey to get there.

Not all online daily deals are redeemed by people who purchase. If you want to avoid wasting money on daily deals you won't use, have a look at the expiry date on the daily deals and best deals online and check your calendar to make sure that you are able to daily deals online.
You can buy online purchase deals best deals too good to pass up. However if you are not likely to use it, then that is money you could have used towards another daily deals.

Online daily deals are great way for you to enjoy your city without breaking the bank by asking yourself these questions you can make sure that you take full advantage of the discounts and only have positive experiences. You can easily use daily deals websites because the way these websites function is actually pretty simple. You register to receive a daily deals best deals just one email on the special that is in your selected city. You can decide to want in a variety of cities if you would like to stock up on coupons for a trips as well. Each slip is available for one day or a few days depending on what has been set up with the company.


What Birds Make Smart Pets?

It requires a good decision before having birds as pets. With just a little knowledge may help you come up with a decision and save lots of headaches in the long run. Getting a bird as a pet is not that difficult to do.

There are several birds with different aspects like appearance and sounds. Birds that are presentable include cockatiels and lovebirds. Birds that talk and sing include parrots and mynah birds. There are those that sing like canaries. And those that are pleasant to watch like finches.

For some instance, these traits can cross over. Male cockatiels can learn how to talk and whistle. There was a friend who had one that always asks him, "Where's my baby?" and can also whistle the theme to the Andy Griffith show.

Get finches, parakeets or lovebirds if you like smaller birds. Otherwise, go for a parrot, a macaw or cockatoo if you like larger birds.

If you have the budget, a Budgie is a good choice. Aside from being affordable, they can also be great pets for the kids. Most are colorful and affectionate once you spend time with them. Some can also talk.

If you require a great yet exotic pet, try a giant Parrot. They can learn to speak, do tricks & they love to show off. These brightly colored birds may even be affectionate once you have earned their trust.

There are some who keep doves and pigeons as pets. But a wild bird is that adaptable and don't go along that well with the humans.

Bigger birds can make a bigger mess. It is because they find food all over the place. Yet there are supplies that can help minimize this mess.

Plan and have options to choose the right bird as a pet. All birds have their own personality.

Learn and understand what you getting into before purchasing a bird pet. It also takes certain responsibility in having a pet. Once you purchase a pet bird, make sure you take good care of it. Birds love to get attention and proper care. That way, both of you will get along well.


Give Your Child Piano Lessons on the Internet

Giving your child piano lessons is a great gift. Piano lessons give will give your child a solid background in music right from the beginning. Your child will have this for the rest of his life, and will be very thankful for it.

A child's music appreciation will be based on his music lessons in the early years. Your child will have his piano skills for the rest of his life, and much like riding a bicycle, will never lose them. If he decides to stop taking lessons, or take a break from them, he can return to the piano at an older age much more easily. Also, his love of music will develop more because of his early lessons.

Piano lessons for a child that is overly shy and lacking self-confidence can help him overcome these issues. When you give your child piano lessons there is no doubt that his confidence level will rise and he will become less shy.

The more a child becomes better at any skill, the more confident he will feel in himself and his abilities. It is always important to give a child a great start for the future, and giving him a skill at the piano will help him in so many ways.

The child will be exercising his memory every time he sits down to play a song. Even if he is site reading, you'll notice that there are parts that he will pick up and play by memory only. His memory will be stimulated and will grow as a result of playing the piano, and if you offer him fun lessons he will return to the piano and do his practicing willingly.

Playing the piano involves a high amount of concentration, and the child that practices the piano has to use the power of concentration to make the music sound good. It is a very positive concentration exercise for the child, and you will notice that he is able to focus more in other areas of his life.

Learning piano skills is very good for any child, but they are actually learning much more than just the ability to play the piano. They are developing good habits that will be reflected in many other areas of their life. It is also very possible that they will do better at school as a result of the piano lessons.

If you have a younger child you may have to help him out with his piano lessons, but if your child is around the age of twelve he is usually able to handle most of it on his own. An older child can even take online piano lessons and be able to follow them very easily.

He can learn on his own, and in many cases giving your child piano lessons on the Internet is the only option for parents nowadays due to the high cost of private lessons.


Why I'm Buying The Beatles Mono & Stereo Remastered CD Box Sets

Some Beatles fans may be thinking that it doesn't make any sense to buy the new remastered Beatles CDs since they already own all of The Beatles albums on CD. I can understand that point of view but I definitely don't agree with it (as someone who has already pre-ordered both of The Beatles box sets.) In this article I will explain why these new remastered CDs are essential purchases for Beatles fans even if those fans already own all of their albums on compact disc.

The Mono Box Set includes The Beatles first 10 UK studio albums in their original mono. This is very significant because these original mono mixes have never been released on CD before! For those of us who want to hear The Beatles as they were originally heard in the 1960s this is a very big deal. Many of us younger Beatles fans who have grown to love the band from the CD versions of the albums have never heard these mono mixes.

It's important to understand that these mono mixes were what The Beatles spent most of their time perfecting while the stereo mixes were basically "thrown together" after many hours were spent perfecting the mono mix. All of The Beatles albums up through The White Album were mixed in mono and those original mono mixes are included in the Beatles Mono Box Set (these mono mixes are not included on separate CDs, only as a part of this set.)

So to me it's pretty obvious why the mono mixes are of interest to any true Beatles fans. It's The Beatles as they were originally intended to be heard. And it's not just a matter of historical accuracy. Many people have claimed that the mono mixes of certain Beatles albums are actually much better than the stereo mixes (which makes sense because stereo mixing was in it's infancy in the 1960s and they spent much more time on the mono mixes.) Among those that have said that? John Lennon!

But what about the remastered stereo CDs? Don't we already have all of The Beatles albums in stereo on CD? Yes. But these are remastered. What does that mean? It should mean more clarity and finer detail. If you are someone who really wants to hear every nuance of The Beatles mix then these new remastered CDs are essential. Plus, these CDs will be the new standard for The Beatles catalog so don't you want to know what everyone else is hearing?


The Early Years Of Josh Groban

You have probably heard of Josh Groban - if you haven't your mother almost certainly has. Josh Groban is currently the most popular (according to Yahoo Music stats) classical crossover artist.

Joshua was born in 1981, in Los Angeles. Young Joshua grew up with a Jewish father and a Norwegian mother. His father converted his faith to Christianity upon marrying Groban's mother before the boys were born. Joshua and his brother Chris were raised as Anglican-Episcopalian's and he is still active in church. Joshua's brother, Chris, was born four years after Josh on the same day as Joshua and they share a birthday every year.

When Josh was in the seventh grade, he had his first singing debut. Although Josh was a great singer at this early age, he held off for a few years so he could concentrate on his education. He would return to singing after he graduated from Bridges Academy. While at Bridges Academy Josh had normal education classes during the day and after school, he would attend the theater classes the school provided.

Joshua's education in the arts did not stop at Bridges Academy, he went on to attend the Michigan based Interlochen Arts Camp in 1997 and 1998 where he chose to major in musical theater. When Josh was not in school, he would take additional voice lessons where he developed his baritone voice. Since he was very good at singing, Josh decided to do some singing and acting in some productions staged by the school. When Josh was seventeen, he met David Foster who was an arranger/producer who had won a Grammy for his works.

Joshua's vocal coach arranged the meeting between Josh and Foster, which led to the two forming a working relationship. Josh was hired as a rehearsal singer who worked on some very impressive events with Foster. Josh rehearsed with Celine Dion doing Foster's "The Prayer" as a stand in for Andrea Bocelli for the Grammy Awards in 1999 as well as the Gray Davis inauguration for California governor.

Joshua Groban studied at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and graduated as a theater major in 1999. This paved the way for Josh to study drama at Carnegie Mellon University. Joshua dropped out after a year when Warner Brothers Records offered him a recording deal. Joshua Groban's first album was mainly classical styled songs, which Foster felt was his strongest influence. All of Josh's albums have been Classical Crossover in style, but his most recent album, Awake, has pushed the boundaries farther than his first few albums.

Joshua's career has become a household name with songs like You Raise Me Up and Remember When It Rained, which were decided on by Josh and Foster. He now sings with some of the greatest artists in the world of music. Josh has sung with artists as varied as Celine Dion, Charlotte Church, and Angelique. At the time of this writing, Josh Groban's album, Noel, was the number one album in the USA. Josh's other albums are also wildly popular.


5 Important Tips When it Comes to Starting Piano Lessons

Here is something that I'm sure you already know, music is a very important part of our lives. We listen to music for hundreds or even thousands of hours each year. It also does more then just please our ears, music is a huge part of the human development. Any parent will tell you that children at just 3 or 4 will already be singing or humming some song that they have learned. However, there is more then that.

Over a decade ago, there was an experiment done at the University of California at Irvine that was done by scientists. The experiment basically consisted of college students listening to Mozart, a relaxation tape, or just silence. Right after these listening sessions, the students took tests that involved putting together puzzles. The experiment found that the students that had just listened to Mozart had a huge improvement compared to those that just listened to a relaxation tape or silence. The reason this occurred is because it is believed that the music and spatial abilities (the ability to do puzzles) share the same pathway in the brain.

Many people believe that if you listen to more music, it will improve your brain and thinking skills. And based on this study, it seems like that could be true. Many people also want to learn a musical instrument. One of the most popular instruments to learn is the Piano. It has one of the most beautiful sounds and has been around for generations. So are you or your child thinking of taking piano lessons? Well first check out these 5 tips when it comes to piano lessons!

1: If you are going to have your child take piano lessons, ask yourself, is this something they really want to do? Is it your child's dream to learn the piano? Or is it more of your dream? If it's more of your dream, then you should take piano lessons! It is never too late to take piano lessons. Even people that are retired take piano lessons, and they become quite good at it! If you have any dream at all of playing the piano, then take those lessons! You won't regret it.

2: Which instrument should you use for your piano lessons? This may sound like a stupid question, of course you want to use the piano for your piano lessons. However, what kind of piano? Or what about just an electronic keyboard? An electronic keyboard is much cheaper after all.

It is probably best to start with an electronic keyboard (unless of course you have a piano) and see how you do. If time goes on and you prefer learning the piano for just personal enjoyment, then there is nothing wrong with sticking with the keyboard. However, if you are becoming serious about your piano lessons then you should probably consider switching over to an acoustic piano. It is best to stick to acoustic pianos as opposed to the Spinet Piano. Not sure which is which? Well, the Spinet Piano is the one with the lower back. It's better to purchase an upright piano which is called the Baby Grand Piano. The reasons include the fact that the action of the keys is better for the students hand, and it's also sounds a lot better to the ear.

3: Don't be afraid to ask around about a teacher you are considering taking lessons from! In fact, I encourage it! Try and find out about your teachers background. Where did they learn the piano? How long have they taught piano? Try to get in touch with current students of theirs? You can get a lot of information from them that will help you decide if this is the teacher for you.

4: Make sure to put a priority on your piano lessons schedule! By that, I don't mean to fill up your schedule with piano lessons. What I mean is, it's easy to get overwhelmed by things. Try and limit your other activities. This way when you take your piano lessons, you aren't exhausted from a long day. You also aren't rushing to leave the lessons to go to your next scheduled activity. Slow down! Learning the piano is supposed to be fun. It shouldn't be just another thing to squeeze into your schedule.

5: Finally, make sure you are dedicated to learning the piano! Like I said in the previous tip, this doesn't mean filling up your schedule with piano lessons. However, make sure to try to get a bit of practice each day. One thing I love to do is take a nice hot bath before bed, then get out and play the piano before laying down and falling asleep. It's so relaxing, and I've found it to really help my skills. Consider doing this!

I hope these tips have helped you and given you helpful information. Remember, no matter how old or young you are, you CAN learn the piano. Have confidence in yourself. You can learn it, and you won't regret it. :)


Learn Piano with a Good Piano Book

If you are beginner piano and want to be a real pianist, a selection of good piano books is really a necessity. You can spend as much time as you want to practicing scales, but it is simply not enough. If all that you do is practice your scales, you will probably get bored with playing piano, and when you get bored, your playing will suffer.

Staying interested is a chore but playing music that you prefer makes a difference in the long run. Your piano playing will reflect your enjoyment of what you are learning to play.

Piano learning has many books out there that you can easily get. You don't have to settle for just classical. Keeping your interest is vital.

I like a variety of books. I get piano books of the masters of course, but then I like to play popular music too. Your friends and family want to hear something they recognize. It makes it fun to play at parties. Being an entertainer means pleasing the crowd now doesn't it? Be sure to cover the music spectrum and get a well rounded assortment. You can take requests too!

Be sure to get an assortment of music books that you don't necessarily care for. Who can guess what your audience will ask for and you have to be ready for anything. You might find yourself really enjoying Old McDonald Had a Farm.

Of course, once you have looked through enough piano books and studied enough songs, you start to realize that you do not really need the sheet music for everything anymore. After years of diligent and daily study, that magical moment is likely to occur for you, I know it occurred for me. When you can play anything that your heart desires without trying at all you know you have it.

You will begin hearing music in your head. The sheet music will just appear in your head and you will not need the sheet music to play your interpretation of that music. If you want to reproduce the exact music then you will need the sheet music. Once you have progressed to seeing the music in your head you can trash the piano books.

So don't give up. Dedicate yourself to learning to play piano. It will be well worth it.


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